5 of the Best Wellness Retreats to Work from Holiday On

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Whilst travel as we know it has changed drastically over the last year, we’ve seen a growing demand from business travellers who are looking to work from holiday and book long stay wellness workcations ranging from 30 to 60 nights at a time.


As a result of the pandemic, travellers will undoubtedly take fewer trips but will extend their durations in order to reap the benefits for both business and wellness purposes. Destinations and resorts are responding accordingly with wellness holidays that can be tailored around work schedules. This is a trend that is here for the foreseeable as the travel industry seeks to recover following the second year of restrictions.

With this in mind, we’ve put together 5 of the best wellness retreats to work from holiday on that will allow business travellers to incorporate wellness into their work from holiday routines, refreshing both mind and body with a much-needed change of scenery:

France: Wellness at Lily of the Valley

swimming pool at Lily of the Valley


If you frequently travel for business, then you won’t be a stranger to multi-tasking! If you’re looking to improve both your physical and mental health whilst away working, a nutrition-friendly wellness retreat that combines spa therapies, fitness plans and expert advice could be just what the doctor ordered!

Located in the quiet vibrancy of the French Riviera, between Toulon and Nice, the five-star resort of Lily of the Valley offers a comprehensive wellness retreat to reset your diet, mind and perhaps even your very wellbeing with a focus on alternative therapies to combat the toxifying elements of modern living. With complimentary yoga classes and a relaxing atmosphere, guests can strike the balance between wellness and work with one of four wellness programmes; discover, reboot , reset or reborn over 21 nights at this beacon of simple luxury in La Croix Valmer.

Information and Booking: Wellness at Lily of the Valley


Greece: Weight Loss at Euphoria Retreat

personal training at Euphoria Retreat


With many of us living more sedentary lifestyles over the last year, the chance to combine a weight loss retreat with a working holiday would be very welcome. Thankfully, the tranquil and charming Euphoria Retreat in the foothills of Greece’s Mount Taygetos offers just that!

Weight Loss at Euphoria Retreat is carefully designed around the individual's physical and mental needs to help you achieve your optimal weight. 3GL test results are analysed to determine the best treatments for you which include Chinese medicine, private fitness training sessions, lymphatic drainage massages as well as complimentary access to the retreat's spa facilities. This award-winning retreat has everything you need to work on both your business and your wellness, you’ll return feeling lighter in both body and spirit!

Information and Booking: Weight Loss at Euphoria Retreat

Thailand: Lifestyle Change at Absolute Sanctuary

Detox treatment at Absolute Sanctuary


Comprising healthy nutrition, tailored spa therapies and private fitness consultations, a detox retreat offers the perfect opportunity to restore physical health and reinvigorate your mental health simultaneously.

Situated on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, Absolute Sanctuary offers the perfect long stay retreat to transform your physical, spiritual, and emotional realms in a structured 3-phase process. Your journey beings with an initial in-depth wellness consultation followed by an array of rejuvenating treatments, from manual lymphatic draining to a Swedish or aroma oil massage. Pilates and yoga sessions are complimented by detoxifying nutrition and life coaching sessions will equip you with a more positive outlook upon your return home.

Information and Booking: Lifestyle Change at Absolute Sanctuary

Spain: Rebalance and Immune System at SHA Wellness Clinic

View from SHA's rooftop


If you’re actively seeking a healthier lifestyle, a working holiday combined with a medical wellness retreat offers the perfect expertise and environment in which to gain valuable insights into your wellbeing and pursue better overall health.

The pioneering SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain prides itself on offering uniquely tailored programmes for guests and focuses on creating and maintaining healthy habits. SHA's Rebalance and Immune System allows guests to rejuvenate with tailored treatments while individual consultations will help you learn healthy habits which can be implemented in daily life. Incorporating the best of holistic and scientific medicine, this programme targets the recovery and stimulation of the body’s natural defence system, ensuring you stay strong and healthy in the long term.

Information and Booking: Rebalance and Immune System at SHA Wellness Clinic

St Lucia: BodyScience at BodyHoliday

Group of men running at the BodyHoliday


Regular exercise improves productivity and brain function leading to better performance at work. For this reason, a fitness retreat that uses your own DNA to determine the perfect activities for your body type offers the perfect healthy work from holiday solution.

Situated on Cariblue's crescent shaped beach and surrounded by acres of unspoilt rainforests and natural waterfalls you'll find the luxurious spa resort that is BodyHoliday. Offering comprehensive body analysis and a tailor-made wellness plan, the BodyScience medical retreat uses your unique genetic information to achieve optimum health in both body and spirit. Experience a life-changing wellness holiday that will boost your energy, cleanse your body, and centre your mind, setting you well on the path to optimal wellness.

Information and Booking: BodyScience at BodyHoliday


The importance of a healthy work-life balance has been brought into sharp relief over the last year and with our long stay wellness workcations there is no reason why business travellers can’t balance wellness and business with optimum outcomes for both!


Talk to one of our Wellness Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect working wellness holiday.


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