• 11 Reasons Why Health Retreats are So Good For You

    11 Reasons Why Health Retreats are So Good For You


    Instead of a guilt inducing holiday spent over indulging, choose a luxury health retreat and give your body the best present it’s had in years. We all welcome the relaxation time that a holiday promises, but on a health retreat you gain the opportunity not only to relax, but the chance to take charge of your neglected well-being goals, and return home with benefits that will long outlast your tan.

  • 12 of the Best Life-Changing Wellness Holidays

    Life-Changing Wellness Holidays

    A new year marks a new beginning, so it’s natural to want to reflect and make resolutions to improve different aspects of your life. Give yourself the best shot at success this year as you follow through your resolutions on a transformative health and fitness holiday. Whatever your goals in 2019, we can find the right type of wellness retreat to satisfy your wellbeing needs; be it a digital detox, sleep enhancement, emotional healing or fitness and nutrition. With carefully crafted programmes and the support of experts, in some of the world’s most beautiful locations, choose a wellness holiday to transform your life this year.

  • 7 Amazing Yoga Retreats For Singles


    As well as being an established practice to improve strength, mobility and overall physical health, yoga aids mental well-being and mindfulness. Far too often we cruise through life without paying attention to the present—yoga cultivates a kind of spiritual awareness that opens the mind to a higher level of consciousness. The same could be said for travel. Taking time out of your busy day-to-day lives to travel and experience the world opens your eyes to the little beautiful things in life. Journey to the most amazing yoga retreats for singles, from Europe to Asia, and combine your love for travel with your passion for yoga.

  • Best Alternatives to Health Retreats in Australia

    We know Aussies love healthy travel, however presently there are limited offerings on home soil. So if you’re looking for a health retreat experience but prefer not to fly long-haul, this collection of the best alternative wellness destinations has you covered. You don’t need to travel too far afield for an amazing overseas healthy getaway, with many options accessible via a single non-stop flight. Whatever your wellness retreat whims are, whether to de-stress, detox or to get fit, you are sure to find an extraordinary experience here to suit.

  • Best Health Retreats in Australia For A Quick Escape

    If you need some time-out from the pressure of everyday life without worrying about the hassle of long haul flights, this list of the best health retreats in Australia has you covered. A perfect option for a quick healthy getaway, these Aussie healthy holiday destinations deliver a world-class experience. From a de-stressing holiday to a fitness boosting retreat, achieve your personal wellness goals with a range of programs, activities and therapies that can be tailored to your wants and needs.

  • Best Resorts in Thailand for a Relaxing Retreat

    Gifted with dreamy landscapes, from lush mountain jungles to white pristine beaches, Thailand is the ideal destination to escape for a relaxing retreat. A country recognised as a premier health and wellness travel destination, Thailand is a truly exotic holiday haven for the senses. Discover our best relaxing health retreats in Thailand and feel inspired to explore the beauty of this culturally rich country whilst boosting your health within the realms of luxury. From an all-inclusive rejuvenation holiday to a remote luxurious eco-retreat, these wellness holidays will surely recharge your batteries.

  • Brides-to-be Combat Stress with Pre-Wedding Health Retreats

    With the daunting task of wedding planning creating a nerve-wracking experience for even the most clear minded bride-to-be, Health and Fitness Travel, the leading specialists in healthy holidays worldwide, offer to save your sanity with their top 5 pre-wedding health retreats for stressed brides-to-be. From Switzerland to St Lucia, banish bridezilla through a personalised health retreat of sleep enhancing spa treatments, healthy nutrition and energy boosting fitness classes. Get back on the wedding planning wagon after a healthy dose of R&R, as you re-connect with yourself in these healthy hideaways and rediscover your bridal glow.


    Reach Optimal Health in Portugal: Longevity Wellness Booster




    Let your wedding worries float away as you reach optimal health at this specialist medical spa, set upon Portugal’s idyllic Algarve coastline. Following initial medical consultations with wellness experts, experience a personalised health retreat of medical spa treatments and ocean inspired thalassa therapies, guaranteed to revitalise any bride. With complimentary mindfulness and healthy living workshops, gain the tools you need to reach your wedding day at your peak. Boost your pre-wedding well-being with an array of group fitness classes, from yoga to cardio boost and SLIM circuit, to return home a healthier and happier you.

    Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 healthandfitnesstravel.com) offers 5 nights at Longevity from £2,250pp or £1,980 for single occupancy. Price includes half board, a wellness programme, return flights and transfers.


    Renew your Bridal Glow in Thailand: Kamalaya Relax & Renew


    Foot treatment at Kamalaya


    Escape the pressures of wedding planning and rediscover your bridal glow in the tropical paradise of Thailand. Begin your stay with an insightful wellness consultation, before immersing yourself in a variety of holistic activities and revitalising spa therapies, drawn from ancient healing traditions. Unwind with Asian inspired treatments, including an Indian head massage and traditional Thai massage, and join in with group classes from meditation to aqua aerobics. Ideal for yogi loving brides-to-be, transport your body and mind to a sanctuary of wellness with group Hatha, Yin, Flow and Power yoga classes.

    Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 healthandfitnesstravel.com) offers 7 nights at Kamalaya from £2,502pp or £2,915 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, a wellness programme, return flights and transfers.


    Banish Bridezilla in Spain: SHA Anti-Stress


    Reiki massage at Sha


    Revitalise your wedding well-being as you banish bridezilla on this stress management retreat in the South of Spain, surrounded by idyllic views of mountain and ocean scenery. Ease the inevitable pre-wedding tension as medical and nutrition experts treat you to a personalised anti-stress health retreat, designed to reduce stress and rebalance your mind and body in time for the wedding. From aqua relax sessions, to healthy cooking lectures, mindful therapy sessions and soothing body wraps, return home with the knowledge to manage stress, improve your quality of sleep and lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 healthandfitnesstravel.com) offers 7 nights at SHA from £3,120pp or £3,560 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, a wellness programme, return flights and transfers.


    Beauty Sleep Top Up in St. Lucia: The BodyHoliday Optimal Wellness


    Destressing at The Bodyholiday Ayurveda Centre


    Tone up and top up on your beauty sleep at this luxury all-inclusive health retreat, nestled upon a secluded bay of St Lucia. Reap the benefits of an all-encompassing wellness experience with specialist sleep enhancing spa treatments, one-to-one fitness sessions, nutritional and lifestyle consultations. Tone up with a series of personal training sessions, alleviate body tension with personal Pilates and clear your mind with private yoga and meditation sessions. With a complimentary skin consultation, return home from the Caribbean having recaptured your bridal glow.

    Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 healthandfitnesstravel.com) offers 7 nights at The BodyHoliday from £2,990pp for single or double occupancy. Price is all-inclusive, with a wellness programme, return flights and transfers.


    Holistic Healing in Switzerland: Alpina Gstaad Sense of Ayurveda


    The Six Senses Spa at the Alpina


    Rebalance your life as you discover the holistic healing powers of Ayurveda on this pre-wedding health retreat, set in the breath-taking Swiss Alps. Begin your stay with a private consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor who will evaluate your physical composition or ‘dosha’ and provide you with advice on treatments. Benefit from therapies ranging from a salt massage to an Ayurveda steam bath, sure to reduce stress and fight the signs of ageing. Enhance your well-being with complimentary classes, including yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and meditation, leaving you fully prepared to walk down the aisle.

    Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 healthandfitnesstravel.com) offers 7 nights at Alpina Gstaad from £3,080pp or £3,835 for single occupancy. Price includes breakfast, a wellness programme and return flights.


    For advice, guidance and booking visit www.healthandfitnesstravel.com or call 0203 397 8891

  • Developments in Healthy Ageing with Dr. Mera from SHA Wellness Clinic

    Developments in Healthy Ageing with Dr. Mera from SHA Wellness Clinic


    Dr. Vicente Mera is the head of Internal Medicine and Anti-ageing at theSHA Wellness Clinic as a specialist in the ageing process, Dr. Mera has been a key figure in developing theHealthy Ageing Men andHealthy Ageing Women retreats that focus on healthy and graceful ageing. We had the privilege of speaking to him to learn more about him, his process and the healthy ageing retreats at SHA Wellness Clinic. 

  • Hollie’s Review of Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa, Italy

    Hollie’s Review of Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa, Italy

    What is Almar Jesolo and who is it for?

    A 5-star luxury lifestyle resort gracing the Italian Riviera, Almar Jesolo Resort & SPA is designed for well-being with exquisite service, class, and an award-winning spa.

  • How Much Do Wellness Retreats Cost?

    How Much Do Wellness Retreats Cost?


    Booking a holiday can be a daunting experience, with an endless list of crucialfactors to consider and the price sprinting past the budget. There's a common misconception that wellness retreats are the reserve of the very wealthy, but in reality, there is a tailored retreat to suit all budgets from shoestring toultra luxe. The cost of wellness retreats can vary dependent on a number of factors.  

    At Health and Fitness Travel we believe everyone should be able to embark on a wellness retreat, no matter their budget and can tailor a holiday that perfectly suits you and your requirements! Keep reading to see our recommendations for catering a wellness holiday that suits your health and wellness goals as well as your bank account: 

  • How to Start a Health and Fitness Journey

    Man stretching on a bridge


    Embarking on a health and fitness journey is a common aspiration for many, but taking that first step can often feel daunting and overwhelming. We have created a simple and realistic guide to kickstart your health and fitness journey, covering essential aspects so that wherever you plan to go on your health and fitness holiday, you can begin your path towards wellness and sustain it in the long run.

  • How will Brexit affect my holiday

    The uncertainty of Brexit has U.K. Citizens wondering if they should wait to book a retreat and put their wellness goals on hold thus requiring answers to important questions that will impact their decision. If I book through a travel company or travel alone to Europe will I need a new Visa? Can I update my friends back home with my current phone provider without extra charges? How will the pound correlate to the currency at my destination? Will I be spending an arm and a leg to have walking around money abroad? All these questions and many more are understandable and worthy of an inquiry. Be ready to pack up for a holiday unlike any other with our many relaxing and invigorating retreats as you are good to go.

  • The Best Last-Minute Mini Wellness Retreats


    Feeling a bit overwhelmed and in need of a break? A  last-minute healthy wellness retreat might be the perfect getaway to recharge your batteries and find your inner Zen. But let's be real; planning a last-minute retreat can be tricky. Fret not! We've got some incredible 2-3 day breaks that'll leave you feeling refreshed, pampered, and ready to take on the world.

  • The Best Yoga Retreats - From Budget to Luxury

    The Best Yoga Retreats - From Budget to Luxury


    Whether we’re hunched over a computer or curled in front of the TV at night watching repeats of gogglebox, we can all be a bit guilty of not giving our bodies the love they deserve; modern life has become more online and reduces the opportunity to be more active. Yoga, whether you never have a moment to sit down or your back has cramped and seized up, is a brilliant way to stretch out your body, and give it somemuch-needed attention. It can not only improve movement and flexibility within your body but also train your mind, nurturing yourmental health. With this in mind, we’ve put together our bestyoga retreats – from budget to luxury to suit all budgets and occasions.  

  • The Biggest Wellness Travel Trends for 2021

    Woman sat on stone wall looking out over a bay.



    The habits of travellers have changed, more people are favouring a wellness staycation, there are new demands for immunity boosting retreats, socially distanced wellness trips, private jet wellness journeys and working remotely on holiday; personal health and fitness are now top priority for travel. Embracing the future of wellness travel, our specialist team at Health and Fitness Travel continue to forecast the biggest wellness travel trends. With 2021 set to be the year when travellers push for a return to normality and with more people choosing longer, even season-length health and fitness escapes, the pandemic has changed how we travel.  



    Healthy Hibernation Holidays  


    The winter months are going to see a boom in people taking long stay healthy hibernation holidays to enjoy a double dose of summer. Winter sun destinations with lower Covid-19 risk and Covid-19 safe certified wellness resorts are going to be the most popular. St Lucia, Mauritius, Vietnam, Maldives, and Thailand provide safer environments for long winter stay wellness escapes. Healthy hibernation holidays provide attractive benefits that will entice people despite the uncertainty of travel restrictions. Season length holidays are a chance to escape; to improve one’s immunity in a healthier climate and have some much-needed fun after spending a year in isolation. Instead of becoming unattractive, the prospect of seasonal migration is being made more enticing by travel restrictions.

    Top Wellness Destinations: St Lucia, Thailand, Mauritius



    Staycation Wellness Boom

    2021 is going to see an unprecedented rise in the number of travellers looking for Due to a continued hampering of consumer confidence in foreign travel, people are searching for holidays to improve their health and fitness without always having to go overseas. With a 22% increase already on bookings for the same point last year – whether it’s a healthy break to de-stress or an active holiday to boost physical well-being in the scenic beauty of the British countryside;  wellness staycations are proving to be the perfect opportunity to kickstart, or maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost our immunity, all from the comfort of our own country.

    Top Wellness Destinations:



    Immunity Booster Retreats


    Our immunity is more important than ever. Until a vaccine is available, our immune systems will need to adapt unaided to Covid-19. We all want a long and healthy life, to be free of disease and to limit health conditions. As a relaxing and reliable solution to the prominent health concerns of today, healing holidays designed to boost the immune system are becoming increasingly popular. Immune boosting retreats are offered in many locations for a secluded, social distancing friendly getaway to focus on personal well-being. Weight loss programmes, fitness classes, specialised treatments and sunnier climates are all married together to aid your body’s natural defences as a break from the lang au}{/lang}winter. Those who prioritise personal wellbeing and still wish to travel are choosing immunity boosting holidays as a way of healing, physically and emotionally, with the help of doctors, nutritionists, and health practitioners.

    Top Wellness Destinations: Euphoria Retreat, Kamalaya, Galo Retreat



    Self-Care Now an Essential Part of Travel

    What was a necessity during lockdown is now becoming a driving factor in holiday planning. The threat of serious illness was a powerful motivator for many to focus on their own health and fitness. Many had to learn the art of self-care during lockdown, whether that’s healthy eating or regular exercise, and now have a desire to turn that wellness project into a lifestyle. Wellness retreats are rare opportunities for devotion to personal care through yoga, guided meditation, spa therapies and other wellness treatments and activities. This type of self-care travel can be tailored for any location and made bespoke for any group. Healthy holidays with intent purpose of fostering personal betterment are going to grow in relevancy through 2021, and long into the next decade. After all, it is unlikely that being unhealthy is going to become popular any time soon.

    Top Wellness Destinations: Training ParadiseConrad AlgarveLongevity Health & Wellness Resort.



    Working Remotely on Holiday to Stay Healthy


    With the rise of remote work and the ongoing restrictions of Covid-19, many are leaving their home offices for the chance of working from a picturesque wellness holiday destination. Technology has facilitated many workers to perform their job effectively from anywhere there is phone signal and a strong Wi-Fi connection. Instead of working remotely from home, we are starting to discover that leaving the UK winter behind and working from holiday has remarkable benefits. Productivity is not hampered we become more efficient; many destinations like St Lucia and Madeira are far safer havens for the pandemic than places like the UK or USA. Clients can also facilitate their work schedule around their health and fitness programme on holiday so they can attend morning and evening activities and spa treatments scheduled around their working day with greater flexibility over the weekends.

    Top Wellness Destinations: BodyHoliday, Kamalaya, The Retreat Costa Rica




    Social Distance Wellness Trips to Far Flung Locations

    A greater number of holiday makers are choosing socially distance wellness trips to destinations further afield than previous years. The greater the health risk of travel and the greater the effort, means people are more inclined to book one big holiday. Instead of choosing European city breaks, holiday goers are favouring longer healthy getaways that are further away but less risky and more secluded. Social distance holidays are popular with families, couples and solo travellers, as they provide quiet time away to strengthen relationships and focus on personal well-being. Social distance is well accommodated by many luxury hotels, providing they are in low risk Covid-19 spots; Mauritius, the Maldives, St Lucia, island nations with low populations and plenty of space. Private villa resorts at these locations provide healthy retreats that are ideal for two weeks or more of self-isolating in a beautiful, remote location.

    Top Wellness Destinations: Shanti Maurice, Ananda in the Himalayas, REVIVO



    Mindful and Sustainable Travel


    2021 will see a huge rise in the relevance that sustainability takes in the travel plans of consumers as they become more mindful than ever. The visible easing of CO2 emissions during lockdown, once again, reignited discussions on the pollution caused by worldwide tourism. Consumers saw the dramatic effect emissions were having on the planet and resolved to be more mindful about the environmental impact of their actions. Staycations or eco-friendly resorts with a greater commitment to eco-friendly practices are going to be more popular. Wellness resorts in Bali and Thailand are embracing a holistic approach to holidaying that reduces the environmental effects of a guest’s stay. Likewise, consumers are now more inclined to fly less frequently, preferring one long-haul holiday a year rather than multiple short hauls.  

    Top Wellness Destinations: Komune Bali, Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti, SwaSwara.  



    Multi-Generational Active Trips  

    Multi-generational active trips will be more common in 2021 as people look to continue the time they have shared with their immediate family in lockdown. These holidays will be motivated by those eager to reconnect with the extended family members who they have been separated from. One of the silver linings of lockdown was the chance to spend more time with the immediate family, sharing healthy activities like cycling, walking, and running. Many will be looking to continue this healthy streak with more extended family on a multi-generational active trip. After months apart, summer 2021 is going to be the season for family reconnection as all generations rub shoulders on a healthy and active family holiday together.

    Top Wellness Destinations: Pine Cliffs, Forte Village, REVIVO Family Retreat



    Stress and Anxiety Reduction for Tailor-made Holidays


    Tailor-made holidays for relaxation and recovery are becoming a necessity to ease the mental effects of months spent in lockdown. 2020 has been detrimental for our collective mental state 2021 will be an opportunity to release the pent-up anxiety of isolation with wellness holidays and stress management retreats. Tailored to the requirements of the individual, they offer an immersive experience of private fitness training, health screenings and luxury healing spa treatments with an educational programme. Holidays have always been an effective way of coping with pressure but in 2021, they are going to be the means of coping with post lockdown induced stress.

     *Figures from the ONS.

     Top Wellness Destinations: Absolute Sanctuary, SHA Wellness Clinic, Ananda 



    Wellness Music and Sound Experiences

    Wellness music and healthy sound experiences are going to redefine wellness travel in 2021. New evidence from medical journals suggests that music is invaluable in easing the side-effects of a variety of physical and mental conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and high-blood pressure. In the same vein, living in loud environments which most people do has been linked to rises in heart disease, obesity, low birth weight and cognitive impairment in children. Wellness retreats have recognised the health benefits of sound experiences and are incorporating them into their health plans. Shreyas Silent Retreat in India offers a traditional Indian Ashram experience where sound meditation is integral to the wellness journey of guests. As more research uncovers further evidence to the benefits of sound experiences, mindfulness retreats offering music therapies are becoming more popular.

    Top Wellness Destinations: Shreyas, Escape Ritual, Santani



    Private Jet Boom for Bespoke Wellness Travel


    The decline of the commercial airline industry has created a vacuum that is being filled by a boom in private jet travel. From front door to hotel lobby, clients can skip the queues and uncertainty of airline travel today where possible exposure to Covid-19 is 30 times lower when flying by private aircraft. Former clients of luxury commercial airlines are defecting to private jet providers for a service where luxury and reliability can be guaranteed, when flying to a luxury wellness retreat or medical spa in Europe to booking a spectacular around the world wellness trip. 2020 was the worst financial year in aviation history, so when it comes to wellness travel in 2021, the private jet industry will continue to boom as more people switch to a service that prioritises wellness and personal safety.

    Top Wellness Destinations: Italy, Maldives, St Lucia



    Big Bucket List Wellness Trip

    For many travellers, eager to rid themselves of the unhealthy habits picked up during lockdown, 2021 is going to be the year for a once in a lifetime bucket list wellness trip. Whist most people are just losing the timidity picked up this year, many seasoned travellers are keen for adventurous wellness getaways and weeks of lavish splendour. Destinations in south east Asia have been firm favourites in previous years, for the wonderful climate and incredible scenic beauty. Bali and Thailand sport a great selection of luxury wellness retreats with on-site spas and fitness facilities, often on pristine private beaches. With many people feeling their health suffered from the confines of lockdown, health conscious and ambitious travellers are seeing 2021 as an opportunity to return to that pre-lockdown level with a once in a lifetime wellness trip.

    Top Wellness Destinations: Six Senses Kaplankaya, Fusion Maia, COMO Shambhala Estate   



    Personal Health and Physical Fitness


    As health consciousness has become more ubiquitous, we have seen a rise in the number of people pursuing travel to improve their mental and physical health. The collective health concerns of 2020 have had an impact on all other aspects of well-being, acting as a catalyst for people wanting to improve their physical fitness. Regular exercise is a key factor in avoiding the severe symptoms of Covid-19 caused by immune system over-reactions. Informed consumers are keen to prevent getting sick by taking wellness holidays with a focus on personal health and physical fitness. More people are pursuing socially distance friendly ways of achieving their health and fitness goals. Covid-19 safe resorts design their fitness programmes to be isolated, safe, and effective. Healthy holidays and fitness retreats are satisfying the demands for stronger physical health in the wake of the pandemic.

    Top Wellness Destinations: The BNKR Ultimate Fitness, Lily of the Valley, The Fit Retreat


    Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfectwellness holiday. 

  • Top 10 Health Retreats in Bali

    Bali has long been a top destination for Australian travellers and has truly become a well-being paradise for many. So, in honour of this, we have rounded up the top 10 health retreats in Bali.

    From lush jungles to pristine coastlines and majestic lava formed cliffs, it’s no surprise Bali is called the Island of the Gods. Its unique landscape combined with an enduring culture makes it an idyllic destination for healing, pampering and self-discovery.

  • Top Tips for Environmentally Friendly Travel

    Top Tips for Environmentally Friendly Travel

    Societies’ reliance on fossil fuels has captured peoples’ attention as heating oceans, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels, are making their way into the daily news. Here at Health and Fitness Travel, we take this issue as a serious matter and are proud to connect you with eco-friendly retreats whilst providing a few simple tips to achieve an eco-friendly holiday.

  • Where to go for a Men’s Health MOT Retreat

    Where to go for a Men’s Health MOT Retreat


    Let’s face it, we’ve all reached a point where we’ve felt burnt out and unable to doing anything about it. Regrettably as men we may also feel that there is little, in the way of a complete body, mind, and soul MOT retreat available to us. Men’s mental and physical wellbeing has recently been subject of more discussion than ever, quickly the narrative is changing and men are now seeking luxurious and rejuvenating men’s wellness retreats at a rate never seen before. With the travel industry adapting to accommodate people of all genders, offering a wide range of spa, homeopathic and medical treatments for men.

    It stands to reason that when you feel good, you perform better in all aspects of your life. That is why it’s never a bad time for a men’s health MOT. Leave the old you on the beaches of Thailand or in the north of Italy and return a rejuvenated and renewed man. Let us show you just a few of the selection available on the Health and Fitness Travel website. 

  • Where to Go on a Health Retreat in India

    Photo of India's Taj Mahal

    Are you yearning for a getaway that will rejuvenate your body and enhance your overall well-being? Look no further than the top health retreats in India. Nestled amidst stunning natural landscapes, combining ancient practices with modern comforts, these wellness holidays and retreats offer a holistic approach to peak relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being. Without further ado, let's explore where to go on a health retreat for a blissful and health-enhancing experience:

  • Where to Go on a Pilates Retreat in 2023

    Where to Go on a Pilates Retreat in 2023


    Pilates is a practice that is only growing in popularity as more people discover the impactful effects it has not only on the body but alsoon the mind. Pilates has come a long way sinceit was first created byJoseph Pilates, amounting a storm online in recent years; likened for its ability to strengthen, elongate and bring an awareness of the body. Perhaps it's popularity can be pinpointed to its versatility and ability to cater to anybody, whether you are a complete bamboozled newcomer, or a manic athlete, a toddler squirming in nappies or a grandma wanting some variety from jazz class. 2023 is a brilliant time to immerse yourself in theworld of Pilates with a tailoredPilates retreat . With that in mind, here are the best places to go on a Pilates retreat in 2023: 

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