Where to Go on a Pilates Retreat in 2023

Where to Go on a Pilates Retreat in 2023


Pilates is a practice that is only growing in popularity as more people discover the impactful effects it has not only on the body but also on the mind. Pilates has come a long way since it was first created by Joseph Pilates, amounting a storm online in recent years; likened for its ability to strengthen, elongate and bring an awareness of the body. Perhaps it's popularity can be pinpointed to its versatility and ability to cater to anybody, whether you are a complete bamboozled newcomer, or a manic athlete, a toddler squirming in nappies or a grandma wanting some variety from jazz class. 2023 is a brilliant time to immerse yourself in the world of Pilates with a tailored Pilates retreat . With that in mind, here are the best places to go on a Pilates retreat in 2023: 


Pilates Reformer Bootcamp at Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand 

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This Pilates retreat will revolutionize your take on this movement practice, with postural analysis, you will be taught Pilates specialized to your body. If you’re stuck in a rut with the same Pilates workout or would like to transport all your training to the beautiful refreshing atmosphere of Thailand, this retreat is for you. But don’t be alarmed if this is your first time approaching the craft! The experts at the treat are there to work with you whether you’re a fresh beginner or have been practicing Pilates for years. To top the retreat off there is unlimited access to group yoga, meditation and fitness classes, so if your Pilate-ed out, there are plenty of other opportunities to spark your interest.  

Information and Booking: Absolute Sanctuary 


Pilates at Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel, Portugal  

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For those that want the specialist help to improve their Pilates, this retreat is for you. On a 7-day course, there are private Pilates classes for every day you are there with specialists in their field, your Pilates fire is sure to be ignited. Dip your feet into the pool of yoga with a singular session and ease into the relaxing Banyan Tree Spa massages. Whether the tension in your feet needs to be relieved or a moment of alleviation is required through a Vichy relax essential oil heated water massage, a tailored spa treatment awaits you. Just 20 minutes from the bustling city of Lisbon, Palacio Estoril is a haven of wellness by the sea, with all of the resources you need to make the most of your Pilate's break. with complimentary access to the Dynamic Pool, whatever your mood, the resources are there for you.   

Information and Booking: Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel 


Pilates Retreat at Shanti Som, Spain 

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This paradisial resort will sweep you off your feet with a welcome drink on arrival to begin embarking on the adventure, before regular classes and sessions to strengthen, entertain and educate. The Pilates Retreat at Shanti Som is a brilliant opportunity to try out different forms of Pilates with sessions in all forms: reformer, Cadillac and mat. With group yoga, meditation, hikes, spa treatments and body scrub, the ventures on this resort are endless. This resort is ideal if you’re craving your dream Pilates getaway but desire a little sprinkling of other vocations for a little variety in the stunning natural surroundings of Spain’s Sierra de Las Nieves Nature Park. Read our Wellness Travel Specialist Laura’s review of her time at Shanti Som here. 

Information and Booking: Shanti Som 


Pilates at COMO Uma Canggu, Bali 

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A trip to Indonesia offers you sublime immersion amongst the beauty of nature to delve deep into yourself and revitalize the soul. Private Pilates sessions allow the individual attention to focus all your energy on self-development, a consultation allows you hold the reins and direct where you want this retreat to take you. There are a range of treatments to pick from on top of your exercise, with deep tissue massage, Reflexology and the COMO Shambhala Detoxifying Skin treatment being a part of the mix. Boasting a 115m lagoon pool calling for a swim, and complimentary group yoga classes, this harmonious haven could be your ideal retreat for 2023.  

Information and Booking: COMO Uma Canggu 


Yoga or Pilates at BodyHoliday, St Lucia 

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BodyHoliday in the beaming sunshine of St Lucia, offers not only an option of private yoga or Pilates classes but access to group classes, land sports, water sports, cocktails and more! Just imagine yourself with a Pina Colada in hand, sat by the sea on the beautiful Caribbean Island, live music in the background, the waves softly crashing on the shore, muscles lightly aching after their hard work. The choice between private yoga or Pilates classes opens the opportunity to bring friends or family that might have slightly different tastes, this retreat truly has something for everyone! Turn that dream into a reality by booking your 2023 stay here now! 

Information and Booking: BodyHoliday 


2023 could be your opportunity to find your passion for Pilates, become the health guru of your dreams, or just take a wellness holiday that benefits both your mind and your body. Leave the travelling experience feeling re-energized, excited and reassured in your fitness journey. These holidays will revitalize you whilst giving you a peaceful break from daily life. Hop on the Pilates trend with us and form healthy habits for life! 


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