How Healthy Nutrition May Help to Prevent Cancer

How Healthy Nutrition May Help to Prevent Cancer

Healthy nutrition is key to cancer prevention. Some foods, such as processed and preserved foods can increase your chances of obtaining the disease, however there are many healthy alternatives that can aid in fighting off cancer and can even build a strong immune system that can reduce your chances of becoming ill. Many types of cancer can all be caused by unhealthy diets so it is essential that healthy nutrition plays a main role in your daily routine. Protect and strengthen your body from any health issues and feel the difference with higher energy levels as an added bonus from nutritional nourishment.

1. Food preparation

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Try a cleansing detox at Phuket Cleanse

Food preparation is something that you might not think would prevent cancer that much, but it is actually just as vital as what you are eating. Washing raw veggies is a must – it drastically reduces the amounts of pesticides on your produce. If you are steaming your vegetables, steam them in a small amount of water until they’re tender to reduce losing too many nutrients. When adding flavour to your dishes, reduce your risk with nutrition by using immune-boosting herbs and spices like garlic, curry powder and basil.

2. Natural Produce

Many fresh fruit and veggies have shown to have cancer-fighting properties specifically against breast and prostate cancer as they contain high levels of nutrients that contribute to a healthier and stronger immune system. A combination of vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans can reduce the risks of many types of cancer and it is important to remember ‘you are what you eat’. Learn how to incorporate raw-vegan food into your diet on a detox holiday as it will ensure that you gain the maximum benefit of ‘whole’ foods and learn the importance of nutrition when it comes to preventing cancer.

3. Maintain a healthy body weight

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Learn to nourish yourself correctly at SHA Wellness Clinic

It is critical to get the balance of a healthy body weight just right without being over or underweight. Evidence shows that being overweight can increase your chances of 11 types of cancer, pancreas, breast and bowel to name a few. Eating a well-balanced and nutritional diet can help prevent cancer by aiding weight-loss on its own, but for those needing some extra help, a weight-loss holiday will really kick-start you into realising the importance of a healthy BMI.

4. Avoid sugary drinks and fatty foods

Through many studies, cancer is found less in non-western populations, indicating that many unhealthy food groups that are available in western society, but not in non-western countries, cause negative effects on our health. By replacing fatty foods and sugary drinks with healthy and nutritional foods, you’re inherently reducing your risk of cancer. Many alcoholic drinks have a substantial amount of sugar in them, so a liver detox would be extremely beneficial in combating dangerous cells from living in the liver and preventing cancer.

5. Limit red meat and salt

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Try using natural herbs for flavouring, like these at Kamalaya

Eating an abundance of red meat can be linked to bowel cancer, and it’s important to avoid cured, smoked or salted red meats as they contain preservatives and there’s no nutritional need to consume them. However, eating red meats like beef or lamb once a week is actually beneficial as they do contain high amounts of nutrients because they are proteins. Optimize your chances of preventing cancer through healthy nutrition and only consuming meat in moderation and with plenty of greens on the side. Salt is another dangerous substance when high levels are consumed. Substitute salt for other natural flavourings like herbs and spices, and cook from scratch when you can as it’s easier to control the amount used.

6. Cancer prevention for cancer survivors

For those who have won the battle against cancer, it is even more vital to take healthy measures to prevent it from relapsing. Really take the time to nurture yourself back to health and follow all of the above. Learning how to be healthy on a nutrition retreat will not only give you the opportunity to relax and give your body a well-deserved rest, but it will also teach you the importance of healthy nutrition when preventing cancer. With a post-cancer recovery retreat, you will be provided with plenty of guidance and learn how to sustain a healthier lifestyle when you are back home. 


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