How to Prepare for a Hiking Holiday

Are you after a change of scenery? Appreciate Mother Nature as you take in the surroundings on a hiking holiday whilst enhancing your fitness and well-being at the same time. Walking is a great yet simple way to enjoy the fresh air and gain an intimate perspective on the world. If you’d rather see the world from a completely different perspective than go on a fly and flop ho-hum holiday, embrace the great outdoors and engrave its beauty into your memory. The key to optimizing your hiking holiday is all in the preparation, so tick off the necessary steps to maximise your hiking experience.

1. Get fit

The most important way to prepare for a walking holiday is to boost your stamina and strength in order to ensure your body can cope with the distances and levels of terrain that a hiking holiday entails. Not only is increasing your stamina levels crucial, but building your muscle mass is just as important, so by combining cardio-based activities along with weighted exercises in your fitness regime, you will be at the front of the hiking pack. Focus on increasing your leg muscles in fun ways with sports like football, swimming or cycling on a fitness retreat in preparation for your hiking holiday.

2. Go for long walks

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Once your fitness has improved, venture out and get used to 4-6 hour long walks. Gradually increase the length and frequency that you go for walks, building it up as you go. Starting with walks every other day as hiking holiday preparation, and then increase them to every day to improve your training for an adventure holiday of your dreams.

3. Get some gadgets

Invest in a pedometer! Not only will it prove just how far you are walking, but this will then motivate you to get up off the sofa and go for a walk in preparation of your hiking holiday. With many pedometers telling you how many calories you burn, weight loss is another incentive to get you moving. Make your walk more enjoyable with some music and give every step that extra oomph.

4. Correct nutrition

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Fuelling your body with the right food is absolutely crucial, as you need a continuous slow release of energy. Therefore, eating the foods that slowly release energy is extremely important, so make sure you snack on the right foods. Pack nuts, dried fruit, oat energy bars and even a bit of chocolate into your day bag for when you’re in need of a little pick me up. Get your body used to eating on the go as this will get your digestion to prepare for a hiking holiday. Hydration is also key, so learn to spot out a natural spring because the water there is pure and fresh. You may wish to make significant changes to your eating habits by going on a nutrition-friendly retreat.

5. Right footwear


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Happy feet equate to a happy you and the right footwear makes all the difference. Firstly, a good pair of hiking boots will give your ankles the support they need, and also provide ventilation and water resistance. Secondly, buy some proper hiking socks that keep moisture out and therefore reduce the chance of blisters. Wear them in months before your hiking holiday as preparation to soften the shoes and prevent foot sores.

6. Pack your bag

In addition to the hiking boots and socks, pack your bag with light and moisture repelling clothing that is suitable for all weather types. Other commodities you should pack are sunglasses, sun cream and insect repellent, depending on where your hiking holiday is. Bring walking sticks to aid you in tricky terrain. Finally, your preparation for a hiking holiday would not be complete without a camera. Capture every immense image not only in your memory, but as evidence of the astounding achievement you have completed on a life-changing wellness retreat.


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