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  • 5 of the Best Yoga Mats to Take on Holiday

    There are so many different types of yoga mats out there; it's difficult to know which one will support your yoga practice the best. A yoga mat must suit your body, keeping you stable in your poses, soak up any sweat that you produce, provide enough...

  • Why Yoga is Good for Men

    Despite yoga being created by men, for men, it’s still seen as predominantly a woman’s activity. It takes a brave man to walk into a class full of women but the health benefits of yoga far outweigh this initial worry. So if you are looking to escape on...

  • The Latest Yoga Trends: Anti-Gravity & Paddle Board Yoga

    People are very excited about the latest yoga workouts that are popping up around the world, Anti-gravity Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga are definitely worth trying. Anti-gravity Yoga uses a combination of aerial arts and yoga practices, where hammock like...

  • 10 Reasons to go on a Yoga Holiday

    Yoga has taken the world by storm, with over 15 million people now practising this ancient tradition and profiting from its mental and physical benefits. Being much more than just a form of physical activity, a regular yoga practise can also help calm...

  • A Beginner's Guide to Yoga

    new beginning needs a starting point, and every pretzel bending yogi started somewhere, so if you’re tempted to discover why yoga is so good for you, join in with our beginners guide to yoga. Whether preparing to practice at home, or gearing up for an...

  • 8 Yoga Holidays for the Travel Bucket List

    Take your practice one step further with our top yoga holidays to add to your travel bucket list. These yogi escapes offer the perfect opportunity to lay the groundwork for a healthier and happier lifestyle. In combination with each of these stunning...

  • 5 of the Best Gay Friendly Yoga Breaks

    From Ibiza to Thailand, escape together and perfect your sun-salutation as we share our 5 best gay friendly yoga breaks. Offering a warm welcome to the LGBT community, our selection of luxury yoga breaks are a great option for a gay friendly holiday...

  • Where to Go on a Spanish Yoga Retreat

    Yoga has had the attention of people in the western world for generations, now more than ever people are embracing the benefits of yoga and are eager to integrate it into their lives. However, many people who otherwise would love to take up yoga view...

  • What Makes the Perfect Yoga Holiday?

    Yoga has taken the world by storm with its mental and physical health benefits, allowing people of all ages and abilities to become more in tune with their bodies and enhance their well-being. Improve your posture, flexibility and strength, whilst also...

  • 7 Amazing Yoga Retreats For Singles

    As well as being an established practice to improve strength, mobility and overall physical health, yoga aids mental well-being and mindfulness. Far too often we cruise through life without paying attention to the present—yoga cultivates a kind of...

  • 5 Transformative Yoga Retreats

    Open your body and mind to new perspectives with our transformative yoga retreats which will change the way you approach health and well-being. Focusing on the connection between your inner-self and outer-body, yoga can often help to provide a mindful...

  • 8 of the World’s Greatest Yoga Retreats to Book

    We discover the world’s most luxurious and breathtaking yoga retreats to book around the world. From the local shores of Portugal, to the distant islands of the Maldives, grab your mat and you can practice anywhere you please, whether you are a...

  • 6 Mountain Yoga Retreats

    If you are in search of a tranquil setting for a re-energising yoga retreat in a far flung destination, then look no further than our exclusive selection of yogi holidays concealed within picturesque mountain regions across the globe. From the secluded...

  • Flying High: Aerial Yoga and its Amazing Benefits

    If you like yoga and would like to book a yoga holiday, you might just love Aerial Yoga! This craze, also known as AntiGravity Yoga, has swept the globe, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele Bündchen and Kourtney Kardashian advocating it.

  • Where to Go on a Yoga Retreat in 2022

    There is nothing quite as therapeutic and grounding as a yoga session. At Health and Fitness Travel, we offer a vast selection of yoga retreats - and no two are exactly alike! We offer dozens of fabulous locations around the world for you to get in...

  • Where to go for an Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat

    Yoga and Ayurveda are both ancient Vedic disciplines that complement each other in more ways than one. These two practices are fundamentally sister sciences that have been exercised together for thousands of years to heal the mind, body and spirit....

  • 4 of the Best Yoga Retreats in India

    With so many luxury yoga retreats to choose from world-wide, we have reduced the scope and compiled a succinct list of 4 of the best yoga retreats in India, the birthplace of yoga. Surrounded by sublime scenery from the Himalayan mountain ranges to the...

  • Why You Should Book a Yoga Holiday

    om-verwhelmed and in need of a vacation that allows you to unwind and relax your body and mind? Look no further than a yoga holiday! It's not your typical getaway; instead, it offers a transformative experience that can revitalise your entire being....

  • The World's Best Yoga Holidays for Single Travellers

    If you’re bored of your daily routine and are dying to break away on a solo adventure, a singles yoga holiday could be just the solution. Allowing you the opportunity to focus on your well-being, take the time to re-balance with this ancient Indian...

  • Top 5 Pre-Wedding Yoga Retreats

    Whether you are looking to tone up or de-stress before the big day, with our top 5 pre-wedding yoga retreats, yogi loving brides-to-be are invited to re-connect and improve well-being whilst exploring new corners of the world. With a yoga holiday...


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