How Good Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight

How Good Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight


Everybody wonders how some people can lose weight easily while others cannot. This question is now getting scientific attention and has become widely surmised that our own bodies’ unique gut bacteria environment is important in keeping a healthy weight. Furthermore, what we eat in our diet has consequences on specific bacteria that either make us hungry or content with our portion sizes and the frequency of eating. In fact, our gut may explain why weight loss programmes work for some but not others. So, if your weight loss programme of choice is not working for you, do not worry, this article will explain how good gut bacteria can help you lose weight


Kick Junk Food Out of Your Diet

cutting out processed foods is good for your gut health 


Did you know what you eat has severe ramifications for your gut and mind? In fact, an unhealthy diet can cause gut inflammation which increases your risk for diabetes, stress, and various other ailments. Scientists suspect the bacteria Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) is the culprit for a rise in gut inflammation which is activated when we eat certain foods with ingredients like: sugar, refined carbs, poor quality fried foods, synthetic sweeteners, and tropical fruits. If you find yourself wanting to wolf down a bag of crisps, find healthier alternatives to satisfy your appetite and survive the snack attack altogether. In doing so, our body will have the chance to heal and reduce its gut inflammation. 



Having a drink after work is a way for people to connect, however, heavy drinking can be very unhealthy. Not only does it cause it liver damage, but it also affects your gut and can make you more likely to acquire Dysbiosis (also called Dysbacteriosis) or in layman's terms a bacterial imbalance inside the body which can cause weight gain. This is not considering the copious amount of calories alcohol contains which in all purposes is as bad as a soft drink. So, if you do drink, make sure to only have one or two pints.

Check out this article on face-mapping to see how excess alcohol consumption manifests in the skin and what it tells you about your health.



Fibre is very important for your gut


It cannot be understated how important fibre is for our gut. A proper fibre diet literally feeds bacteria to thrive and grow. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are all great sources of fibre. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends 25 grams for women, or 21 grams if over 50 years old. Anything over these recommendations can have adverse effects like gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Fibre even can lower your chance for developing type 2 Diabetes. Add apples, oranges, carrots, spinach, some almonds to your overall diet, maybe even combine them to make a salad!




Antioxidants are very good for you and your gut health


Antioxidants are an excellent way to enhance the effects of probiotics and many are also high in fibre! In fact, Blackberries are not only a good source of antioxidants, but they also have over 7 grams of fibre. Strawberries are a go-to for anyone looking for something tasty, but did you know it also is packed with antioxidants? They play a crucial role in the prevention of conditions related to obesity which include metabolic syndrome and type 2 Diabetes. Last but certainly not least, antioxidants are also present in dark chocolate! (Feeling inspired? Let this Raw Dark Chocolate Tart recipe be your go-to for a gut-friendly treat!)


Olive Oil

Olive oil offers lots of antioxidants and can reduce inflammation


Olive oil is a common cooking ingredient so make sure to add it to your favourite dish as it is a great source of antioxidants that help reduce inflammation thus hindering weight gain. Not only is it a fortifying substance for your gut, but it also destroys damaging bacteria including Helicobacter Pylori which has been linked to stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, and high cholesterol.

The question of how I keep a healthy weight is nothing new and now scientists are taking notice. Early research has shown that bacteria play a significant role in regulating our weight and a healthy gut. In fact, this may explain why weight loss programs have mixed results. These 6 points offer an insight into what you can do to promote a healthy gut.


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