• How to Double Your Wellness Holiday Leave in 2018 Infographic

    Grab your diary as we share some holiday ideas to inspire you! Take a look at our useful infographic and secure more time off work next year and double your leave thanks to our bank holidays in 2018. Get in touch with one of our travel specialists to tailor-make your perfect wellness holiday today.  

  • How to Lower Your Biological Age & Increase Longevity on Holiday

    Increase Longevity on Holiday

    In recent years there has been a growing focus on what our biological age, rather than our chronological age, can tell us about our bodies and overall health. Proving that age really is nothing but a number; someone with a chronological age of 35, leading an unhealthy lifestyle may have the health and body of someone in their early 40s. In contrast, someone of the same age with a healthy lifestyle could have the biological age of someone 5 years younger. Due to the way different habits can affect our bodies; our lifespan is determined in part by our telomeres, which hold our DNA together. Over time these shorten, eventually breaking down completely, but the rate at which this happens can be affected by our mental and physical lifestyles.

  • How to Prepare for a Detox Holiday

    How to Prepare for a Detox Holiday


    Poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can leave you feeling run-down and lethargic, leading to stress and inactivity, which cause a build-up of toxins in the mind and body. Offering benefits from weight-loss to increased mental vitality, a great way to re-energise your system is to embark on a spring cleanse and enhance your well-being on a healthy detox holiday. Helping to support your body's natural elimination processes, detoxification offers numerous health benefits through a tailor-made approach of healthy nutrition and carefully chosen treatments.

  • How to Prepare for a Spa Holiday

    How to Prepare for a Spa Holiday

    Avoid pre-holiday anxiety and concentrate on preparing yourself for an indulgent spa holiday. Nobody likes the stress of booking and arranging a holiday abroad, so we have made the whole experience as easy as possible for you. As well as offering tailor-made wellness breaks at award-winning spas across the globe, at Health and Fitness Travel we provide useful hints and tips to make your healthy holiday go off without a hitch. Pack light, avoid jetlag, improve your diet and make the most of your stay with our helpful guide to preparing for your spa holiday.

  • How to visit a spa like a man

    Man, I feel like a woman. Visiting a spa may not be every bloke's cup of tea, but massages and facials aren't only for women. Are you stressed and need some rest and recovery? Looking for a quick getaway to be pampered or need a good detox? Why don't you pop into a spa and be restored. OK, I know what you're thinking, men… going to spas… ahh what a complete joke! Those places are a hazard for men, one foot in and I will come out like a hairless chicken, smelling like peaches! But that's not the way to think.

  • How You Know It’s Time for a Detox Holiday

    How You Know It’s Time for a Detox Holiday

    If you have a particular health issue that you just can’t shift after many attempts of trying different methods, then the answer could be in the hands of a detox holiday. People often go about their everyday lives suffering from low energy, stress or digestive problems. Discover just how much a detox retreat could solve all your health problems, simply by flushing out toxins that build up through a combination of things including poor diet and lack of exercise. Remember, you are what you eat so embrace the powers of detoxing and reap the rewards of feeling much lighter and more alert, with higher energy levels, good sleep pattern and weight loss as well having learnt invaluable advice about nutrition and detoxing.

  • Is a Juice Retreat for Me?

    Fusion Maia Fresh Juice


    Self-care and well-being have become top priorities in our modern world, where the allure of a juice retreat continues to grow. Embarking on a juice retreat and experiencing the goodness of fresh juices for a dedicated period to revitalise your body, promote weight loss, and embrace a healthier lifestyle is extremely beneficial for many reasons.

  • Is It Time You Had a Digital Detox?

    woman using phone and laptop at the same time

    Aashly Jayan, Health and Wellness Advisor at Chiva-Som discusses the role of technology in our lives and when it might be time to consider a digital detox.

  • Joanna’s Review of Como Shambhala Estate, Bali

    What is COMO Shambhala Estate and who’s it for?

    COMO Shambhala Estate aims to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being for every individual and the flagship retreat does exactly that. In a secluded setting within the breathtaking Balinese rainforest near Ubud, this wellness retreat is the perfect location for anyone looking to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Live Healthy, Travel Often Infographic


  • Longevity Wellness Resort Launches Yoga and Pilates Retreat

    World Renowned Teacher in Portugal from 5 - 10 September

    Health expert and Fitness TV Presenter Angie Newson, is launching an exclusive Yoga and Pilates retreat at Longevity Wellness Resort in Portugal from 5-10th September 2012. Internationally renowned yoga and Pilates expert, Angie Newson will be taking her talents to the luxurious 5 star health and wellness resort twice a year. This exclusive five night tailor-made retreat is available through Health and Fitness Travel, experts in tailor-made active and wellness holidays worldwide for a special price of just £595 per person.

  • Mend your Mind with a Life-Changing Health Retreat in Italy

    With 2017 looking to be the year of mental health awareness, we launch The Mental Makeover Retreat™ in Italy. Led by international master of mind-improvement and celebrity coach; Steve McKeown, this ground-breaking wellness retreat launches this June and September held at the luxurious Ti Sana Detox Retreat & Spa near Milan and Lake Como, with more destinations and dates to follow. 

  • Mother's Day Fitness Breaks for Mums and Daughters

    Mother's Day Fitness Breaks for Mums and Daughters

    The mother-daughter bond can be strengthened through exercise; a bond so powerful it affects a woman’s health, self-esteem and all her other relationships. With this in mind, we shine the spotlight on our top 5 mother-daughter fitness breaks, which make for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. From detoxing in the British countryside to swimming on the Spanish coast, strengthen your body and your bond on one of our female-friendly fitness breaks.

  • New Healthy Eating & Detox Retreats with Fusion Maia

    A relaxing retreat situated upon the scenic coastline of central Vietnam, Fusion Maia, promotes an overall-wellness approach for all of its guests. With healthy holidays designed to cultivate total well-being, now they’re taking their ideas one step further with three new healthy nutrition and detox retreats for 2016 and 2017.

  • New Healthy Holiday Breaks for Burnout Britain

    Take a short break away with a distinctly healthy approach designed to keep you active and improve your sense of well-being.We are pleased to introduce our new healthy breaks for people who are time pressured, burnt-out and in need a quick healthy getaway to recover.

  • New Year Detox and Fitness Holidays

    Are you looking for the perfect place to recharge your batteries this New Year?  Or perhaps you would like to fulfil a New Year's resolution to get fit or lose weight? We recommend our top 5 healthy holidays to detox, get fit, lose weight, de-stress and re-energise.

  • Olivia’s Review of Amatara Wellness Resort

    What is Amatara and who’s it for?

    Amatara is a place for anyone seeking to restore their inner balance. As a destination spa in Phuket, it offers luxe accommodation, and what the General Manager Eric refers to as a ‘middle way’ approach to wellness. For guests who love to indulge in 5 star resort facilities and enjoy fine dining, although would like to also immerse in a wellness program, Amatara is the place! The programs offer weight management, detox, relaxation, fitness, yoga or anti-ageing. Or you can simply enjoy the luxury resort setting, sit by the pool and chill out. There is no-one there to enforce guilt for not sticking to a program, digital detox or to refrain from drinking alcohol – the choice is yours to make. This approach works well, and I found the guests merged nicely particularly as there are areas focused on wellness if one would prefer to eat or relax there only. 

  • Optimal Nutrition for Detox and Weight Loss



  • Our New Collection: Healthy Honeymoons™

    For all newlyweds who want more than a fly-and-flop honeymoon, today we launch our new worldwide collection Healthy Honeymoons™, the first of their kind in an evolving travel industry. Whilst 99% of couples who choose a traditional wedding take a honeymoon, only 1 in 4 go on their dream honeymoon , with an emerging trend towards more experiential honeymoons for pursuing richer cultural experiences. From activity adventures in Asia to wellness spa retreats in the Caribbean; our Healthy Honeymoons will revolutionise the way couples begin their happily-ever-after.

  • Paul's Review of Absolute Sanctuary

    Review of Absolute Sanctuary


    Arriving in Koh Samui, I was greeted by a friendly Absolute Sanctuary driver and taken to this healthy hideaway, located in a quiet part of the Island. Absolute Sanctuary is Thailand's premier detox and yoga resort and just five minutes from the airport, a stunning Moroccan-inspired boutique resort for those seeking a holiday to rejuvenate, unwind and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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