• The Nutritional Benefits of a Macrobiotic Diet

    Benefits of a Macrobiotic Diet


    It seems that every other day there is a new fad diet that’s hit the market. Melanie Brown Waxman, a nutrition and health counsellor at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains just why a Macrobiotic diet can be so good for your health.

  • The Power of Intermittent Fasting

    Scientists have been researching the theory that short periods of fasting could benefit our health and help with weight problems. We are constantly being fed contradicting evidence regarding what is good and bad for our health, but could this new research actually prove to be revolutionary? A reporter took to investigating the idea of intermittent fasting to discover the benefits and whether it actually worked, and the results were surprising.

  • The Pros and Cons of a Juice Cleanse Retreat

    The Pros and Cons of a Juice Cleanse Retreat


    Juice cleanses have been the subject of much controversy in recent years, with many professing the physical and mental health benefits and observing an increase in energy levels, improvement in digestion and an overall heightened sense of well-being, whilst others express doubt and cynicism. Here are some of the pros and cons of a juice cleanse retreat.

  • The Spa Experience

    Whether you want to lose weight or detox, relax or be pampered, then there's no better place to be than a spa. In recent years, spas have grown in popularity as more of us are putting health and well-being high on the list of our everyday priorities. In addition to exercise, we are looking for new ways to improve our general health and the spa experience offers a whole range of treatments and facilities which will help us to reach our goals and relax our bodies and minds. But just why are spa holidays so popular and what can we expect from a spa experience today?

  • The Spa Way of Life

    Susan d'Arcy - Spa Expert

    Susan d'Arcy

    Susan d'Arcy has been writing for the Sunday Times for over 20 years, about luxurious spas and travel. As a spa expert she enjoys sharing her tips and insights about the best therapists, spas and treatments, on her very informative, yet entertaining blog, Spa Confidential.


  • The Top 10 Wellness Destinations that will Change your Life

    The Top 10 Wellness Destinations that will Change your Life


    Next time you go abroad, make it a life changing journey! Forget simply sitting by the pool – that’s for the old you; we’ve put together our favourite wellness retreats that endeavour to help you to change your life. Whether you want to catalyse a new body, take up yoga, quit smoking, de-stress or turn back the ageing hands of time, we’ve got the healthy holiday for you!

  • The Top 5 Wellness Retreats for Gen Z

    Group of Scuba Divers


    At Health and Fitness Travel, we understand the importance of prioritising self-care and finding balance in today's fast-paced world. With stress and anxiety rising, we know Gen Z are seeking ways to prioritise their well-being and find a balance. These top 5 wellness retreats for Gen Z have been handpicked, so you can disconnect from the demands of daily life and reconnect with yourself. Get ready to kick back, recharge, and have a blast while caring for your mind, body, and soul.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Detoxing And Why It's So Important

    To detox or to not is a reoccurring debate in the wellness community. The standard argument against detoxing is that our bodies naturally remove waste and toxins on a daily basis. This is correct. However, just the same way our bodies produce energy to sustain our daily activity levels - every now and then, we need a little extra help. Putting the spotlight on detox, we share its importance, the telltale signs you might need detoxing and how to do it safely and efficiently.

  • The Ultimate Retreats for Christmas & New Year Getaways

    For those looking to swap the Christmas bulge for a healthier start to the New Year, here we share our 10 ultimate winter wellness retreats. Offering healthy holidays around the world, from yuletide yoga, to seasonal stress relief and festive fitness escapes; make a break with tradition and embrace the gift of winter wellness.

  • The World's Top Bucket List Wellness Hotels

    We all know the world is a beautiful place, but the real question is: where to begin? With so much on offer, we’ll never get around to seeing it all. That’s why we’re giving you the low-down on our absolute favourites and compiling this ultimate collection into a bucket list of wellness escapes. From Europe to Asia and Arabia to the Caribbean, our top picks combine the most beautiful locations with the ultimate in luxury well-being programmes. Each wellness holiday offers something from the cannon of well-being, and often specialises in yoga, fitness, spa treatments or mindfulness. So, whatever you want to experience and wherever you want to explore, we’ve got the wellness escape for you!

  • The World’s Best Detox Spa Retreats for the Ultimate Health Reset

    With the brand new year just settling in, now is the ideal time to give your body a fresh reboot. But where, you ask? In this blog, we have compiled the world’s best detox spa retreats to do just that (and more!). This is the only list you’ll ever need to spark your wellness wanderlust and kick-off 2019 with a clean slate. From the vibrant archipelago of the Philippines to the beautiful Mediterranean coast, swap poor diets, fatigue and bloated bellies for the perfect balance between health and hedonism on an awe-inspiring detox and spa holiday. Make this year your best one yet as you reset your body’s natural systems on an away-from-it-all sanctuary that will leave you fully recharged and renewed.

  • The World’s Top Technology-Free Retreats

    Two people addicted to smart phones.


    We all know how addicting smartphones can be, and how much of our daily lives they can consume. In fact, according to astudy published by King University, people touch their phones at 2,617 times per day! It can be surprising how much time we actually spend on our phones, and we can actually get fatigued quite easily if we don’t take a break! Our eyes need a rest after spending so many hours each week looking at bright screens, and our minds need a break too! It can be stressful constantly looking at what people are doing on social media and FOMO can have an effect on us, making us feel anxious and depressed when we compare other’s seemingly picture-perfect lives to our own. That’s why it can be extremely beneficial to your health to embark on atechnology-free wellness retreat 

  • Tips for Surviving a Detox Holiday

    Ever wanted to go on a detox holiday but wondered how you would survive without your morning dose of coffee? To help you get through the initial fears, gain the greatest benefit from the detoxification and truly purify the body, we have come up with our top tips for surviving a detox.

  • Top 10 Best Spa Breaks in Europe

    Need a time-out from the stresses and strains of everyday life? If you are looking to get away for a dose of wellness without the stress that comes with long haul flights, we are here to help with our top spa breaks in Europe. From a detox spa break to a healing spa retreat, achieve optimal well-being and total relaxation with a wide range of spa treatments tailored to your individual wellness needs. A far more convenient and better value option to travelling half way around the world in search of winter sun and exotic beaches, Europe still has plenty to offer. Whether you fancy a beach spa break or an escape to the countryside, you’re bound to have your energy restored and your senses revived.

  • Top 10 Detox Retreats for 2016

    Revitalise your body with a healthy summer cleanse after an over-indulgent festive season, as we round up our top 10 detox retreats for 2016. From the foothills of India’s Himalayas to the rolling hills of Italy, swap the toxin-inducing stress levels, lethargy and poor diets of daily life for a healthy detox holiday. With expert guidance, healthy nutrition and cleansing spa treatments; enhance your well-being with benefits from weight loss to clearer skin and improved mental clarity.

  • Top 10 Healthy Summer Holidays in Europe

    Why waste time lying around on a fly-and-flop holiday when you could invest in your well-being by embarking on a healthy summer holiday at one of our luxurious destinations around Europe.

  • Top 10 Juice Detox Retreats

    Top 10 Juice Detox Retreats


    Our modern day lifestyles have really started to take a toll on the health of our bodies and how our organs function. A regular intake of sugar-rich, fatty and overly processed foods can have a negative effect on our lifestyles, leaving us feeling bloated and fatigued. The most effective way to detoxify our organs, kick-start weight loss and revitalise our energy levels, is with a juice cleanse. Keep reading to discover our top 10 juice detox retreats.

  • Top 10 Well-being Breaks in Europe

    With Summer well underway the warmer days are upon us, but we understand that not all of us prefer the heat. If this is you then perhaps a European getaway is the ideal solution. 

  • Top 10 Winter Sun Healthy Holidays to Book Now

    Escape the chill and swap your woolly hat for a straw one with our top 10 sun-soaked wellness breaks guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With the short winter days meaning the only chance for some sunshine is a chilly dash outside at lunchtime, many of us spend our time daydreaming of long white beaches and balmy evenings. The British summer may still seem a long way off but you can book now to enjoy our warming winter escapes with tropical weather, exhilarating adventures and luxurious spa treatments, which are all just a plane journey away.

  • Top 5 Detox Holidays


    Feeling lethargic, sluggish, and in need of a detox to flush those winter blues out of your system?  Be inspired by some of the best detox holidays around the globe to get your new year off to a healthy start.

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