• 8 Best Detox Retreats for 2014

    The Christmas period is full of fun and festivities, but it's also a time of over-indulgence, with a diet based mainly on sugary and fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol, leaving us in need of re-energisation. The New Year provides a perfect time to bring in a new you and a healthier lifestyle, which can be kick-started by a luxury detox holiday. After the festive period, our body's natural detox system can struggle to deal with the harmful substances in your body, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish.

  • 8 Different Types of Yoga

    Different Types of Yoga


    We’ve all heard about the wonderful health benefits of yoga, but there are so many different variations that it’s sometimes difficult to know what each one entails and which one would best suit your body. It’s important to have an understanding of what each style offers, so that you can choose one which will most benefit your fitness regime. So whether you are looking to embark on a revitalising yoga holiday to a far-flung location or simply want to get involved with a local class; here is a breakdown of eight different types of yoga.

    Our luxury yoga holidays and retreats feature different types of yoga, so you’ll be able to practise the style you enjoy the most if you’re an experienced yogi, or have a go at all of them and find the best one for you. You’ll benefit from expert yoga teaching and guidance, in exotic destinations spanning from St. Lucia, Spain and Italy to India, Thailand and Bali. You’ll return home feeling reinvigorated with a desire to get back on your yoga mat.

    1. Vinyasa yoga

    Get flowing with Vinyasa yoga at Kamalaya

    Get flowing with Vinyasa yoga at Kamalaya

    This type of yoga is often referred to as Vinyasa flow yoga, as it consists of different poses linked together with movement, and synchronised with breathing. Your yoga teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to another whilst inhaling or exhaling; generally when moving upwards you’ll inhale, and when moving downwards you’ll exhale. A Vinyasa yoga class can be fast-paced or slow, and allows a lot of room for the personality of the individual teacher who is taking the class. So, it’s important to find a yoga teacher whose style you enjoy, and be ready for something different when you begin a new class.

    Try Vinyasa yoga at Kamalaya in Thailand

    2. Kundalini Yoga

    Experience "the mother of all yoga" at SwaSwara

    Experience "the mother of all yoga" at SwaSwara

    This style of yoga has been described as “the mother of all yoga” as it is one of the oldest recognised forms. Kundalini is the word used to describe the untapped potential inside all of us, which this yoga practice seeks to target and release. It’s a very active form of yoga which includes common poses, as well as some of its own unique poses, chanting, meditation and sounds to stimulate your creative energy. People who practise it are said to finish their session feeling extreme happiness and tranquillity.

    Try Kundalini yoga at SwaSwara in India

    3. Ashtanga Yoga

    Improve your circulation with Ashtanga at The BodyHoliday

    Improve your circulation with Ashtanga at The BodyHoliday

    Ashtanga is a form of moving meditation and a more vigorous type of yoga, perfect for people looking for a more fast-paced workout whilst on a fitness holiday. Breathing is synchronised with movement, producing an intense heat to sweat out toxins and improve your circulation. This type strictly follows a particular order of eight steps, each with a fixed number of breaths and movement which help maintain a healthy heart and stabilise the mind. Strength, sweat and stamina are the three main aspects of this form, which is said with your body’s natural detoxification process and leave you feeling restored.

    Try Ashtanga yoga at The BodyHoliday in St. Lucia

    4. Hot Yoga

    Detox your body with hot yoga at Absolute Sanctuary

    Detox your body with hot yoga at Absolute Sanctuary

    Otherwise known as Bikram yoga, this type is made up of a series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises carried out in a specific order in an extremely hot room. Steam is pumped into the studio to create a sauna-like environment, with temperatures reaching around 40°C, which is said to benefit joints, reduce the risk of injury and increase your flexibility. Also, due to the extreme heat, you’ll be sweating profusely meaning it’s a great component to a detox holiday. Also your heart rate will be elevated more than usual, making your body work harder and allowing you to see better results.

    Try hot yoga at Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand

    5. Iyengar Yoga

    Try Iyengar yoga to encourage good posture at SHA

    Try Iyengar yoga to encourage good posture at SHA

    This style of yoga focuses on breath control and detail, precision and alignment when carrying out the different poses, to encourage relaxation, good posture and balance. It features hundreds of different yoga poses and fourteen types of breathing, so you can progress gradually from the easier forms to the more advanced movements. Often props are used, such as belts and blocks, to support the body in certain poses, reducing the risk of injury. This makes it a perfect form of yoga for people looking for rehabilitation on a healing holiday or those who need a gentle and very supportive exercise.

    Try Iyengar yoga at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain

    6. Restorative Yoga

    De-stress with restorative yoga at The Farm

    De-stress with restorative yoga at The Farm

    Learn to reach deep relaxation and detach yourself from the stresses of daily life with restorative yoga. This will improve the functioning of your immune system and aid with specific wellness issues like digestion, insomnia, fertility and general fatigue, to name but a few. Props, like blankets and blocks, are used to support the body so you’re able to hold certain positions for longer and gain the utmost benefits of each stretch. It is a very gentle class which doesn’t see the body temperature rise as much as in other yoga classes, and is a perfect accompaniment to more cardio exercises.

    Try restorative yoga at The Farm in the Philippines

    7. Pranayama breathing

    Experience different types of Pranayama at Ananda

    Experience different types of Pranayama at Ananda

    This is a traditional practice of breath control used in yoga, which has been found to relieve stress and even improve respiratory conditions, such as asthma. There are several different types of Pranayama breathing, including inhaling and exhaling through alternate nostrils, chanting whilst exhaling and slow inhales then quick exhales. It is said to purify the mind and soul, strengthen your heart, enhance the proper functioning of your organs, remove toxins from your body, reduce blood pressure and get rid of any negative emotions that you feel, like anger, arrogance and greed.

    Try Pranayama at Ananda in India

    8. Hatha

    Learn the basics at 38 Degrees North

    Learn the basics at Marbella Club
    Hatha is one of the more common types of yoga, and is great for learning the basics and reconnecting your body and mind. It describes gentle and basic yoga classes with no flow between poses, unlike Vinyasa yoga. It consists of six slow movements, breathing exercises and meditation, so it’s a brilliant place to start for beginner yogis. It’s also a great choice for people looking to learn effective relaxation techniques whilst on a spa holiday. It is designed to open up the body and allow the free flow of energy, to create balance and harmony.

    Enjoy Hatha yoga at Marbella Club


    Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect yoga holiday.

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    Whether you’re on a relaxing spa break or a multi activity holiday, remembering that what you do to the outside of your body is just as important as what you put into it, is essential to having a healthy holiday. By selecting the right foods and eating in the right way while at a nutrition friendly retreat you can increase your energy levels, aid weight loss and generally feel better inside and out.

  • A Guide to Starting a Raw Food Diet

    So you’ve been hearing a lot of hype about raw food diets and you've decided you may want to give it a try on a nutrition friendly holiday that will introduce you to this healthy eating practice. A-listers have done it and proved to show positive results; Scarlett Johansson ate raw while filming to boost her energy, Kate Middleton turned to raw foods to make her skin more radiant, and tennis star Venus Williams embraced a raw vegan diet after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

  • A Guide to Starting a Raw Food Diet

    So you’ve been hearing a lot of hype about raw food diets and you decided you want to give it a try. A-listers have done it and proved to show positive results; Scarlett Johansson ate raw while filming to boost her energy, Kate Middleton turned to raw foods to make her skin more radiant, and tennis star Venus Williams embraced a raw vegan diet after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

  • A Guide to the Macrobiotic Diet & Cuisine

    A Guide to the Macrobiotic Diet & Cuisine


    Based on Taoist philosophy and originating in Japan, the macrobiotic diet focuses on restoring the balance of yin and yang in your body. The word macrobiotic comes from ‘macro’, which means big, and ‘bios’, meaning life. Translated, therefore, it means ‘great life’ and is intended to be undertaken as a way of life that aims to achieve total wellness, as opposed to just a diet.

  • A Holistic Detox: Body and Mind

    Spring has sprung in Byron Bay where the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. With the warmth of the spring air and flowers blossoming all around us, it naturally becomes a time to “spring clean” and rid the body of impurities that have accumulated over winter. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is the energies that manifest as seasonal changes in our external environment that are also reflected in the body. Whilst this expansive energy of Spring helps us move things to the surface and expel some of the body’s toxins on a physical level, it also means that emotions and issues stored deep within the past also have an opportunity to be released. So, what can you do to lighten the load this Spring? Read on to find my TOP 6 HOLISTIC DETOX TIPS.

  • Adam's Review of Ananda in the Himalayas


    Arriving into the small airport of Dehradun via Delhi, I was greeted by my personal driver and taken straight into an air-conditioned 4x4 for the short 45-minute journey up the mountain towards Ananda. The journey itself was an experience, from seeing monkeys, cows, and goats up the windy uphill roads and a more impressive view at every turn. Ananda means peace - and my seven day stay was a purifying experience of just that.

  • Adam's Review of SHA Wellness Clinic

    What is SHA Wellness Clinic and who’s it for?

    Built in 2009, SHA Wellness Clinic is a macrobiotic-based wellness spa and medical clinic encompassing the best of Eastern and Western philosophies to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle. It’s a multi-award-winning high-end wellness holiday for those looking to take a serious approach to improving their health, predominantly detox and weight loss, while also offering comprehensive modern aesthetical and medical treatments.

  • Adam's Review of Thanyapura in Phuket, Thailand

    Review of Thanyapura in Phuket


    What is Thanyapura and who’s it for?

    Set alongside surrounding mountains in 23 hectares, Thanyapura attracts sports, fitness and health enthusiasts from all over the world aged from their 20s to late 50s. It’s an ideal place for an activity holiday if you have an established fitness-level and training routine or even if you’d like to immerse yourself in a truly world-class sports facility if you are less experienced with training available. Their marketing has an athlete-targeted approach but in reality is open for everyone at all levels.

    Getting There

    As an international airport Phuket is extremely well-connected in Southeast Asia. Direct flights operate from airports including Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur with a short 20 minute hassle-free transfer to the hotel.

    The Hotel & Accommodation

    The Sports Wing (aka Sports Hotel) is the modern, spacious and overall better of the two wings with rooms surrounding a pool suitable for nearby access to the sports facilities. The basic Garden Wing (aka Retreat Hotel) is the cheaper lead-in category suitable for solo travellers looking for a secluded and quieter stay situated just a few minutes from the main facilities, making this a good option for a singles holiday.

    Most of the main buildings inside are impressive or aesthetically pleasing, but some of the connecting pathways are neglected slightly, although I was reassured this would be changed. Despite the large facilities, distance-wise you’re not far away from wherever you need to access. You can view a map of the resort here.

    Families can be catered for with a comprehensive child/babysitting club and service.

    Tennis at Thanyapura  Swimming pool at Thanyapura

    Travel Specialist Adam about to start his private tennis tuition (left) and swimming tuition (right)

    The Sports Academies & Facilities

    There’s always a hub of activity with regular daily group activity classes (click to view example schedule) with usually between 5 to 15 classes to choose from a day ranging from spinning, bootcamp, mind training, Pilates, Zumba, Muay Thai and yoga. Facilities are open daily from 06:30 – 22:00. Additional facilities include a Muay Thai boxing ring offering classes and 1-to-1 training and there’s also a multi-purposed meditation room for optional mind performance training.

    Thanyapura makes a great destination for a tennis holiday. During my stay I particularly enjoyed the coaching standards of my tennis tuition run by the accredited PBI association on the plexi-cushion courts – the large cover meant playing tennis was enjoyable without the sun beating down on you.

    The main facilities include:

    • 3 x Swimming pools (Olympic sized, 25m & 20m)
    • Rugby/Football pitch
    • Volleyball Courts
    • 6 x Tennis courts (4 sheltered, 2 outdoor)
    • Fitness, Muay Thai & Spinning Studios
    • Fitness Centre (900sqm)
    • Futsal pitch
    • Athletics Track
    • Mind Training Centre

    Cardio room at Thanyapura

    The Cardio training room (one of the two fitness centre rooms)

    Thanyapura features modern and technical-based personal evaluation such as video analysis for tennis, swimming, biking and running; oxidative stress measurement; and hypoxi altitude training. More is available than meets the eye and all accessible outside your normal programme inclusions. Alongside the sports facilities lies the spa occupying a set of plain rooms for normal spa and specialist treatments ranging from heart and cancer prevention, hormone and stem cell therapy and a range of doctors available in fields.

    Hidden away is a 17-station bootcamp course – the most impressive of our entire collection of fitness holidays. You can use this in the mornings and request so as part of your personal training.

    Most of the sports facilities here cater for children with separate classes, so if you’re interested in any of our family holidays for health conscious, active and sports lovers, Thanyapura is one of the best in our whole collection.

    Triathlon at Thanyapura

    Phuket and neighbouring Phang-nga are routinely used for long-distance Triathlon bike rides

    The Food

    With primarily one restaurant, DiVine serves a variety of international cuisine with an emphasis on organic options with a selection of juices and smoothies. Two cafés serve up a host of normal café food and some surprisingly sweet offerings. Overall the food at Thanyapura is very good; a la carte is always available with a range of healthy to richly satisfying options or an optional small buffet. The main menu has a handy calorie count, protein, carbohydrate and fat percentages for each meal. Detox & Weight Loss guests receive a unique menu designed from your initial programme consultation.

     Organic food at Thanyapura  The main lobby at Thanyapura

    The healthy organic food (left) and the main lobby area (right).

    The Sports & Wellness Programmes

    Bespoke sports and wellness programmes are the focal of Thanyapura. The Base Programme is the most basic with access to just the daily group classes while the others offer tailored 1-to-1 programmes and treatments so you arrive with a pre-arranged schedule. Choose from the available packages and durations:

    Base Programme (2/5/7/10/14 nts)
    Tennis (2/4/7/11/14 nts)
    Triathlon (5/7/10/14 nts)

    Fusion Fitness (4/7/10 nts)
    Weight Loss (7/14 nts)
    Detox (7/14 nts)


    The Staff

    As expected from Southeast Asian culture the staff are very friendly and emanate warmth and good hospitality. English from the staff varies between adequate to below-average and so general service has room for improvement. A pleasant experience overall; staff are willing to cater for you wherever possible.

    The Scenery & Surroundings

    Free shuttle buses run you to the nearest beaches (only 20 minutes away). Phuket’s beaches are quite simply stunning. I highly recommend Layan and Suran beaches. Rental motorcycles or cars can be delivered to the hotel and getting around the 50km north-to-south island is relatively easy with only a few major roads.

    Thanyapura beach
    My Summary & Verdict

    Thanyapura is a new and modern sports hotel and part of the growing health and fitness trend. Year-round events take place at their truly world-class facilities; some weeks the resort can be busy with professional groups training in a particular sport on-site and so giving opportunities to meet the stars such as Maria Sharapova or current British triathletes, but some weeks can feel quiet – great if you want to focus on your personal goals.

    ►Book through Health and Fitness Travel and receive a complimentary round trip transfer to Naithorn beach per stay for all 5 night stays and up.

    How to Book

    To request a quote or for more information visit our Thanyapura page. Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect wellness holiday.

    Find out Why to Book with Us and further details on How to Book.

    We recommend booking a comprehensive sports or wellness programme to keep yourself busy and make the most of their facilities as it’s not the kind of place you go to hit the lounger by the beach.


    Fact Box

    Best time of the year to go: December to March
    Months to book in advance for: January-March
    No. of Rooms: 77 
    Check-in/check-out: 2pm / 12pm
    Wi-Fi: Available in all rooms and most buildings. Speed is sufficient.
    Children: Yes
    Reception/Room Service: 24hr
    Nearest Airport: Phuket International (HKG)
    Airport transfer time: 20 minutes
    Address: Thanyapura Health, 120/1 Moo 7, Thepkasattri, Rd, Thepkasattri, Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand.


  • Adam’s Review of Atmantan Wellness Resort, India

    Review of Atmantan Wellness Resort

    About Atmantan

    Having launched in 2016, Atmantan Wellness Resort is still in its infancy, yet what it lacks in age, it makes up for in just about everything else. A luxury haven just outside of the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and Pune, enjoy the tranquil ambience of an adult-only retreat surrounded by like-minded individuals in an environment that emits spirituality. Nikhil, the founder of the resort is a keen fitness enthusiast, having completed four Iron Mans, and this passion for all things wellness is reflected throughout the resort. A year after opening, the clientele is primarily Indian, but as time goes on I see this destination spa becoming a haven for international wellness enthusiasts to join in the meaning of Atmantan: the divine amalgamation of the mind (mana), body (tann), and soul (atma).

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    Obsidian Wellness Centre is an affordable detox holiday in Spain for those looking to lose weight and kick-start a healthy regime, also suitable for pre and post cancer patients, those with specific health issues through the benefits of juice fasting. It’s also a great retreat for relaxation and to take part in exercise classes and detox through juicing.

  • Adam’s Review of Phuket Cleanse in Thailand

    Phuket Cleanse and Who it’s for?

    After opening its doors in 2012, Phuket Cleanse has very quickly become the go-to place for an all-encompassing fitness and detox holiday. Unlike other detox retreats, Phuket Cleanse has a strong focus on complementing a raw food or juice detox with fitness and organic supplements. Designed to be structured, everything is laid out for you so you can do as many of the activities as possible. With a strong social dimension and health-oriented guests, it’s a fun and friendly atmosphere. Guests are aged between 25 to 55, and have either health issues to address or are looking to kick-start or enhance their well-being, whilst catering for everyone whether you are fit or unfit.

  • Adam’s Review of Sianji Well-Being Resort in Bodrum, Turkey

    What is Sianji Well-Being Resort and who’s it for?

    Built in 2009, Sianji Well-Being Resort is a modern and affordable luxury detox retreat in Turkey (Bodrum) based on one of three detox plans. The Alkaline 80/20 detox and Raw Food detox is designed for a beginner level introduction to detoxing, whist the Master Detox caters for a moderate to comprehensive detox comprising of a juice-only diet with daily colema. Complementary treatments to supplement your detox include lymphatic drainage massages, ozone therapy and FAR infrared sauna.

  • Ananda In the Himalayas Wins at Conde Nast Traveller Readers' Spa Awards

    Multi award-winning Ananda in the Himalayas is once again recognised as one of the world's BEST destination spas, this time being voted 'Number One Spa in the World' at the Conde Nast Traveller Readers' Spa Awards 2012, held in London's Corinthia Hotel last night.

  • Ananda; My soulful healthy hideaway

    Overlooking the majestic Himalayas and hidden away from city life, Ananda provided me with complete escape from the world. At first I was sceptical about trying to relax near the bustling capital city of Delhi, but upon arriving to this magical paradise, I knew that my doubts would easily be put to rest. At Dehradun Airport, I was greeted by an Ananda chauffeur whilst on our way to the resort, passionately described the quaint villages that we passed on the way to the palace so I could get an overall feel for the destination.

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