• Top 5 Football Sports Holidays

    With the FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil fast approaching what better way to get fit than with an active football sports holiday? Get into the World Cup spirit with one of our exclusive activity holidays all which feature top class coaching to help get you football fit. Any coach will be able to explain the merits of football training; from increased cardiovascular endurance to improved levels of balance and co-ordination, football offers a great workout.

  • Top 5 Healthy Christmas Getaways

    Top 5 Healthy Christmas Getaways

    Can't face another unhealthy Christmas at home with squabbling in-laws, mistletoe and an over-stuffed turkey? You won't have to as we have come up with our top five healthy Christmas holidays, so you can have a change of scenery and start the New Year feeling rejuvenated.

  • Top 5 Pre-Wedding Yoga Retreats

    Pre-Wedding Yoga Retreats

    Whether you are looking to tone up or de-stress before the big day, with our top 5 pre-wedding yoga retreats, yogi loving brides-to-be are invited to re-connect and improve well-being whilst exploring new corners of the world. With a yoga holiday offering the perfect pursuit for a pre-wedding health retreat, from sunrise salutations on idyllic Thai islands, to practicing your Pranayama in exotic Morocco, return home ready for your wedding day a happier and healthier you.

  • Top 5 Yoga Holidays; Namaste

    The benefits of yoga are endless; improve your flexibility, strength, balance, posture and breathing. Whether you are trying to relax, recuperate from an injury or tone up, yoga is very good for your mental health, overall fitness and also helps to control weight.

  • Top 8 European Health Retreats for Wellness

    With thousands of wellness escapes in Europe alone, you don’t have to travel far to get your healthy fix. Give yourself a well-deserved break and escape to wellness luxury with the best healthy breaks in Europe. Pamper your mind and body with Watsu, massages, acupuncture and cocoon wraps and improve your endurance with mountain biking, hiking, TRX suspension training and water sports. Transformative travel is a truly enriching experience which ensures that you return from your holiday feeling happier, healthier and more aware of how you treat your mind and your body. So, stay tuned as we reveal our top 8 European health retreats for wellness that are bound to change your life for the best.

  • Top Destinations for Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Bonanza

    Thanks to a late Easter, the early May bank holiday and now the Royal Wedding on 29 April, Brits can take three days leave and get an 11 day break between 22 April and 2 May.

    Watch the royal wedding by the pool on holiday on satellite TV for those who don't want to miss Will and Kate's big day. For those wishing to escape the wedding celebrations for a healthy few days away, a European rejuvenating break is the perfect choice.

  • Try a Detox Holiday in Asia

    detox holiday is a fantastic way to cleanse your body, clear your mind and improve your health. Asia is the spiritual home of healing and many people travel to this expansive continent to achieve emotional and physical wellness. The idea of a detox holiday may sound a daunting prospect but nothing could be further from the truth; choose from a variety of carefully chosen treatments and holistic activities to compliment a personalised fresh and healthy diet. Detox holidays can vary and are tailored around your needs; you may spend the time on a special diet supplemented with exclusive spa treatments at a specially designed type of spa, or if you'd prefer, you could spend your time exercising and working up a healthy sweat.

  • Ultimate Guide to Fitness Holidays

    Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life with a fitness holiday as the perfect way to get right on track for a stronger mind and body. Shape up with some boxing and water skiing in Zanzibar or take the plunge and have a go at aquafit, swimming and diving in Thailand. Whatever your fitness desires may be, these fantastic holidays offer a tailor-made fitness experience that is sure to leave you feel invigorated and yearning for more. Be sure to end each action-packed day with by relaxing with holistic activities like Pilates, yoga and meditation so you can work on your mind as well as your body for an all-rounded wellness holiday experience.

  • Wellness Holidays for Animal Lovers

    lemur peering through foliage


    What better way to combine a love for animals and looking after your own well-being than with one of our inspired wellness holidays for animal lovers. Designed to keep you healthy and active whilst exploring different corners of the world in search of your favourite species; each healthy holiday features unforgettable animal encounters.

  • What’s Hot for 2014 – New Luxury Healthy Holidays

    Wondering where you should go on your next healthy holiday? We introduce the hottest holiday destinations for 2014 to whet your travel appetite. From new Caribbean health and fitness holidays to Asian well-being retreats and everything in between, our list highlights the most exciting resorts to visit in the coming year.

  • Where to Go for Triathlon Training?

    Have you caught the triathlon bug? When Olympic fever hit our shores last summer, we watched mesmerised as the athletes of Great Britain surpassed all expectations and truly 'inspired a generation'. The 'Summer of Sport' helped contribute to a huge increase of adults taking up a weekly healthy activity in an attempt to get fit. Over 750,000 new people put on their running shoes, dusted off their cycling helmets and made early New Year's resolutions to get in shape. With Great Britain taking 2 of the podium positions in the men's Triathlon event, the Brownlee brothers proved that you don't need expensive equipment, a specialised track or a 4-minute mile to be fit and successful; you just need to give it everything you've got and have fun whilst you do it.

  • Where to Go in 2013: Your Healthy Holiday Guide

    Unsure of where to go on your active and wellness holiday this year? Don't panic, as we present you with our month-by-month guide to this year's top holiday experiences and destinations. From the Austrian Alps to the jungles of Bali, there's a holiday for every season.

  • Where to Go in 2015: Your Wellness Holiday Guide

    With travellers increasingly seeking health-enhancing wellness experiences around the world, our month-by-month guide of the best wellness holidays for 2015, offers a years’ worth of inspiration for the hottest trend in travel. From yoga in Morocco and losing weight in Spain, to scuba diving in the Maldives and Ayurvedic spa breaks in India, discover your dream healthy holiday with destinations and activities suitable for singles, couples, groups and families.

  • Where To Go on Your January Detox Holiday

    Although an exciting time for most, the Christmas period can often leave us feeling physically and emotionally drained and in need of re-energising ourselves. Fortunately, the beginning of a brand new year offers the perfect opportunity for a new healthy lifestyle change, and a detox holiday is an ideal way to get started. A January detox break on one of our luxury spa holidays is certain to make you feel profoundly better, inside and out.

  • Why Choose a Fitness Holiday?

    If you need a helping hand swapping the couch for a healthier lifestyle, a fitness holiday is a great way to kick-start positive lifestyle changes. Along with fantastic memories, return home from one of our fitness holidays with the knowledge and information you need to create long-term changes to your diet and workout routine. From working out in the great outdoors to keeping motivated with group fitness classes, we share why you should choose a fitness retreat.

  • Why is Yoga So Good for You?

    Why is Yoga So Good for You?


    Historically yoga was more than just a method of teaching; it was a way of life. You dedicated yourself to a lifestyle and culture that surpassed meditation techniques and included healthy eating habits, bathing habits, social interaction and work. Its philosophy is rooted in a physical culture of health and well-being that is still emphasised today at yoga retreats and explains why over 15 million people in the world now practise this ancient tradition.

    Every yoga asana (pose) has a different name and includes standing postures, seated twists, backbends, arm balances, inversions and core holds. The downward facing dog for example, is in itself said to calm the brain, energise the body, improve digestion, strengthen arms and legs and be therapeutic for high blood pressure. Whilst these benefits come as a given with most postures, the practise of yoga as a whole provides many more benefits than you might think…


    8 Reasons Why Yoga is So Good For You:

    1. Lowers stress and improves your mood

    Some yoga methods use specific meditation techniques, which focus the mind on your breathing to quieten the constant ‘mind chatter’, relieves stress and allow you to feel relaxed. Practising these breathing techniques on a yoga and meditation retreat can also boost oxygen levels to the brain, leaving you feeling happier and more content with everyday life.

    2. Boosts confidence

    Aside from the uplifting spiritual values, the act of meditation can actually boost your confidence. The process works by releasing tension from your mind, so that you can feel confident about your physical body. Without any forms of anxiety, you are able to establish an internal connection with yourself. This is consequently reflected in your perception of others and will help to better your relationships by improving compassion and awareness.

    3. Lowers the risk of injury

    Exercise such as running is usually a series of rapid, forceful movements, which means that effort is at a maximum and there is a higher risk of injury and increased muscle tension. Often, strenuous exercise also engages an imbalance of opposing muscle groups, whereas yoga concentrates on balancing this activity. Unite your body and mind on a yoga and fitness holiday which will allow to combine more intense workouts with low-impact yoga.

    Paradis Plage Yoga Class

    Practice yoga in the beach front yoga studio at Paradis Plage

    4. Helps you lose weight

    Being overweight is a sign that there are imbalances in your everyday life and one major contributor to weight gain is excess stress. Practising yoga enables you to bring a deep sense of relaxation to your body and your mind, helping you to de-stress and allowing you to lose weight naturally.

    5. Increases flexibility

    People often say that they are not flexible enough to do yoga. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how tight your muscles are as yoga asanas works by safely stretching your muscles and help you to practise it further. Moreover, yoga also stretches other soft tissue in the body such as ligaments and tendons, increasing the range of motion in the joints and allowing you to move around more freely.

    6. Improves muscle tone and strength

    Many yoga asanas have a profound effect on your upper body strength, such as the downward and upward dog, whilst the plank focuses on your core. Likewise, standing poses strengthen your upper leg muscles and lower back. Essentially any pose will strengthen an area of the body if it is practised in the right way, without putting too much stress on specific muscle groups.

    Absolute Sanctuary Pool Yoga

    Practise yoga at Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand

    7. Benefits breathing and lowers blood pressure

    If you practise yoga consistently, your lung capacity will increase as a result of the deep breathing process. This will then have a positive effect on more intense sports that you might be a part of, increasing your stamina and endurance. Furthermore, meditation and calming yoga asanas slow down your heart rate which in turn lowers blood pressure and have also been linked with improving the immune system and lowering cholesterol.

    8. Improves your posture

    By practising yoga you maintain a healthier weight, become more flexible and improve your muscle tone and strength. You will find that your posture will greatly improve because of this. Your abdominals and back muscles can now fully support your weight and you will be able to sit and stand tall, preventing niggling injuries, aches and pains.

    The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced pretty much anywhere, on your own or with other yoga enthusiasts. If you have been inspired to give yoga a go there is no better place to try it than on an amazing yoga holiday with destinations spanning from Thailand to St Lucia. Here we share our top 10 yoga retreats where you can enjoy a luxurious healthy holiday whilst profiting from the extraordinary health and fitness benefits yoga has to offer.

    Our 10 Most Popular Yoga Holidays:

    Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary Yoga

    Absolute Sanctuary Yoga

    Cleanse your body and feel revitalised at Absolute Sanctuary


    Escape on a yogi adventure to the beautiful Thai island of Koh Samui for an exotic yoga holiday at healthy retreat, Absolute Sanctuary. Enhance your practice as you discover various types of yoga through unlimited classes including, Ashtanga, Yin-Yang, Pranayama and Hot Flow. Complement your yoga practice with detoxifying nutrition on a yoga and detox holiday which will cleanse your system with detox drinks, nutritional supplements and delicious healthy meals, to leave you feeling energised and refreshed.

    More information: View Absolute Sanctuary Yoga


    India: Ananda Yoga

    Ananda yoga terrace

    Calm your mind, body and soul at Ananda


    Escape to Ananda in the Himalayas and rebalance with yoga amongst the calming landscape of this exotic yoga retreat. Enhance the well-being of your mind, body and soul on a yoga and culture holiday when you combine personalised yoga sessions and group classes, with discovering a taste of local culture through traditional Indian music classes and dance performances. For a true sense of wellness, make the most of complimentary Pranayama and meditation classes, before relaxing at the luxury spa with aromatherapy massages and reflexology.

    More information: View Ananda Yoga


    St Lucia: The BodyHoliday Yoga or Pilates

    The BodyHoliday pool yoga

    Improve your balance and shake things up at The BodyHoliday


    With one-to-one personal yoga lessons on this stunning Caribbean island your yoga will improve leaps and bounds on a beach yoga holiday tuned to your individual goals. With an award-winning wellness centre providing daily spa treatments, replenish and pamper yourself after each yoga session with a selection of holistic therapies. Shake things up with a host of additional land and water sports, including tennis, cycling and kayaking. With a hosted singles table each night and a variety of group fitness classes, get to know like-minded individuals on a singles yoga holiday that offers plenty of opportunities to meet fellow solo travellers.

    More information: View The BodyHoliday Yoga or Pilates


    Thailand: Kamalaya Yoga Synergy

    Kamalaya sunset yoga

    Find ultimate relaxation on a luxury yoga holiday at Kamalaya

    Built around an ancient cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, escape to luxury wellness retrat, Kamalaya, nestled on the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui. With one-to-one yoga sessions tailored to suit your goals and skills, this specialist yoga retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis alike. Including instruction in asana (physical posture), pranayama (breathing) and meditation, return home feeling renewed and inspired. Alongside your daily yoga practice, continue your holistic journey into relaxation on a yoga and Ayurveda holiday with a reviving choice of Ayurveda spa therapies at the award-winning spa.

    More information: View Kamalaya Yoga Synergy


    Turks & Caicos: Parrot Cay Yoga and Pilates Retreat

    Parrot Cay beach yoga

    Combine yoga and Pilates in paradise at Parrot Cay


    Discover paradise on the private island of Parrot Cay and feel the soft sand between your toes as you enjoy daily practice on a yoga and Pilates holiday that will de-stress your mind and tone your muscles. Further improve your knowledge as you open your mind and calm your senses through Vedic yogic philosophy group discussions, before raising the pace with mountain biking and windsurfing or unwinding in luxury at the world renowned spa.

    More information: View Parrot Cay Yoga and Pilates


    Costa Rica: Florblanca Yoga or Pilates

    Florblanca pilates lesson

    Enhance your yoga practice on this relaxing retreat at Florblanca


    Make a getaway for Costa Rica’s tropical waters and white sand for a beach yoga holiday in an exotic destination. Situated on the Nicoya Peninsula, enhance your practice with group classes and private lessons in both yoga and Pilates, including specialised classes in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. Unwind with a relaxing or hot stone massage at Spa Bamboo before swinging in your hammock at sunset. With two beautiful beaches renowned as great surfing spots, take the opportunity to learn to surf for an adventurous edge to your healthy holiday.

    More information: View Florblanca Yoga or Pilates


    Morocco: Paradis Plage Yoga

    Paradis Plage beach yoga

    Practice yoga on the beach at Paradis Plage


    Practice daily beach yoga, from sunrise to sunset on Morocco’s exotic coastline at Paradis Plage. Set on a private beach overlooking the ocean, the yoga pavilion is a breath-taking wooden construction with panoramic glass windows giving you an unparalleled view of miles of stunning coastline. Keep active on by the beach on a yoga and surf holiday as you combine Manipura and aerial yoga with discovering the island through a selection of water sports, mountain biking and treks. Enhance your well-being after an active day in the traditional Moroccan Hammam and relax with therapeutic spa treatments.

    More information: View Paradis Plage Yoga


    Thailand:The BARAI Spa



    Person doing yoga by the sea at sunset

    Reconnect your body and soul with The BARAI Spa's Bespoke Yoga Journey


    The Bespoke Yoga Journey at The BARAI Spa will provide you with the perfect yoga retreat. Reconnect your body and soul to improve physical fitness, increase flexibility, calm the mind and boost immunity, as you continuously discover how invaluable the benefits of practicing yoga can be to your every day life. With outstanding wellness experts guiding you through your journey, you will be certain to reach your wellness goals, in the most beautiful of environments. Develop your yoga skills with a combination of private yoga lessons and a variety of treatments, all to leave you feeling reconnected, restored, re-energised and renewed. The BARAI Spa is a true gem of the Wellness World, and you are certain of an unforgettable stay. 


    More information: View Bespoke Yoga Journey at The BARAI Spa


    Vietnam: Fusion Maia Yoga

    Fusion Maia beach yoga

    Enlighten your well-being in luxury at Fusion Maia


    Located on Vietnam’s East Coast, on one of the world’s best exotic beaches, is a luxury yoga retreat dedicated to enlightening your well-being. With their own individual yoga style, Fusion Maia will immerse you in a personalised introduction to yoga through a combination of private lessons and group classes. With a guaranteed minimum of two spa treatments a day; enjoy choosing from a range of body scrubs, facials and pressure therapies, for a heavenly beach yoga holiday.

    More information: View Fusion Maia Yoga


    Bali: Komune Resort Yoga & Spa

    Komune Bali board yoga

    Discover the ultimate beachside yoga escape at Komune Resort & Spa


    Escape to Bali for a beachside yoga retreat where you can target deep muscle tension with a roll and release yoga class, learn how to continue your practise at home with a private tuition session and head out onto the ocean with paddleboard yoga. Make the most of a choice of daily activities, from a surfing session or Mt Batur volcano hike, to a traditional cooking lesson in Ubud or power spin class. Refuel with organic meals and cold pressed juices, before treating your body to a daily spa treatment and a visit to a Balinese healer on a yoga and spa holiday that will heal and nourish your body to achieve optimal well-being.

    More information: View Komune Resort Yoga & Spa

    If you're still in search of the right destination for you, explore our collection of worldwide yoga retreats for adventurous yogis looking to enhance their practice on holiday. Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect yoga holiday

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