• Fitness Holidays with Your Partner

    Fitness Holidays with Your Partner

    Fitness holidays with partners or friends encourage team-work and constant support between one another, a key component of a healthy relationship. Having a partner around is also a great idea for motivation; if you're feeling a little tired one day then the other will motivate you to reach your optimum performance, much like being their personal cheerleader. Release endorphins and de-stress together, and learn to lead a healthier lifestyle when you return home.

  • Get Fit, Olympic Style!

    The past several days have brought no shortage of perfect physiques to our screens. The fine form and outstanding achievements of the Olympic athletes are enough to make anyone feel guilty. But don't despair- many of the sports we've seen are easily accessible to everyone and it's never too late to start working on your physique, so why not try getting fit Olympic style?

  • Get into Shape on a Weight Loss and Fitness Holiday

    How did summer creep up so fast? It won't be long until the bikinis and swim shorts will be making an appearance, yet there is still time to slim down and shape up. You might be staring at last year's bathing suit and thinking it must have shrunk! Don't worry, there is still time to tone up and drop a few pounds before its beach bikini time! We recommend our popular weight-loss and fitness retreats to help you look and feel your best in time for summer.

  • Healthy Holiday Hack: How to Double your Annual Leave in 2019

    Grab life by the horns and satiate your inner nomad as we help you to secure more time off work next year, so you can double your leave in 2019. Inspiring worker bees and wellness travellers around the world, these wellness holiday ideas are perfect for an extended healthy holiday. From fitness in the dramatic Swiss Alps and weight-loss amid the volcanic mountains and iconic rice paddies of Bali to active mindfulness in Spain, these destinations emanate the best of what wellness travel has to offer. With a little strategic planning around the 2019 bank holidays (and maybe an understanding boss), ditch the desk for longer and let your fit flag fly at one or more of these exciting destinations.

  • Healthy Holidays for November

    It's the time of year that can often fill us with dread - days become shorter, the colder weather begins creeping in and we start feeling the need to hibernate. We have the answer to your woes - escape the dreary climate and jet off to paradise on a healthy holiday for rejuvenation and restoration.

  • Hobby Holidays for Incompatibility Syndrome

    Choosing to go away as a couple can highlight more than ever a clash of interests between partners. Whilst women generally enjoy relaxing on the beach, yoga and Pilates, followed by pampering in the spa, men prefer to embrace and enjoy the sport and fitness facilities available, be it the 18 hole golf course, the PADI scuba centre or the chance to learn a new fitness skill in Kickboxing. A hobby holiday could be the perfect solution to this dilemma, offering a dose of something to keep everybody happy. With the real promise of saving your relationship, partners can both enjoy time away doing what they want as opposed to sacrificing their own preferences.

  • Holidays to Strengthen Your Emotional Fitness

    Jetting off on a wellness holiday can be the perfect way to kick-start a new healthy approach to life. Being able to relax and unwind on a tropical beach spa holiday can help you focus your energy on healing, and ridding yourself of harmful and toxic emotions. A combination of fresh air, vitamin D, exercise, nutritious meals and indulgent spa therapies is a great way to improve on all areas of your health and fitness, especially mentally and spiritually. A recent study tested the happiness of a small group of subjects over 7 weeks of active workouts and healthy, non-processed food. After the test, the participants' happiness had improved dramatically across the board*.

  • How to Boost Your Energy

    Everyone's familiar with low energy levels which can cause us to feel fatigued, mentally foggy or irritable. It's no surprise that we all tend to go through that lull in the middle of the day where regaining even a smidgen of energy seems impossible. Getting a quick energy fix can be really simple by making a few changes to your daily routine. We share five ways to increase your energy and recommend five of our best energy boosting holidays.

  • How to Prepare for a Detox Holiday

    How to Prepare for a Detox Holiday


    Poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can leave you feeling run-down and lethargic, leading to stress and inactivity, which cause a build-up of toxins in the mind and body. Offering benefits from weight-loss to increased mental vitality, a great way to re-energise your system is to embark on a spring cleanse and enhance your well-being on a healthy detox holiday. Helping to support your body's natural elimination processes, detoxification offers numerous health benefits through a tailor-made approach of healthy nutrition and carefully chosen treatments.

  • Insight into Wellness Travel Trends

    Paul Joseph co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialistsPaul Joseph

    Paul Joseph is co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, experts in tailor-made healthy holidays worldwide. He searches for the rare and hidden gems around the world and puts together exclusive and trend-setting holidays for those who would like to improve or maintain their health and fitness whilst on holiday. As well as a love of all things travel, Paul's other love is exercise, cycling and yoga. Paul also contributes to the travel pages of various high-profile newspapers and magazines where he offers his expert advice on wellness holidays.





  • Long Stay Wellness Holidays

    Long Stay Wellness Holidays


    Long stay wellness holidays are specifically designed for clients who have health issues they want to address, be that excess weight, depression or nicotine dependency. We can tailor-make specialised wellness programmes of up to 3 months long for a variety of health goals and time spans, giving you the time you need to recover and heal. Our luxury wellness holidays offer everything from full medical check-ups and consultations, to spa therapies and diet plans, all designed to help you achieve your health objectives as easily and successfully as possible.

  • Making the Most of Your Annual Holiday Leave

    Holidays, a time to re-charge and escape the stresses of everyday life. For most of us, dreaming of our next holiday destination is what keeps us going most of the year! Helping you to maximise your free-time, here, we get the inside scoop from Paul Joseph, Co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, about how to make the most of your annual holiday leave, from deciding on the length of stay to when to book.

  • National Stress Awareness Month: Our Stress Management Holidays

    With National Stress Awareness Month held every April since 1992, during this annual thirty day period, health care professionals and experts join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures of the modern day stress epidemic. Encouraging people to embrace a healthier lifestyle through stress management wellness holidays, our specialist retreats offer a focused solution and an escape from the daily grind. With an all-encompassing approach covering diet, exercise and lifestyle management, our stress management wellness retreats are designed to manage stress long-term through specific lifestyle changes.

  • New Year Detox and Fitness Holidays

    Are you looking for the perfect place to recharge your batteries this New Year?  Or perhaps you would like to fulfil a New Year's resolution to get fit or lose weight? We recommend our top 5 healthy holidays to detox, get fit, lose weight, de-stress and re-energise.

  • Our Health Holidays in Aid of Men’s Health Week

    In the run up to Father’s Day, Men’s Health Week (9th-15th June) is dedicated to raising awareness of the physical and mental health problems impacting the men in our lives. Health and Fitness Travel help men embrace a healthier lifestyle through a broad range of health and wellness holidays specifically designed to improve general well-being. Whether through sport, nutrition, or lifestyle management, this kick-start provides the opportunity to prevent and alleviate a variety of the health issues affecting men today.

  • Romantic Healthy Holidays for Valentines Day

    With Valentine's Day approaching, it's not too late to book a break away for a truly romantic and healthy getaway. We recommend our top five romantic and healthy holidays for couples this year.

  • Romantic Wellness Retreats for Valentine’s Day

    With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it’s not too late to book a couples healthy holiday for a romantic wellness getaway. From Lake Garda and New Zealand, to Thailand and the Maldives, we recommend our top five romantic wellness retreats for Valentine’s Day.

  • Run for the Sun with 5 Healthy Holiday Ideas

    By Suzi Dixon, freelance travel writer

    Are you craving sunshine? Dark evenings and cold temperatures in the UK can have an affect on your health and well-being. Lack of sunlight even alters some of the brain’s chemical and hormonal responses and in the most severe cases, can cause SAD, also known as ‘winter depression’.

  • Single Holidays for Single Travellers

    Our Top 5 Solo Friendly Healthy Holidays

    There is often a stigma attached to travelling solo. People are afraid of appearing lonely and feeling unsafe and the issue of the single supplement can be off putting. But an estimated 15 million singles now live in Britain and many more people are choosing to bite the bullet and travel by themselves. Solo holidays are fast becoming a popular option because they allow for the exact type of experience desired. In 2009, as many as 5 million Brits took to the skies alone so they could enjoy holidays catering to their personal tastes and needs.

  • The 10 Best Health and Fitness Retreats

    The 10 Best Health and Fitness Retreats


    From yoga retreats in Thailand to adventure fitness holidays in Oman, we present our 10 best health and fitness retreats around the world to help rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Enhance your well-being in just 7 days on one of our worldwide healthy holidays and return home with benefits that will long outlast your tan.

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