• 5 Places to Escape Christmas

    Looking for a different way to celebrate Christmas this year? Escape the holiday madness and leave behind a cooler climate by packing your bags for a healthy and warm getaway. We recommend our top 5 healthy Christmas holidays this year, so you can have a complete change of scenery and begin the New Year feeling revitalised.

  • 5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer on Holiday

    Benefiting from the expertise of a personal trainer on a healthy holiday isn't just for fitness enthusiasts, but can also provide a nudge in the right direction for anyone looking to get into shape. From shaking up your tired workout regime to showing you the sites of your surrounding destination through a variety of activities, we round up the top 5 benefits of hiring a personal trainer on your fitness holiday.

  • 7 Steps to Holiday Heaven

    by: Qantas Assure

    Having a great holiday invariably depends on how well you’ve planned your trip, packed your bags – and attended to all the little things that can make a big difference later. Here we share 7 of the top things to consider before you go on holiday to help avoid potential disasters.

  • 8 Most Extravagant Dining Experiences Around the World

    If the average candlelit dinner just won’t cut it, these eight extravagant dining experiences are sure to satisfy. From Bedouin style brunches to tree-top gourmet dining, you are bound for a unique gourmand adventure that will tickle your fancy. Backed by a nutrition-centric retreat, these experiences will not only give you a taste of luxury, but also the benefits of healthy living. After satisfying your belly, wind down and satiate your need for pampering at the spa with a wide menu of indulgent treatments.

    Read on for some inspiration on your next foodie holiday. We won’t blame you if these extravagant dining experiences leave you drooling.

  • 8 Reasons Why Meditation is Good for Your Health

    Reasons Why Meditation is Good for Your Health

    In a world of daily stress, anxieties and expectation, the human mind can often come under a lot of pressure which directly affects our mood, making us less positive and self assured. Meditation has a profound, rich and calming effect on the human body and is said to clear our minds and advocate feelings of peace and a sense of awareness. It is a chance to tap into an abundance of creative energy that is said to give a more meaningful experience of life that will enrich us permanently.

  • 9 Destinations for Your Yoga Travel Bucket List

    Destinations for Your Yoga Travel Bucket List


    Whether you like Vinyasa flows or breaking a sweat with hot Bikram, take your practice to a whole new level on a yoga holiday. Satisfy your yogi wanderlust as you travel to exotic destinations that replace the four walls of your neighbourhood yoga studio with awe-inspiring panoramas of lush forests and pristine beaches.

    So roll up your mat and embark on a journey to check off your yoga travel bucket list. From the shores of Costa Rica to the lush greens of Bali, combine your yoga retreat with whatever your yogi-heart desires for a life-changing trip that will transform your mind and body.

  • A Different Kind of All-inclusive Holiday

    Gone are the days when an all-inclusive holiday meant a sub-standard resort and rubbery buffet food. Up market all-inclusive holidays are the new trend in travel with lavish comforts, delicious cuisine and stunning locations. However, you may be wondering how different they can be to the old ones. Well, as you will see, very…

  • Affordable Spa Holidays: 8 Top-value Breaks

    It is very easy to daydream about going away to a sunny destination or escaping to an extravagant spa where you are primped and pampered. These dreams soon get shattered when you suddenly realise about next month’s gas bill or having to replenish the food in the fridge. However your imagination can become a reality with one of our affordable healthy holidays which are also ideal for singles holidays without having to pay a hefty single supplement.

  • Asia's Best Adventure & Active Holidays

    Asia's Best Adventure & Active Holidays


    Embrace your adventurous side whilst exploring the untamed beauty of Asia through our exclusive range of Discover Recover holidays, designed for travellers looking to combine their perfect active and adventure holiday with the very best ventures in local culture.

  • Best Swimming Pools in the World for Sports Training


    If you’re wondering where to go on your next fitness holiday, look no further because we’ve got the run-down on the best swimming pools in the world for sports training. When it comes to keeping fit and healthy, swimming is undoubtedly one the best, most accessible and easy exercises out there. Not only does it tone muscles and build strength, but it also keeps your heart rate up without having a heavy impact on your body making it perfect for all ages, young and old! This full-body workout also offers a great way to de-stress and relax whilst still burning those calories. In fact, a gentle swim alone can burn over 200 calories in just half an hour and a speedier swimmer going for an hour can expect to burn nearly 600 calories. So, keep on reading to discover the best swimming pools in the world that are sure to challenge your fitness and get you in tip-top shape.

  • Best Valentines Getaways for Fitness Lovers

    ‘Couples who sweat together, stay together’

    Lusting for more from your romantic getaway this Valentine’s? We share the best fitness retreats for health-conscious lovebirds. Exercise is a feel-good way to spend time together so give your relationship a healthy boost this Valentine’s Day. Studies have shown that exercising together with your partner increases feelings of love and overall satisfaction with your relationship.

    So, whether you and your better half want to break a sweat on a boot camp holiday in Marbella or venture the great outdoors hiking in Morocco, there’s something for every duo to enjoy on a couple’s healthy holiday . Beat stress and unwind, whist meeting your fitness goals on one of these couple’s fitness retreats this Valentine’s.

  • Bounce Back Faster From Long Haul Flights

    Danielle Ashley BHSc (TCM &Acu) Dip Nat, a Dr of Chinese Medicine and natural therapist practicing in Melbourne, Australia. Danielle is an avid traveller and she created Flightamins to unite her love for health with her love for travel. Flightamins offers travellers the opportunity to maximise their precious time away by maintaining optimal health with the wholefood formulation, today Danielle shares her top tips to bounce back from your next long haul flight faster, so that you can really enjoy yourself and your destination:

  • Celebrate Wimbledon with a Tennis Coaching Holiday

    Tennis Coaching Holiday

    Whether you're a keen tennis player or just taking up the sport, our tennis holidays are a great match for you. Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, takes place between 24th June and 7th July and sees the best tennis players competing to win the Championships. Wimbledon hosts an incredible tournament for all fans to get involved, whether you want to watch the action from 'Henman Hill', indulge with afternoon tea as you enjoy the atmosphere or even work on your own tennis skills at the local tennis courts.

  • Cultural Well-being Honeymoon Escapes to Discover & Recover

    Cultural Well-being Honeymoon Escapes

    Begin newlywed life exploring new corners of the world and discovering new experiences on a healthy honeymoon to remember with our exclusive Discover Recover Holidays, perfect for a cultural wellness honeymoon escape. Create everlasting memories as you combine cultural tour discovery with wellness retreat recovery at a range of worldwide destinations from Costa Rica and St Lucia to Bali and the Philippines.

  • Discover Canyon Ranch; the wellness resort to transform you

    Health and fitness, the newest growing trend still yet evolving in travel with more people ditching the traditional fly and flop for the more active and healthy holiday, didn't just start a few years ago.  Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona kick started the wellness revolution in 1979.

  • Easter Family Active Holidays: The Best Offers

    Easter Family Active Holidays: The Best Offers

    Forget chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, what most parents want this Easter is an enjoyable family activity holiday. The 2013 Easter break is a good time to venture abroad as you can enjoy any type of fun-filled getaway from activity holidays in Mexico, sports holidays in the Caribbean to traditional beach breaks in Portugal or healthy holidays in Mauritius.

  • Easter Healthy Activity Holidays: Singles, Couples & Families

    Are you looking to do something different this Easter? Maybe another Easter egg hunt just doesn’t cut it. We share 6 of our favourite healthy activity holidays for singles, couples and families. Put yourself first and enjoy the perfect singles holiday with a wellness break in Spain or a detox retreat in Thailand. From fitness holidays and luxury spa breaks ideal for couples to activity holidays suitable for the whole family there is something for everyone to enjoy this Easter. Whether you are after a quick healthy getaway or willing to travel further afield, be inspired by our diverse selection of healthy activity holidays.

  • Embrace the Tennis Season on Holiday

    Looking to stay fit, boost your self-esteem and get moving in the outdoors? Look no further than one of our tennis holidays that allow you to make the most of this low-impact sport that can be enjoyed at any age. Whether you want to play competitively, for your health or just for fun, tennis has great benefits for the mind and body. Along with all the common benefits associated with being active, playing regular tennis helps to enhance your flexibility, co-ordination and balance and improves the body's ability to synchronise controlled movements.

  • Fathers Day Health and Fitness Revival

    Father's Day is just around the corner and you know what that means? It's time to show your dads how much you appreciate them and how you are genuinely concerned about their well-being. With life becoming increasingly complex with work, social and family demands, fathers are finding less time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They are stressed from trying to juggle work deadlines, raising children and finding time to connect with their wives. Stress is likely to be a major role in our dads' lives, not to mention the concerns of potential health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, which are ranked as the top three health issues plaguing men. It's important to take interest in these concerns and to help fathers in preventing them, which can be done through the right diet and exercise. What better than to book an active and healthy holiday for your dad!

  • Fit not Thin; Fusion Fitness Holidays for Body Confidence

    Fit not Thin; Fusion Fitness Holidays for Body Confidence

    Forget quick-fix diets as healthy living starts with an active routine. The 'Fit not Thin' campaign from The Sunday Times is all about being fit and healthy instead of just thin. This is something that Health and Fitness Travel firmly believes in and is present throughout all our healthy holidays, as we focus on a holistic wellness approach that comes from both inside and out. Being fitter and healthier will benefit all aspects of your life; you'll feel more energetic, stronger, healthier and less stressed.

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