• 6 Days of Yoga and Pilates Bliss

    Overlooking the beautiful Monchique hills and coastline, I knew Longevity Wellness Resort in Portugal would be the perfect setting for us to hold our own yoga & Pilates retreat with renowned health expert and Fitness TV Presenter Angie Newson. The exclusive five night retreat started on 5th September at this luxurious health and wellness retreat with a full itinerary of daily yoga and Pilates classes and other added activities which included; Cardio box, Aqua fit, power hiking, sunset walks, cookery lessons, wellness workshops and more.

  • 6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Body in Good Shape

    6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Body in Good Shape


    Keeping fit is a lifestyle choice you have to commit to every day in order to maintain your results. With regular exercise, a consistent diet regime and a good attitude you can keep in healthy shape. We’ve outlined below our top simple ways to keep your body in shape. They’re not get ripped quick schemes but they’re useful to bear in mind for sustainable and easy ways to keep your health on track:


    Walk, Walk and Walk Some More


    Hiking to keep your body in good shape in Slovakia


    Walking is the most natural form of aerobic exercise for us. Our ancient ancestors were all nomadic hunter gatherers, getting most of their aerobic exercise from walking day after day. Human beings evolved over millennia to walk, continuing to do so is therefore vital for your physical health. It burns calories, limbers up your joints and pumps oxygenated blood throughout your body. It may not be the most strenuous form of exercise but it is a calming and productive, low-impact form of aerobic exercise that is vital for maintaining your shape. Walking has a variety of mental benefits, such as alleviating anxiety and helping to combat depression, making it a double-edged sword in maintaining both mental and physical health!



    Learn to Love your Regime


    men running together to keep in good shape


    Having a strict regime is one of the most vital ingredients for most forms of productivity. All experts from leading academics to Olympic athletes will attest to the necessity of a regular work schedule for success. A targeted regime eliminates distractions and keeps you on track to make consistent progress.

    If you need to keep your body in shape, create a plan, complete with achievable goals, for a month’s worth of exercise and meal plans. This proactive approach will give you a blueprint to work from. Stick to your regime as best you can and you’ll eliminate the temptation to break your healthy eating or stop exercising. You can still have fun while you stay in shape, just make sure you prioritise what your body needs both exercise and diet wise in order to achieve your goals!



    Try New Ways to Exercise


    women exercising on the beach


    Regularly changing your workouts or the types of exercise you do will keep you engaged with your targets. Boredom through repetition can derail your health goals. For almost all people, running 5 miles a day, on the same route for 6 months is a challenge for one’s focus. New ways of exercising will work different muscle groups and fight off fitness fatigue with an improved focus.

    Whatever your usual style of exercise, try to do something completely different: an exercise which works an entirely different muscle group or part of the body. Say you’re a rower, try swapping a rowing session for a few lengths at the local pool. Say you’re a cyclist, do something with your upper body like rock climbing or calisthenics. Keep it fresh and you’ll keep your interest – perhaps even discovering new-found loves for different activities in the process!



    Avoid the Fad


    Eating healthy food helps you to stay in good shape


    Nutrition is the biggest factor in managing your weight. Regardless of whether you’re looking to gain weight or lose fat, nutrition is where it all starts. A balanced diet of around 2000 calories will maintain the weight of an average woman, 2500 for the average man.

    A common issue with staying in good shape are the results of yo-yo or fad dieting. This is where diets are adopted for brief periods, during which time the person’s weight drops dramatically, only for it to be regained once the diet is over. Avoid choosing a temporary diet to lose weight quickly if you want to maintain a healthy body shape. Pick a well-balanced, varied diet that meets your calorie requirements, perhaps with the advice of a GP or nutritionist. Avoid fad diets that only offer short-term results and could form unhealthy long-term habits.



    Pilates and Yoga for Longevity


    Reformer pilates at COMO Shambhala Estate


    Flexibility, pain-free joints and relieved muscles are invaluable supplements to a strict regime of exercise and controlled nutrition. Yoga and Pilates are fantastic for preventing injury and keeping up the physical maintenance of your body. The motions of yoga ease post-workout muscular tension and practicing Pilates recorrects damaged parts of the skeletal system. They are full body workouts which aid the fabric of our anatomy.

    Practicing some self-love in this way will aid your recovery time and help with your performance. Yoga and Pilates work on the muscle fibres, the tendons, the joints, the sockets all the connective parts of your body that we often forget as integral to maintaining a good figure. These gentler forms of exercise will add longevity to your fitness, allowing you to keep in shape for longer.



    Stay Strong!


    woman on the beach at sunset


    Staying in shape is a challenge but with a positive attitude and the right support, it’s a lot easier! Maintain a can-do attitude and look for solutions rather than problems. If you do find yourself struggling, talk it out with others. You can find support from friends and family or from professionals: personal trainers, nutritionists, and general practitioners.

    Wherever you are in your fitness journey, whether you’re just starting to get in shape or just want to maintain your hard-earned physique, a fitness-focused holiday could help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


    Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect fitness holiday.


  • 6 Ways to Stay Healthy When You’re on the Road

    by Brittnay Sharman

    When you’re on the road, it can be hard to make healthy choices since you’re not in your normal environment and don’t have your normal routine. However, nothing ruins a vacation faster than getting sick or feeling run down, so be sure that you’re taking care of yourself while traveling. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think.

    Here are 6 ways to stay healthy when you’re on the road:

  • 6 Wellness Work Retreats for Business and Leisure

    6 Wellness Work Retreats for Business and Leisure
    With stresses and strains often being caused by high flying and intense business environments, it’s important to take some time out so you can recuperate back to full capacity. More recently, bleisure travel, or mixing business trips and leisure, is becoming extremely popular. Gain the benefits from a corporate wellness retreat, from boosting positive work ethics to obtaining greater staff loyalty.
  • 7 Amazing Yoga Retreats For Singles


    As well as being an established practice to improve strength, mobility and overall physical health, yoga aids mental well-being and mindfulness. Far too often we cruise through life without paying attention to the present—yoga cultivates a kind of spiritual awareness that opens the mind to a higher level of consciousness. The same could be said for travel. Taking time out of your busy day-to-day lives to travel and experience the world opens your eyes to the little beautiful things in life. Journey to the most amazing yoga retreats for singles, from Europe to Asia, and combine your love for travel with your passion for yoga.

  • 7 Everyday Habits to Be More Productive, Not Busy

    There is one huge difference between being busy and being productive, and that is the achievement of an end goal i.e. getting stuff done. However, despite our best efforts, being productive can be harder that in sounds. The overwhelming feeling of having lots to do, but not actually getting anything done, is a relatable one, and we often find ourselves with a seemingly endless stack of tasks that we just can’t seem to put a dent in. To help, let us share some top tips on how to reduce that busy feeling and yield productive results.

  • 7 Exotic Detox Retreats Worth the Air-Miles

    Cleanse your body inside-out and release some built up toxins with our top exotic detox retreats that are most definitely worth the air-miles. Purify your body with ayurvedic herbal detox formulas in Koh Samui and cleanse your skin with Lucian lime and ginger scrubs in St Lucia to leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Give yourself a mental break with some yoga and meditation sessions before a treatment or three in the luxurious spas. Whatever your desires may be, these seven exotic retreats are bound to have something for every wellness lover’s desires.

  • 7 Life-changing Singles Holidays

    Embarking on a singles holiday offers the perfect chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life whilst meeting like-minded individuals. From Thailand and India to Croatia and Cyprus, there are a host of idyllic locations for you to spend your solo travels. Meet fellow travellers as you take part in a range fun-filled activities including hiking, water-sports and climbing to get those fitness levels soaring. Unwind at the end of the day with one of many luxurious spa treatments, from Ayurvedic therapy in Thailand to salt scrubs in Croatia. So, get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget as we share our top seven life-changing singles holidays.

  • 7 Must-Haves to Stay Fit on the Road

    Although you might think that a few days of rest while you’re on the road won’t hurt, it’s crucial that you stay active even then because you can easily fall out from your workout routine. If you want to get in shape and achieve your fitness goals, every day counts, so you shouldn’t let yourself skip your exercise no matter how tempted you are. In addition, you might even feel inspired to work out on a beautiful sandy beach or climb a mountain nearby. Either way, you should have everything you need to stay fit, especially if you won’t have access to the gym while you’re away.

  • 7 Simple Food Swaps To Reduce Your Sugar Intake

    Words: Steph Taylor

    In case you missed it, sugar has been getting a lot of bad press in the last couple of years thanks to its addictive nature and the host of health issues it has been shown to cause - including weight gain, high blood pressure and fatty liver disease. The scary thing about sugar is its ability to hide in even the most innocent-looking foods. A diet that seems healthy at first glance can easily exceed the World Health Organization recommended daily intake of 25 grams (or 6 teaspoons) of sugar per day. If you’ve become accustomed to eating a high-sugar diet, cutting down on sugar can seem like a daunting prospect. Thankfully, these days there are plenty of low-sugar products on the shelf – and recipes on the web - that taste just as good as the sugar-laden alternatives. Here are 7 simple food swaps you can make to start reducing your sugar intake:

  • 7 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Overcome Everyday Stress

    7 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Overcome Everyday Stress


    Stress is inevitable. It is an essential part of our lives, but this doesn’t mean that we have to tolerate the stress of our daily lives. It is true that negative emotions can affect our health so keep in mind that we are in control of our own thoughts, and if we are able to let it enter our minds, then we are capable to let it back out. By practicing these very simple yet effective methods can help reduce our everyday stress:

  • 7 Steps to Holiday Heaven

    by: Qantas Assure

    Having a great holiday invariably depends on how well you’ve planned your trip, packed your bags – and attended to all the little things that can make a big difference later. Here we share 7 of the top things to consider before you go on holiday to help avoid potential disasters.

  • 7 Tips for Effective Belly Fat Loss

    Do you want to look ripped? Do you want to look like you’ve packed at least 15 pounds of muscle? Of course, you do. The quickest way to that body of a Greek god is by starting slowly. In short – you need to lose your belly fat, and you need to do it now.

    The goal of trimming your belly fat can be frustratingly and incredibly elusive if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are effective (not easy) ways to tone your stomach and your whole body, and you’ll read all about them here.

  • 7 Ways Travelling Can Help You De-Stress

    by: Angus Munro

    All the fun and excitement of travel makes it a natural antidote to stress. Whatever style of travel you prefer, getting away from the routine of normal life and totally immersing yourself in new places, cultures and experiences is a fantastic way to refresh your body and mind. Here are 7 of the most important ways a holiday can help you de-stress:

  • 8 Best Detox Retreats for 2014

    The Christmas period is full of fun and festivities, but it's also a time of over-indulgence, with a diet based mainly on sugary and fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol, leaving us in need of re-energisation. The New Year provides a perfect time to bring in a new you and a healthier lifestyle, which can be kick-started by a luxury detox holiday. After the festive period, our body's natural detox system can struggle to deal with the harmful substances in your body, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish.

  • 8 Best Spring Fitness Retreats for Self-Improvement

    Best Spring Fitness Retreats for Self-Improvement


    The Easter break is the best time to emerge from winter hibernation and venture abroad on a fitness holiday. Reconnect to your passion and purpose by embarking on a R&R getaway to make sustainable changes along with like-minded people. Discover our best Spring fitness retreats for self-improvement. From local too long haul, and from the affordable to the luxurious, ditch the Easter eggs in favour of one of our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ Holidays. It’s never too late to set your wellness goals.

  • 8 Destinations for Grown-up Kids to Take their Parents

    Taking your parents to a magnificent retreat to the most beautiful places our world has to offer, will strengthen the family-bond and can be a great way to thank them for all they may have done for you. Not all parents are the same, however there are ones who love nature and animals, there are sporty ones and there are ones who just want to have a relaxing time, not worrying about anything at all. So here are some suggestions for family retreats for every type of parents, from active and adventurous moms and dads to culture and luxury loving parents, we’ve got you covered:

  • 8 Dream Winter Wellness Destinations for Healthy Couples

    Dream Winter Wellness Destinations for Healthy Couples


    Taking your significant other on a magnificent winter wellness escape can be a good way to rekindle your love, escape the stressful everyday-life, and simply have some well-deserved time for two. Here at Health and Fitness Travel, we take into consideration the many interests, different types of couples have. There are couples who are into fitness, couples who long for adventure, or who simply want to have a quiet and peaceful time with each other. So here are some suggestions for winter wellness destinations for healthy couples of all kinds, from the sporty and adventurous couple to the luxury-loving couple, we’ve got you covered:

  • 8 Fantastic Fusion Fitness Retreats in Europe


    Awaken your senses and strengthen those muscles on our Fusion Fitness™ retreats in Europe. With a wide range of action-packed activities to choose from and renowned fitness and wellness facilities, these superb retreats have something for everyone. Give yourself a physical challenge with these tailor-made activities and enjoy personalised one to one activities and treatments for the ultimate fitness escape. From strength training in Croatia to golfing in Italy, you don’t have to travel far to find your ideal fitness getaway and create lasting memories whilst you’re at it.

  • 8 Health Benefits of Daily Yoga Practice

    Yoga is still very new in our society. However, India has been reaping the benefits of this practice for over 5000 years. Drawing inspiration from nature and animals, yoga has been adapted to maximise our bodies’ potential for overall emotional, physical and spiritual balance. Whether you’re a veteran or beginner, we are sharing some of the health benefits behind this practice you have grown to love.

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