• 8 Influential Celebrities Steering the Wellness Revolution

    Celebrities Steering the Wellness Revolution

    With new wellness products, yoga studios and health retreats launching on the daily, the wellness world is booming like never before. A simple scroll on Instagram will have you bombarded with turmeric lattes, fitness junkies and intricate yoga poses fuelling the wellness revolution and encouraging you to jump on the bandwagon. The notion of wellness includes a wide array of different aspects with everything from eating healthily and practicing yoga to meditation and exercising.

    At Health and Fitness Travel, we embrace the wonderful world of wellness and strongly believe that our healthy holidays reflect this ethos. We advocate that the holistic approach to life is not a diet, but rather, a lifestyle and are so pleased to see that it has caught the attention of so many celebrities. From actresses such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, to rappers like Drake and Iggy Azalea, the wellness trend is flourishing and here to stay. So, keep on scrolling to discover the 8 most influential celebrities who are steering the wellness revolution.



    Not only is Drake committed to the gym and big on mental health but the ‘Hotline Bling’ singer has also just invested in MatchaBar. Matcha is green tea that has been finely grounded and powdered. This magical powder gives a natural energy boost which is comparable to that of caffeine. Drake’s MatchaBar takes this nutritional powder and turns it into an energy drink to give you an all-natural energy boost that might just convince you swap to out the morning coffee. Further to his superfood endeavours, Drake also revealed back in March that he’s ditched meat and even suggested he’s vegan, captioning an Instagram post with; ‘if two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?’. We’re proud of Drake for joining in the wellness revolution and using his platform to truly “Take Care” of himself and others.

    Jennifer Aniston

    People often view celebrity diets as overly restrictive and far too extreme for anyone in the real world to even consider taking on board. But this is not the case with Jennifer Aniston who ever since her role as Rachel Green on Friends has been hailed for her amazing figure. So, what’s her secret? Well, Aniston’s diet is surprising accessible and involves the kind of habits that anyone could adopt. Following a wholesome diet, she keeps her sugar low and cuts out processed food to keep her insides sparkling. More importantly, she is a long-term yogi devotee and claims her yoga sessions with celebrity trainer and friend Mandy Ingber are the reason for her healthy mind, body and soul!

    Zayn Malik

    The ex-one direction singer has openly expressed the importance of men to open up about their mental health. He is a long-term sufferer of anxiety which got the better of him in 2016 when he had to pull out of Capital’s Summertime Ball due to nerves. His brave move has provided a beacon of light for many anxiety sufferers who can identify with Zayn and his struggles. The recent #ITSOKAYTOTALK campaign has prompted awareness of the sad reality that we have a male mental health crisis on our hands with the single biggest killer of men under 45 being suicide. Many celebrities including Ricky Gervais, Matthew Lewis and Harley Bonner are taking part in the campaign to give men the confidence to talk about their mental wellness.

    Kate Hudson

    Kate Hudson is incredibly passionate when it comes to inspiring others to lead happy and healthy lifestyles. In 2013 she started her own line of athletic wear called Fabletics and it has well and truly taken off! With her stunning workout sets and amazing Instagrams of her cardio and Pilates routines, it’s no surprise that Kate has inspired both men and women to take their fitness more seriously. She’s also been known to emphasise the importance of a skin workout too, stating that she loves a facial massage and toner to keep her skin looking fresh and rejuvenated.

    Russell Brand

    With Russell Brands’ loud personality and flamboyant wardrobe, it’s hard to imagine him in a moment of serious quietness. After years of struggling with drug addictions he realised in a rehab facility that in order to recover, he needed to dig deeper within and confront the side of himself that he’d been trying so hard to cover up. With the help of meditation and finding a deeper connection with his spirituality, he was able to make peace with his past. The stand-up comedian, actor and now author of ‘Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions’, is keen to help others through their addiction struggles by sharing his story and promoting the David Lynch Foundation which provides transcendental meditation classes to people in at-risk communities.

    Cameron Diaz

    Cameron Diaz is a strong advocate for the natural process of aging, stating that beauty is not just about your face, or your lack of grey hairs, but rather, it is about how you take care of your whole body. Her thoughts are particularly clearly expressed in her two books, ‘The Body Book’ and ‘The Longevity Book’ which when combined, offer a wellness bible for not only how to look well but also how to feel well. Diaz aims to encourage us to see our bodies and beauty in a more holistic light stating that sleep for example, should be seen less as a by-product of being awake, and more as a necessary body-healing process. Her wholesome and all-loving approach to aging is truly refreshing, especially in today’s society where women are constantly pressured to keep themselves looking young. So, keep doing what you’re doing, Cameron!

    Maria Sharapova

    International tennis champion, Maria Sharapova’s job has had her spending hours in the sunshine since she moved to Florida at the age of 7 to pursue her tennis career. During this time, her mother would always stress the importance of wearing sun cream, encouraging her to apply it daily to keep her protected from the sun. Naturally, Sharapova has grown up with a great awareness about the effects of the sun on our skin, and rightly so. Skin cancer is one of the most preventable cancers out there and in 2016, Cancer Research revealed that there are around 2400 melanoma skin cancer deaths in the UK every year. This equates to more than 6 every day! It is statistics like this which inspired Sharapova to become the co-owner of the sun-cream brand Supergoop to encourage others to take her mother’s advice and let everyone know that no matter how old or young you are, the time to start wearing sun cream is now!


    Back in January it was confirmed that Beyoncé would be headlining the much-anticipated Coachella festival this year. In preparation for the big event the ‘Single Ladies’ star went vegan, announcing the news on Instagram. The diet she followed was formulated by the 22 Days Nutrition meal planner, a programme which she co-founded with her husband, Jay Z and celebrity trainer Marco Borges. She revealed that the aim of the programme is to challenge both themselves and the general public to move towards a more plant-based lifestyle to benefit not only our own health, but also the health of the planet. With environmental awareness growing and the love for animals spreading, veganism has been hailed the single biggest way to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. Beyoncé’s new-found love for compassionate eating therefore could not have come at a better time and we wish her every success in her healthy endeavours.


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    Offering much more than your average spa break, wellness spa hotels allow you to target your specific health goals through tailored programs which combine personalised spa treatments with healthy nutrition, fitness and wellness activities. Whether managing weight loss or alleviating stress, a destination spa holiday provides the resources required to make positive lifestyle changes long term. From Europe to the Caribbean, a visit to any one of our prestigious wellness spa hotels invites you to discover new ways to live a healthier lifestyle, whilst taking advantage of the hotel’s wellness and spa facilities.

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    World's Most Relaxing Holiday Destinations

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  • 8 of the World’s Greatest Yoga Retreats to Book

    world's greatest yoga retreats

    We discover the world’s most luxurious and breathtaking yoga retreats to book around the world. From the local shores of Portugal, to the distant islands of the Maldives, grab your mat and you can practice anywhere you please, whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi. You’ll be able to gain a solid foundation and develop your personal practice on these hand-picked yoga holidays and retreats across the globe, and combine this with a variety of holistic sessions, relaxing spa facilities and beautiful backdrops, what more could you ask for in a yoga holiday?

    Each yoga retreat welcomes yogis of all levels and under the guidance of expert tuition so you can choose to start learning yoga on holiday, or focus on strengthening and developing your existing practice. Whichever path you choose, you will return home re-balanced, rested, and restored.


    Find your Balance in Bali – Divine Body Retreat at Bliss Body Retreat, Bali

    Yoga at Bliss Body Retreat in Bali

    Take yourself off on a luxury yoga retreat that immerses you in meditation and recuperation whilst surrounded by the infamous rice terraces and vast Balinese Jungle. Wash yourself of the strain and anxiety of everyday life with a healing holiday and you can immerse yourself in a world of meditation, rejuvenation and therapy. The organic approach of the Bliss Body Retreat offers a variety of yoga classes, nutritional seminars, and wellness treatments to boost your overall well-being and rediscover your inner balance among a calming Balinese backdrop.

    More Information: View Divine Body Retreat at Bliss Body Retreat


    Poolside Peacefulness in Costa Rica – Yoga at The Retreat, Costa Rica

    Yoga at The Retreat Costa Rica

    Find your serenity in the magnificent mountains of the Atenas province with an Ayurveda retreat. Not just an escape from the boredom of mundane life, this yoga holiday provides you with culinary opportunities, healing massages and nature hikes, all to help you relieve stress and find direction. The organic treatments and methods of a detox retreat can help you rid your body and mind of toxic thoughts and feelings, opening you up to the calming world of meditation and the incredible abilities of the mind, body, and soul.

    More information: View The Retreat


    Flow with the Mediterranean – Discover Yoga at Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey

    Discover Yoga at Six Senses Kaplankaya

    Embark on a yoga holiday and allow yourself to find your inner balance through the guided meditations, luxury spa and spectacular landscapes. Wake up to the coastline views, ocean breeze and the sparkling sea, spend your day doing personalised pranayama, and finish off the evening with a traditional Turkish treatment, to revitalise your body, mind, and soul. This yoga retreat is tailored to your personal needs, and combine it with cooking classes, water sports, exercise classes and sport to combine a fitness holiday that provides you with a journey of a lifetime, both spiritually and physically.

    More information: View Six Senses Kaplankaya


    Meditation in the mountains – Yoga at Ananda in the Himalayas, India

    A yoga retreat in the mountains at Ananda in the Himalayas in India

    Escape to India on a luxury yoga retreat and rebalance with yoga amongst the calming landscape of this exotic yoga holiday. An ideal choice for a singles holiday, enhance your well-being when you combine personalised yoga sessions and group classes, with discovering a taste of local culture through traditional Indian music classes and dance performances. For a true sense of wellness, make the most of complimentary Pranayama and meditation classes, before relaxing on a luxury spa holiday combined with aromatherapy massages and reflexology.

    More Information: View Ananda in the Himalayas


    Beach yoga – Yoga & Spa Premium at Paradis Plage, Morocco

    Beach yoga at Paradis Plage in Morocco

    Practice daily beach yoga, from sunrise to sunset on Portugal’s Atlantic coastline, for one of the best exotic yoga holidays at Paradis Plage. Keep active on your healthy adventure as you combine Manipura and aerial yoga with discovering the island through a selection of water sports, mountain biking and treks. One of the best destinations for beach yoga from our range of yoga & spa holidays, enhance your well-being after an active day in the traditional Moroccan Hammam and relax with therapeutic spa treatments.

    More information: View Paradis Plage


    Island yoga – Discover at COMO Maalifushi, Maldives

    Island yoga at COMO Maalifushi

    Find tranquility on a yoga retreat on the private island of Thaa Atoll, where work and worries are a world away. The crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches are a perfect escape, blended with group Pilates sessions, beach yoga classes, and exquisite culinary options, there is nothing to disturb your wellness practice while you are here. Find your Zen and unwind with a mindfulness retreat that also caters with optional activities to fill your day, and with this yoga holiday offering windsurfing, kayaking and mountain biking, it’s certain you’ll never want to leave.

    More information: View COMO Maalifushi


    Calm on the cliffs – Yoga at Pine Cliffs Resort, Portugal

    Yoga at Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal

    Kickstart your morning an Ayurveda massage in the Serenity Spa, spend the afternoon in a guided meditation and finish off the evening watching the sun set over the cliffs, this yoga holiday allows your mind, body and soul to reset and relax. The range of sporting opportunities, wellness facilities, and breathtaking landscapes means this yoga retreat is the ideal choice for someone in need of a de-stress holiday. Not only will you watch the sun set over the water, but over your anxieties and worries too.

    More information: View Pine Cliffs Resort


    Sunrise yoga – Yoga Synergy at Kamalaya, Thailand

    Yoga at Kamalaya in Thailand

    Give your body and mind the break it needs with a luxury spa holiday and jet off to align your chakras and find your balance of mind, body, and soul with this yoga retreat. On the South coast of Koh Samui this wellness holiday offers you the tropical jungle foliage and lily ponds for the perfect ambience to supplement indulgent spa treatments, calming meditations and exhilarating water sports. Whilst you succumb to your wellness wanderlust on this yoga holiday, the holistic methods and natural healing on this will prove to you how meditation and mindfulness can improve your life significantly.

    More information: View Kamalaya


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  • A Guide to Family Wellness Holidays

    A Guide to Family Wellness Holidays

    In the swing of hectic daily life it’s rare to find a moment where the whole family is together, let alone all getting along. Too often a family holiday can leave parents more exhausted than when they left. Once you have finished with all the lead up planning, the airport madness and the stressful task of keeping the kids safe and occupied all day, it’s no wonder there’s no time left for you to relax.

    Discover the answer to all of your family holiday woes with our inspiring guide to our healthy family holidays, which combine the perfect combination of quality family time, fun for the kids and rejuvenating relaxation for the parents. From learning healthier lifestyle habits as a family, to showing the kids new corners of the world on a cultural wellness holiday, let us guide you through a new kind of family holiday.

    Learn Healthy Habits as a Family

    Kayaking on a family holiday

    Learn to Kayak as a family at Porto Elounda

    With Ipad’s and T.V leaving more children inactive and out of shape, the importance of parental influence on the younger generations health is more vital than ever. Revamp your stagnant family holidays lounging by the pool with a healthy change of pace by getting the kids active whilst soaking up the sun.

    From ocean kayaking to hiking, set a good example for the kids and get active together with a host of fun-filled outdoor activities on a family activity holiday. Cycle and Zumba on a family fitness holiday or help the kids discover a new hobby with football academy training and tennis programmes on a family sports holiday.

    With a selection of family friendly restaurants that offer healthier cuisine, remain confident that your family are eating nutritiously rich and healthy dishes.

    A Treat for All Ages

    Mother and Daughter relax together at Shanti Maurice

    Mother and daughter relax together at Shanti Maurice 

    No longer having to choose between family time and relaxation, release stress and revitalise your mind and body with our family friendly spa holidays, where the whole family can indulge in luxury.  With many of our family holidays offering spa treatments specifically designed for children and teens, Mum and daughter can bond over a girly pedicure and massage while Dad and son can play sports together.

    Cultural Experience

    Soneva Kids club

    Kids will love the Kid's club activities at Soneva Kiri

    Teach your children about cultural awareness and different traditions around the world as you explore your chosen destination on a family cultural wellness holiday.  Choose from a range of tailor-made activities and excursions from spring roll making in Vietnam and deep-sea fishing in Mexico, to cultural tours in Turkey and mountain biking in Morocco. Special kid’s clubs excursions, including visits to animal parks, dolphin spotting and treasure hunts keep them well entertained.|

    Time Out

    Fusion Maia

    Enjoy some time for yourselves on a family holiday at Fusion Maia

    With professional babysitting services and world-class kids clubs, Mum and Dad can happily opt for some alone time and take the pressure off of entertaining the kids, confident that your children are having fun and learning new skills in a structured and safe environment. Whether making time for a long lunch together, a game of tennis or an indulgent couples spa treatment, our family friendly resorts offer as much for the parents as they do the kids.

    Fewer Planning Worries

    theBodyHoliday Family holiday destress

    Enjoying quality family time at The BodyHoliday 

    Booking with Health and Fitness Travel means you can relax completely, knowing our meticulous team have organised every aspect of your family holiday and leaving no unwanted surprises.  All our healthy holidays have been hand-picked against a strict criterion to ensure that we offer the most beautiful worldwide destinations that are also family-friendly, safe and easily accessible.


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  • A Guide to Family Wellness Holidays

    In the swing of hectic daily life it's rare to find a moment where the whole family is together, let alone all getting along. Too often a family holiday can leave parents more exhausted than when they left. Once you have finished with all the lead up planning, the airport madness and the stressful task of keeping the kids safe and occupied all day, it's no wonder there's no time left for you to relax.

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