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  • 5 of the Best Healthy Ageing Spa Holidays

    Remember what your mother told you - you’re never too young to start preparing for healthy ageing. If ageing gracefully and looking after your well-being is important to you, a healthy anti-ageing holiday is the perfect choice for you.

  • Recover from Sports Injuries: 5 Healing Holidays to Get You Back On Track

    The most important step for anyone dealing with sport related injuries or muscle strains and tears is recognising the warning signs from your body and knowing how best to respond to these stress signals. Ease yourself into the recovery process on a...

  • Claudia’s Review of BodyHoliday, St Lucia

    What is BodyHoliday and who’s it for? No wonder the mantra here is “Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind.” Working on our bodies whilst being kind to ourselves is an amazing way to relax the mind and bring clarity into our...

  • Are you old before your time?

    There is no denying the ticking of our biological clock, but why feel old before your time? The stress of modern day life as well as the usual factors, age, weight and diet can often make you look and feel years beyond your alleged age.

  • 5 Energy Healing Health Spas

    Feeling exhausted and energy drained? Lift your mood and energy levels as you rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with 5 of the best energy healing health spas. From the Italian Lakes to the Himalayas in India, embark on a journey where the healing...

  • The Best Spa Destinations for Regeneration

    Between hectic work schedules and making time for family and friends, we often forget to take time for ourselves. As indulgent as it may seem, self-care is crucial for us to stay on top of our physical, emotional and mental well-being. In fact,...

  • The World's Most Amazing Spa Retreats

    We can all go to the local leisure centre for fifteen minutes in the steam room, but true well-being comes from only the most amazing spa retreats from across the world. We detail our top 10 luxury spa destinations, run by expert practitioners within...

  • The World’s Best Destination Spas

    For those looking for the ultimate luxury spa experience, destination spas are the leaders in their field. These wellness experts promote a healthy and active lifestyle, at all-inclusive resorts in stunning surroundings from Spain to Thailand....

  • Singles Holidays for over 50s

    If you’re on the lookout for a wonderful way to spend your new-found free time as the children fly the nest or you approach retirement, our healthy singles holidays for the over 50s could be just the thing. It’s never too late to break the mould, so...

  • 5 Healing Spas to Visit

    Take a break from the hectic rollercoaster that is daily life on a healing spa holiday to restore your well-being through a range of programmes, tailored to your personal requirements. From healing spas in Spain to Bali and Thailand, boost your overall...

  • The World's Leading Wellness Retreats for 2018

    With the New Year comes new opportunities to go on holiday, especially for those seeking a healthy break at the beginning of 2018. However, the emergence of so many new retreats can make picking the right holiday a real challenge, even for experienced...

  • The Future of Wellness Travel: 12 Trends to Watch in 2020

    Forecasting the next big trends in the $4.2 trillion wellness tourism industry for 2020, we live up to our reputation as the wellness holiday specialists. From increasing your longevity to rediscovering your wild side in nature, discover the hottest...

  • A Guide to Travelling Solo: Singles Holidays

    The world is now more open than ever to the single traveller. Travelling solo no longer means travelling alone, with more and more singletons jetting off in search of relaxation and a break from their hectic schedules there will always be the option to...

  • 6 Blissful Detox Retreats in Asia

    Revitalise your mind and body with our blissful detox retreats in Asia. It is often overlooked just how many toxins our bodies are exposed to in the modern world. Not only are nasty impurities hiding in the food we eat, but they can also be found in...

  • Top 10 Wellness Retreats to Boost Immunity After Pandemic

    GAs we continue to fight against current and future viruses, our well-being and immunity is more important than ever, and a wellness retreat could give your mind and body the reboot it needs. These physical and emotional healing retreats give you...

  • The Secret to Doubling your Annual Leave in 2017 for 18 Days of Wellness Holidays

    There’s no better time than the New Year to start planning your wellness holidays, be smart and enjoy 18 days off work by booking just 9 days of leave, thanks to our bank holidays in 2017. Grab your diary as we have created a wellness travel...

  • The Benefits of a Detox Retreat with Dr. Maria Romeralo

    Nutritionist at SHA Wellness Clinic, Dr. Maria Romeralo, developed her expertise in the field through her extensive studies in Biology, Nutrition and Dietetics. After a number of years working as a researcher and nutritional consultant at several...

  • The Best Wellness Spa Retreats in Cyprus

    Explore the incredible blue waters and magnificent mountains of the Mediterranean with a wellness spa retreat in Cyprus. The year-long sunshine provides the perfect setting for a well-earned escape from anxieties and stress, giving you a chance to put...

  • The Best Spa Holidays for Men

    When most people hear the words ‘spa holiday’, they automatically envisage women. However, men are becoming increasingly passionate about health and wellness, with more blokes taking well-deserved spa breaksthan ever before. With the pressures of the...

  • 6 Women's Fitness Holidays to Target Body Goals

    Following decades of changing ideas of the perfect female form, it has become increasingly difficult for women to feel confident in their own bodies. Now in an era where women of all body types are working with what god gave them, more women are now...


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