The Best Post-Lockdown Wellness Retreats in Thailand


Considered one of the most welcoming countries around the globe, Thailand translates as ‘Land of the Free’. Travellers have been flocking to this country for years to enjoy the enriching culture, spectacular landscapes, and 3219km of gorgeous coastline. Thailand has also garnered itself prestige for having some of the most incredible wellness retreats, infused with the nation’s spirituality, medicine practises and meditation, becoming a standout destination for a wellness pilgrimage.  

Thailand has had a relatively low number of coronavirus cases given its sizeable 66 million population and implemented strong measures to prevent it’s spread throughout the pandemic – making it a safer destination to travel to when restrictions lift. Why not look to the future and plan ahead to visit one of the best post-lockdown wellness retreats in Thailand, whether you’re after a detox, fitness-kick or sublime rejuvenation, this comprehensive list will have the ideal wellness holiday for you. 


Samahita: Best for the Brain 


Samahita Retreat sits on the picture-perfect beach of Laem Sor, surrounded by teal waters, white sand and lush coconut-clad palm trees; this is as close to paradise as you will on a beach and spa holidaySamahita has a focus on wellbeing and relaxation, providing a healthy Sattva meal philosophy, an incredible spa and a wealth of wellness activities. The most curious aspect of Samahita comes from their Brain Health Upgrade programme and no, we are not referring to the Cybermen in Doctor Who. With a fusion of western and eastern techniques this programme offers mitochondrial enhancement, brainwave modulation and EEG biofeedback meditation to significantly improve the brain’s health. 

Information and Booking: Samahita Retreat 


Mangosteen Resort: Best for Ayurveda 



Surrounded by 25000 square metres of abundant greenery, Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort is a gem, tucked away on the island of Phuket with lavish villas dotted between sprawling swimming pools and lush gardens. Alongside exciting activities, the soul of Mangosteen lies in a traditional Eastern approach using the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. This timeless practise champions a balance of mind, body and soul. Expect invigorating treatments including oil massages, Himalayan rock-salt infrared sauna sessions and Nirvana Yoga sessions – the Hindu interpretation of paradise, not the 90s grunge rock band. 

Information and Booking: Mangosteen Resort 


Amanpuri – Best for your Immune System 



Perched looking over the Andaman sea, designed with stunning traditional Thai inspired architecture resides Amanpuri. With a private beach, two swimming pools and the Aman spa, this retreat exudes serenity, making it the perfect spa holiday. Amanpuri comes into its own with the Immune System Support holiday which is rather apt in the world’s current COVID climate. This medical voyage offers extensive consultation and procedures such as IV infusion therapy, blood panel tests, personal medical evaluations and heavy metal OligoScan tests. The programme improves the health condition of the entire body as well as teaching to break old, unhealthy habits to live a brighter future. 

Information and Booking: Amanpuri 


Kamalaya – Best for Spirituality