Get back on the fitness track this coming year with a trip to one of our exhilarating bootcamp and fitness holidays. Whether to kick-start weight loss or improve cardiovascular health, build your strength and endurance whilst surrounded by an idyllic wellness destination. Go for a 1-on-1 workout session or opt to join fellow fitness junkies on an outdoor circuit training class as you experience a fitness holiday that will keep your heart pumping. Regardless of your fitness level, rest assured that we have the right healthy holiday to help you achieve your goals. Here, we round up 10 of our best bootcamp and fitness holidays to whip you into shape for 2016.

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Continue to create lifetime memories after your big day and begin married life on an exhilarating activity honeymoon on the stunning coastlines of the Caribbean. Ideal for sporty and adventurous newlyweds, enjoy hiking dramatic mountain ranges, trekking through rainforests and scuba diving in aquamarine waters. From Jamaica to St Lucia, recover after your action packed adventures with a variety of wellness enhancing activities, luxurious spa treatments and romantic evening dining experiences, for a relaxing end to fun-filled days.

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With the art of healing just as important for our emotional well-being as our physical health, the need for spiritual healing should never be overlooked. Playing an important role in times of emotional stress, bereavement, loss, mental and physical illnesses, our spiritual life is what drives our overall well-being and supports all aspects of our life.

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Keep up with the kids and return a youthful lease of life to your body on our action-packed child friendly activity holidays, which guarantee fun for the whole family. From surfing in Morocco to tennis in the Caribbean, take a break from your usual routine and make the most of family time by creating experiences and memories in dream destinations.

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Boost your fitness levels with your loved one on our gay friendly fitness retreats in welcoming destinations around the globe. With personalised training sessions, group classes and activities working to boost your cardio and strength; experience fitness holidays that will give your health the kick it needs. Whether doing beach workouts in Portugal or cycling in Thailand, escape on a romantic and active gay friendly holiday in beautiful destinations, from Bali to New Zealand.

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Offering an educational escape away from the stuff confines of classrooms, we round up our 10 best educational learning holidays. From mastering stand-up paddle boarding upon the azure waters of Ibiza, to learning how to manage stress in the tranquillity of India’s Himalayas, these healthy escapes offer the opportunity to learn a new skill that will enhance your life long after your holiday tan has faded.

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Witness the natural wonders of the world unfold before your eyes, from verdant tropical forests to sky-high mountain peaks, down to the vast expanse of the Great Barrier Reef. Visit the most stunning places on earth with our healthy holiday destinations where you can satisfy your wanderlust whilst enhancing your wellness. With many ancient cultures believing in the healing power of nature, take a leaf out of their book as you allow yourself to relax in hot springs or natural steam saunas at some of the world’s top wellness retreats. Stay active as you hike across stunning foothills, or find stillness by practising yoga amongst lush landscapes. Combining your adventures with luxury spa treatments and calming meditation sessions, you will return home renewed, refreshed and with a collection of inspiring stories to tell. Here, we share our top 10 holiday destinations showcasing natural wonders from around the globe.

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For new parents, the days of setting off for a spontaneous weekend away may seem like a long time ago. Holidays as a family may be less impulsive, but need not be any less fun. The secret is in the preparation; choosing an appropriate destination, planning for the journey and packing everything you will need. We’ve assembled a list of healthy tips, to help you prepare for your first family holiday and encourage many more.

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Break free from the daily stresses of modern day life as you head off to idyllic Asia for a relaxing wellness spa retreat. Bask in the serene ambiance of the continent’s exotic natural surroundings whilst being pampered with a wide array of spa treatments, designed to enhance your well-being and vitality. More than just a simple spa break, our wellness spa holidays include tailored wellness programmes, designed to target everything from stress-management and weight-loss, to holistic healing and anti-ageing. Leave your troubles far behind and begin your journey with our 10 best wellness spa holidays in Asia, to rediscover your mind, body and soul.

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It’s relatively easy to maintain your fitness whilst you’re in the comfort of your own surroundings, with the local gym just down the road and a schedule of weekly fitness classes. Yet, when travelling for business, the disruption of your daily routine can leave many neglecting their health and fitness whilst away. With studies revealing the benefits of exercise for increased concentration and productivity, together with reduced stress levels and insomnia, maintaining your fitness can offer great perks when on a business trip or corporate wellness retreat. Here, we share some helpful hints on how you can stay fit and healthy on a wellness holiday, so that you can perform at your peak whilst travelling for business.

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From Ibiza to Thailand, escape together and perfect your sun-salutation as we share our 5 best gay friendly yoga breaks. Offering a warm welcome to the LGBT community, our selection of luxury yoga breaks are a great option for a gay friendly holiday that will allow you both time to relax in luxury. Transform into lean yoga machines as you balance stimulating yoga sessions with therapeutic spa treatments and wellness activities. Whether you prefer to combine yoga with intense fitness classes or relaxing meditation, tailor-make your yoga holiday to be as active or relaxed as you both need.

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