On route from Melbourne through to London, our Travel Specialist Samantha made a short stopover for an energising three night stay in Milan where she visited Ti Sana, a boutique rural health retreat specialising in detox, weight-loss and holistic wellness holidays with a focus on sustainable lifestyle changes.

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Words: Emma Gibson

I have a confession to make

I’m not very good at moderation in anything. So while I understand a little of everything is a great approach, I tend to holiday flat out. For me that could mean literally lying very still for a week, taking a few steps as possible between a villa and the beach, or it could mean getting as fit as possible, getting my heart rate as high as possible, for seven days straight. 

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Looking forward to working out in paradise on your fitness holiday but not sure how you will handle recovery in the heat? Read on to find out how your body can restore back to its optimal state ready to take on the next workout and avoid muscle ache. Whether you are boosting your fitness on a bootcamp holiday or keeping moving on a multi-activity holiday, exercising in warm temperatures comes with added challenges for your body, so it is important to find a way of addressing these issues. Whilst improving your fitness levels and ability to exercise, sweating also increases, causing you to dehydrate faster. You therefore need to make sure your body gets the rest and recovery it requires after an intensive workout to function at its optimal level again. Rest and recovery after a workout are two different things; while rest is defined by sleep and time not exercising, recovery refers to actually taking action to repair your body. Take note as we share our five top tips for your body’s recovery in the heat!

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Olympia Kwitowski, Media professional and founder of Deluxe Edition, an online platform for luxury goods and services, paid a visit to New Zealand’s wellness gem at Aro Ha to experience a healthy adventure of a lifetime. 

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What is Sianji Well-Being Resort and who’s it for?

Built in 2009, Sianji Well-Being Resort is a modern and affordable luxury detox retreat in Turkey (Bodrum) based on one of three detox plans. The Alkaline 80/20 detox and Raw Food detox is designed for a beginner level introduction to detoxing, whist the Master Detox caters for a moderate to comprehensive detox comprising of a juice-only diet with daily colema. Complementary treatments to supplement your detox include lymphatic drainage massages, ozone therapy and FAR infrared sauna.

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Health and Fitness Travel attended the annual Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards in London last night at the luxurious Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge. These prestigious awards are renowned for recognising the best spa holidays from all over the world and we were delighted to see two of our healthy holidays receive awards.

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We talk to Paul Joseph, Co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, about his inspirations, daily routines and the secret to success in the ever-growing wellness industry.

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Get back on the fitness track this coming year with a trip to one of our exhilarating bootcamp and fitness holidays. Whether to kick-start weight loss or improve cardiovascular health, build your strength and endurance whilst surrounded by an idyllic wellness destination. Go for a 1-on-1 workout session or opt to join fellow fitness junkies on an outdoor circuit training class as you experience a fitness holiday that will keep your heart pumping. Regardless of your fitness level, rest assured that we have the right healthy holiday to help you achieve your goals. Here, we round up 10 of our best bootcamp and fitness holidays to whip you into shape for 2016.

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Continue to create lifetime memories after your big day and begin married life on an exhilarating activity honeymoon on the stunning coastlines of the Caribbean. Ideal for sporty and adventurous newlyweds, enjoy hiking dramatic mountain ranges, trekking through rainforests and scuba diving in aquamarine waters. From Jamaica to St Lucia, recover after your action packed adventures with a variety of wellness enhancing activities, luxurious spa treatments and romantic evening dining experiences, for a relaxing end to fun-filled days.

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With the art of healing just as important for our emotional well-being as our physical health, the need for spiritual healing should never be overlooked. Playing an important role in times of emotional stress, bereavement, loss, mental and physical illnesses, our spiritual life is what drives our overall well-being and supports all aspects of our life.

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