From Ibiza to Thailand, escape together and perfect your sun-salutation as we share our 5 best gay friendly yoga breaks. Offering a warm welcome to the LGBT community, our selection of luxury yoga breaks are a great option for a gay friendly holiday that will allow you both time to relax in luxury. Transform into lean yoga machines as you balance stimulating yoga sessions with therapeutic spa treatments and wellness activities. Whether you prefer to combine yoga with intense fitness classes or relaxing meditation, tailor-make your yoga holiday to be as active or relaxed as you both need.

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From toddlers to teenagers, it can be a challenge to keep your children entertained and tantrum-free as you navigate airports and new surroundings on your first family holiday. Unhealthy aeroplane food, dehydration and long periods of sitting down can undermine your children’s health and leave the whole family tired and irritable. Pre-empt any problems, before you’ve even stepped on the plane, with our top tips for travelling with kids.

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If you are looking to get away for a dose of winter wellness without the stress that comes with long haul flights, we are here to help with our top 5 winter wellness spa breaks in Europe. A far more convenient and better value option to travelling half way around the world in search of winter sun and exotic beaches, Europe still has plenty to offer. From yoga retreats in Spain’s stunning Andalucía region, to stress relief breaks in the tranquil forests of France, return home from your winter wellness break feeling completely rejuvenated.

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If you’re looking for a change of scenery, escape on one of our hiking and trekking holidays, for an exhilarating journey that will bring you closer to nature in the great outdoors. Fill your mind with wonder as you discover new surroundings and stretch those legs, reaping the rewards of a healthy hiking holiday in the great outdoors. Whether volcano hiking or jungle trekking, be inspired to get out of your comfort zone and explore nature as you traverse stunning landscapes around the world.

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What is Ti Sana and who’s it for?

A quiet, rural health retreat just outside Milan, Ti Sana is a tucked away gem that I had the pleasure of visiting for a refreshing long weekend. This healthy hideaway specialises in detox, anti-stress and wellness holidays with a real focus on inspiring their guests with long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes. Ti Sana’s main clientele are those suffering from stress or focusing on weight loss. It is also perfect for those looking for a rejuvenating wellness break complete with delicious vegan cuisine, informative health, fitness and lifestyle advice and a range of classes, all delivered by the genuine, friendly and caring Ti Sana team.

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With the fast pace of modern day lifestyles affecting both our minds and bodies, many of us are left feeling continually stressed and drained. Helping to break the cycle, we share why practicing Tai Chi is good for your health.

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The UK is widely known for its unpredictable weather, where you can experience all four seasons in one day. Occasionally, the weather redeems itself with sudden bursts of sunshine and high temperatures, which never fails to lift the nation’s spirits as we rush to be outside and enjoy the sun. But what is it about the sun that makes us happier? 

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During National Stress Awareness Day, health care professionals and experts join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures of the modern day stress epidemic. But health care workers themselves, notably GPs with their busy workload, are at high risk of suffering from the effects of stress. Prospect Health, a leading health care recruitment company, recognises this and has teamed up with us to offer GPs and other medical staff an exclusive discount.

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For those looking for the ultimate luxury spa experience, destination spas are the leaders in their field. These wellness experts promote a healthy and active lifestyle, at all-inclusive resorts in stunning surroundings from Spain to Thailand. Well-being comes from within, and at these destination spas nutritious cuisine is combined with fitness activities and personalised therapies to help you to reach your wellness goals. From Ayurvedic spa treatments, to traditional Chinese medicine and expert run medical spas, find everything to satisfy your spa holiday needs at the world’s best destination spas.

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From its introduction in the 1920s to the packed out studios of the 21st century, the philosophy of Joseph Pilates has become a worldwide phenomenon and a household name in well-being. Traditional mat Pilates classes offer an effective workout, however, there is now an even more challenging form to try on your next luxury Pilates holiday in the form of Reformer Pilates.

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If you’re bored of your daily routine and are dying to break away on a solo adventure, a singles yoga holiday could be just the solution. Allowing you the opportunity to focus on your well-being, take the time to re-balance with this ancient Indian form of exercise as you replenish your body and mind. Ideal for yogi enthusiasts and keen amateur’s alike; our yoga holidays offer a personalised experience where you will enjoy classes with trained yoga professionals.

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