• 8 Most Extravagant Dining Experiences Around the World

    If the average candlelit dinner just won’t cut it, these eight extravagant dining experiences are sure to satisfy. From Bedouin style brunches to tree-top gourmet dining, you are bound for a unique gourmand adventure that will tickle your fancy. Backed by a nutrition-centric retreat, these experiences will not only give you a taste of luxury, but also the benefits of healthy living. After satisfying your belly, wind down and satiate your need for pampering at the spa with a wide menu of indulgent treatments.

    Read on for some inspiration on your next foodie holiday. We won’t blame you if these extravagant dining experiences leave you drooling.

  • 8 Reasons Why Your Mum Makes The Best Travel Partner

    Mothers play many roles in our lives; carer, maths teacher, disciplinary—but today we want to show you how mums also make for the best travel buddy. Traditionally, not everyone’s first choice of who to travel with, however our mothers are actually one of the best people to venture the world with. Let us tell you exactly why!

  • 8 Ways to Exercise as a New Mum

    Being a new mum is not always conducive to fitting in time to go the gym or arranging sports matches with your friends. Looking after your newborn will always take priority, but this doesn’t mean your health has to take a backseat. Take back the reigns with a healthy family holiday and learn how to fit in some mini-bursts of exercise before you depart, as we share 8 easy ways for new mums to exercise in everyday life. 

  • 8 Yoga Holidays for the Travel Bucket List

    Take your practice one step further with our top yoga holidays to add to your travel bucket list. These yogi escapes offer the perfect opportunity to lay the groundwork for a healthier and happier lifestyle. In combination with each of these stunning retreats is a range of luxury spa treatments to relax your muscles after a busy day of lotus positions and Kapotasana. Whether it be a body scrub in St Lucia or a Thai massage in Oman, we’ve got the run-down of the 8 best yoga retreats to check-off your list.

  • 9 Good Hygiene Tips Whilst Travelling in 2020/21

    Woman wearing mask on train

     From the sticky handrails of the conveyor belt to the departure gate and the recycled air of the pressurised cabin, travelling can present personal obstacles for the hygiene conscious. Common touch points, shared plane bathrooms and food prepared by others only contribute to the anxiety of travellers. You may even be thinking about postponing your holiday due to travel hygiene concerns.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Wellness Holidays

    Dip into one of the travel industry’s hottest trends with a wellness holiday in an exotic destination. We have compiled a step by step guide of what to expect on a wellness holiday to help you discover this exciting health and fitness travel opportunity.

  • A Beginners Guide to Fitness Holidays: 10 Things You Should Know

    A Beginners Guide to Fitness Holidays

    Welcome to our beginners' guide to fitness holidays where we take you through the initial planning stages of your retreat to your final results and holiday completion. From how to prepare, to what to expect, and getting ready to embark upon your fitness journey.

  • A Guide to Healthy Flying Infographic

    We share our helpful tips on how you can stay healthy whilst flying to your healthy holiday destination; from how to prevent stress, to eating right and flight-friendly yoga poses....

  • A Guide to Healthy Flying Infographic

    We share our helpful tips on how you can stay healthy whilst flying, from how to prevent stress, to eating right and flight-friendly yoga poses.

  • A Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating

    Whether you’re on a relaxing spa break or a multi activity holiday, remembering that what you do to the outside of your body is just as important as what you put into it, is essential to having a healthy holiday. By selecting the right foods and eating in the right way while you’re on holiday you can increase your energy levels, aid weight loss and generally feel better inside and out.

  • A Guide to Regenerative Medicine with Dr Mayorga

    Dr Mayorga of SHA Wellness ClinicDr Oscar Mayorga

    Dr. Mayorga is a surgeon, specialized in anti-aging medicine with a degree in Immunology & Microbiology and a specialization in Natural & Biologic Medicine. Moreover, Mayorga has experience in cellular activation, stem cells treatment and growth factors. He is currently the in-house medical consultant at SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain. 

    SHA Wellness Clinic is a pioneering well-being clinic, focused on improving and notably lengthening people's health and well-being through the fusion of the best therapies. When its doors opened to guests in November 2008, the hotel and clinic started a revolution in wellness - the world's first macrobiotic wellness resort. SHA's objective is for its guests to leave after a pleasant stay, feeling renewed inside and out, more alive and energetic with a much healthier appearance.

  • A Holistic Approach to Health and Fitness

    Karina StewartKarina Stewart

    Karina Stewart, co-founder of Kamalaya in Thailand has twenty-two years of experience in the study and practice of diverse Asian healing and spiritual traditions. Inspired by her mother's interest in natural healing, meditation and yoga, Karina founded a health centre in Kathmandu, Nepal prior to opening Kamalaya. Her vision behind the award-winning retreat in Koh Samui is integral wellness programmes that aim to access the inner healing power within each individual and support a harmonious integration of heart, body, mind, and spirit


  • Ace your Game with Tennis Director, Ramon Campuzano Rojas

    Ramon Campuzano Rojas

    Ramon Campuzano Rojas

    Ramon is director of Puente Romano Tennis & Fitness Club in Marbella. He heads the Bjorn Borg Tennis School, is a Technical Consultant for both the Norwegian and Estonian Tennis Federations, and has trained many professional athletes in the ATP and WTA. He completes the roster as a Consultant and Director of the Andalusian Wheelchair Tennis Team.


  • Adam's Review of Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka

    Review of Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

    Overview of Santani Wellness Resort & Spa

    Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka, is a success story for the wellness traveller. It’s a boutique wellness retreat offering minimalistic luxury in a nature-rich setting for those seeking healing through quietude, yoga and Ayurveda. Santani is not a strict health retreat and gracefully doesn’t feature a heavily-packed daily schedule. It’s a place that lends back time as any healing holiday should.

  • Athletes find the Extra Edge on Healthy Holidays

    Athletes the world over are seeking the extra edge to exceed goals, break records and ultimately win. Hunting techniques to shave a second on their best time; shed kilograms or uncover new strategies to push themselves further and faster. Enter the new healthy holiday advantage from the leading specialists in wellness holidays worldwide Health and Fitness Travel, enhancing professional training programs across the globe.

  • Bali Bliss Retreats 7 Day Sale

    Escape the hectic pace of everyday life to a rejuvenating coastal holiday at Bali Bliss Retreats from 7 to 11 November and save 25% for all booking made from today until 27 October. Let us whisk you away to the beautiful Nirvana Biru Villa, sitting on top of the breathtaking limestone cliffs at Bingin beach to experience the sun, white sands and cool tropical winds on a relaxing wellness break.

  • Be Jubilant This June and Celebrate on Holiday

    Soon it will be the Queen's birthday weekend but why not celebrate like it's your own birthday by making most of the long weekend and booking a short wellness break or plan your annual leave and secure an extra day's leave.

    We recommend our best short and long healthy holidays during this period.

  • Be Jubilant This June and Celebrate on Holiday

    Thanks to an extra UK bank holiday for the Diamond Jubilee weekend, smart travellers can book less time off work for more days on holiday. With one month to go, it's not too late for travellers wanting to make the most of the long weekend and take advantage of the double bank holiday bonanza.

  • Best Alternatives to Health Retreats in Australia

    We know Aussies love healthy travel, however presently there are limited offerings on home soil. So if you’re looking for a health retreat experience but prefer not to fly long-haul, this collection of the best alternative wellness destinations has you covered. You don’t need to travel too far afield for an amazing overseas healthy getaway, with many options accessible via a single non-stop flight. Whatever your wellness retreat whims are, whether to de-stress, detox or to get fit, you are sure to find an extraordinary experience here to suit.

  • Best Coastal Yoga Retreats

    Add some vitamin D and sea salt to your yoga practise on a coastal yoga holiday that will leave you sun-kissed, rejuvenated and with a feeling of total wellness. Rather than a typical fly-and-flop holiday by the coast, give yourself the gift of sunrise yoga performed on scenic coastlines, supplemented by exhilarating water sports and indulgent spa treatments. Welcoming yogis of all levels and under the guidance of expert tuition you can choose to start learning yoga on holiday, or focus on strengthening and developing your existing practise. Whichever path you choose, you will return home re-balanced, rested and restored.

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