• Where to Travel to Improve your Emotional Health

    Where to Travel to Improve your Emotional Health


    The past year has been like no other; social restrictions have distanced us from family and friends, we have been ripped from our normal routines and it often feels like we are fighting a losing battle. Anxiety levels are at an all-time high, as well as feelings of hopelessness and depression. Many of us have lost jobs and loved ones to coronavirus and it is easy to feel our mental health slipping as the effects of the pandemic impactanother year of our lives.

  • Why a wellness retreat can improve your sex life

    It’s understood, a life of stress is a life without pleasure. It causes the body to reprioritise what’s important, such as blood flow and heart rate, which can lead to a decrease in libido—a state of being that feeds into the cycle of anxiety. Thankfully, that can be reversed! Known to produce a sensation of tranquility, a feeling of intimacy, and a joyous mood, intercourse is vital to a holistic life. The first step to a well-rounded life is to give yourself the chance to relax and rejuvenate by taking a much-needed vaycay to de-stress on holiday. Our retreats located around the world have programs focused on helping you do just that by offering reinvigorating treatments to re-centre you and your partner’s relationship.

  • Why Go On a Family Activity Holiday

    Why Go On a Family Activity Holiday

    If you want your family to enjoy sports and healthy activities together, but are always struggling to find the time, our family activity holidays could offer the perfect solution. With a wide variety of sports and fitness opportunities in destinations all over the world, make keeping active as a family your priority. 

  • Why Going on Holiday Matters for Your Mental Health

    Nutrition, meditation, and exercise are all very effective methods of sustaining a healthy mindset, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some can’t stay quiet long enough to meditate, others eat relatively healthy but still suffer symptoms. The diversity of the human race is our virtue, and sometimes this virtue calls for us to individualise our approach to health.

  • Why Holidays are Healthy for you

    Our co-founder Paul Joseph gives his reasons why holidays are so healthy for us and how a break away can offer more health benefits than you may realise.

    A holiday is far better for your health than you might think. Naturally, being the co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel, I strongly believe in a holiday's power to give you benefits which outlast your tan. You not only have the chance to escape from the stresses of daily life, but you can stimulate your mind with a new culture and learn healthier habits. It's a great chance to not just relax, but also to improve your physical and emotional well-being, and return home with fantastic memories.

    Here, I look at why holidays are healthy for us.

  • Why it’s Smart to Spend Your Tax Return on Healthy Holidays

    So, that glorious tax refund is finally in your hands. Congratulations! Tempting as it may seem, splurging frivolously on something random may not be the best option there is. There are many smart ways to spend your refund money—pay off a debt, invest, start a business or save it for the rainy days; the choice is yours really. But never has it been a better time to do something just for you. They say that money can’t buy happiness, but science validates that spending your time and money on experiences (not things) can indeed make you happier. According to Kumar and Thomas Gilovich, professors of psychology, “People are more inclined to talk about their experiences than about their material purchases, and they derive more happiness from doing so”. Traveling on an off the beaten track adventure or on a relaxing luxury break either by yourself or with the people you love trumps over any purchase you make in a shopping centre any day. "Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods," says Gilovich. 

  • Why Visit Portugal for Wellness and Weight Loss?

    Why Visit Portugal for Wellness and Weight Loss?

    Portugal has become a go-to destination for health and wellness holidays and is home to some of the best spa and wellness resorts in Europe. The warm climate, extensive coastline, rugged landscape, and healthy cuisine are just a few of its many offerings. Portugal is a beautifully diverse country with quaint remote villages, colourful cities, and sun-drenched coastal towns. As one of the oldest countries in Europe, it has a rich and vibrant cultural heritagewhere the old and the new blend in perfect harmony. For a small country, Portugal really packs a punch! But it’s not only a great destination for sightseeing; Here are six reasons whyPortugal is one of the best places in Europe forwellness andweight loss:

  • Why Wellness Travel will be So Important Post COVID-19

    Why Wellness Travel will be So Important Post COVID-19


    It’s official, travel is back on the cards as of this summer (as long as government conditions are met) andwellness travel will rise to the fore as people seek to enhance their health and wellbeing following the events of the past year. Wellness travel has been gaining popularity over the past decade and post-COVID-19 it is likely to skyrocket. COVID-19 has well and truly derailed our lives and we’re all in need of some rest and recovery. There’s no better way to relax and destress than on a spa retreat, or perhaps you are looking for some outdoor adventure after being trapped indoors for most of the year. Whether you are dreaming of the sea, the sand, or the mountains there is a wellness holiday to suit everyone. Here’s why wellness travel will be so important post COVID-19:

  • Why you should be practicing Pilates with Carla Bangueses

    My name is Carla Bangueses and I started my career in Performing Arts and the circus where I forged a dancing career as a professional contemporary and classic ballet dancer. As a dancer and circus artist, I was often injured and this probably led to my fascination and curiosity about my body ́s responses to those injuries, so I went on to take my degree in Physiotherapy. While completing my studies I was intrigued by the neurological and musculoskeletal areas of the body. The accumulation of these events in sports and Physiotherapy brought me to Pilates and I saw the incredible effect it had on the human body!” 

  • Why You Should Book a Tailor Made Holiday

    Why You Should Book a Tailor Made Holiday


    Whether you’re looking to embark on a new adventure, challenge yourself on afitness bootcamp or indulge in a de-stress spa retreat, a tailor-madewellnessholiday will offer you unique experiences to fit your personal needs and aspirations. But what’s so special about tailor-made holidays vs other package holidays? Keep reading to find out why you should book a tailor-made holiday. 

  • WIN a Healthy Weekend Retreat with your BFF

    You know who they are. The friend you couldn’t live without. Your BFF. Who better to rest and recharge with? You could spend a whole weekend away together at the Golden Door Health Retreat & Spa + take all the stuff you need with a deluxe Crumpler Vis-a-Vis Cabin Bag each.