• News today says health effects of holidays fade in two weeks but do they?

    According to new research released today in the latest edition of The Psychologist, the positive effects of a holiday fade in just two weeks; however Jessica de Bloom believes we should be taking more time off from work to keep us healthy and happy, but is this realistic?
    Health and Fitness Travel who offer tailor-made active and wellness holidays worldwide believe that the right kind of holiday brings benefits long after the tan has faded. The solution of going on holiday more would be nice but unless you have a big bank balance and more than 25 days holiday leave a year, it won’t happen. Taking more time off work will also be costly and unpopular with employers but taking a few short healthy recovery breaks away or one or two long health holidays a year, can be just as effective.  
    Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel says; “Our holidays focus on health and well-being and are used as a recovery getaway for people who have little time in their lives to focus on looking after themselves properly when working long hours.*The average person puts on four pounds of weight after every inactive holiday and more of us are now choosing to swap fly and flop beach breaks for more healthy ones”.
    “Some of our health and wellness destinations around the world offer tailored wellness programmes including weight management, de-stress and detox with two months communication by e-mail for follow up consultations. Once the client has gone home they experience the physical and emotional benefits associated with all of our healthy and active holidays, returning energised, inspired and informed to make the small changes that manifest themselves into a healthier day-to-day lifestyle.”
    In order to keep our levels of health and well-being high, going on a fly and flop holiday more frequently is not the answer. Find a health and wellness holiday to reap long lasting benefits and return to work with more than just a tan.
    Talk to one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your perfect Wellness Holiday.
  • Nutrition and Fitness Philosophy: The Story of a Luxury Resort Fitness Supervisor

    Josué is the Fitness Supervisor at Pine Cliffs, a Luxury Collection Resort.  Heading up the dedicated Pine Cliffs Goes Active health and fitness centre, he oversees a wide range of activities, from high-intensity interval training, yoga and Pilates to Tabata training and capoeira. With nearly twenty years’ experience in the field, Josué is passionate about providing a fun, invigorating experience for guests and personally helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Olivia's Review of Komune Resort

    Our wellness travel specialist Olivia Trussell spent 7 amazing nights at Komune Resort and Beach Club Bali and tells us why all mum's deserve and need a mumcation…

    I will preface my review with four words - sublime, rejuvenating, hidden gem.

  • Our Health Holidays in Aid of Men’s Health Week

    In the run up to Father’s Day, Men’s Health Week (9th-15th June) is dedicated to raising awareness of the physical and mental health problems impacting the men in our lives. Health and Fitness Travel help men embrace a healthier lifestyle through a broad range of health and wellness holidays specifically designed to improve general well-being. Whether through sport, nutrition, or lifestyle management, this kick-start provides the opportunity to prevent and alleviate a variety of the health issues affecting men today.

  • Our New Collection: Healthy Honeymoons

    For all newlyweds who want more than a fly-and-flop honeymoon, today we launch our new worldwide collection Healthy Honeymoons, the first of their kind in an evolving travel industry. Whilst 99% of couples who choose a traditional wedding take a honeymoon, only 1 in 4 go on their dream honeymoon, with an emerging trend towards more experiential honeymoons for pursuing richer cultural experiences. From activity adventures in Mexico to wellness spa retreats in Vietnam; our Healthy Honeymoons will revolutionise the way couples begin their happily-ever-after.

  • Our Top Picks for Singles Health Holidays

    Our Top Picks for Singles Health Holidays

    Now more than ever people of all ages are embracing the benefits that solo traveling has to offer. Everything from a heightened level of personal freedom to the greater opportunity to meet and engage with new people are advantages of singles holidays that cannot be understated. Single holidays present the perfect opportunity for individuals to prioritise their personal medical needs and improve their overall health. There is a very diverse range of luxury health retreats on offer to solo-travellers, many of which are specialised to improve specific areas of your health including weight and diet, sleep, immune system response, and ageing.

    Without further ado, discover our top picks for singles health retreats below:

  • Paul's Review of Pine Cliffs Resort, Portugal

    Review of Pine Cliffs Resort, Portugal

    What is Pine Cliffs and who’s it for?


    Pine Cliffs, a luxury collection resort in the Algarve, Portugal

    Pine Cliffs
    is an award-winning 5-star luxury hotel, but it is so much more than that: it's a resort, a golf course, a spa, fitness centre, tennis academy, a lifestyle and an experience. Located on the amazing coastline of the Algarve, in Southern Portugal on a stunning cliff-top above Portugal’s longest beach, Praia Da Falesia. Whilst I was there, I saw families, couples, singles, spa-lovers, golfers and many more because of the variety of amenities and sprawling grounds the resort is situated on.


  • Paul’s Review of Monchique Resort & Spa

    Paul’s Review of Monchique Resort & Spa

    What is Monchique Resort & Spa and who’s it for?

    If you’re looking for an amazing and renewing spa retreat in marvellous surroundings, then a stay at Monchique Resort & Spa is just what is needed. The resorts setting is peaceful and serene with views that stretch all the way to the Atlantic coast but because it’s located in the mountains, there is a warm cool breeze.

  • Retreat Review: 1711 Ti Sana Detox Retreat, Italy

    On route from Melbourne through to London, our Travel Specialist Samantha made a short stopover for an energising three night stay in Milan where she visited Ti Sana, a boutique rural health retreat specialising in detox, weight-loss and holistic wellness holidays with a focus on sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • Samantha's Review of Kamalaya 2019

    What makes Kamalaya so special?

    I have been an advocate for Kamalaya since my first visit in 2012 - the location, programs, and property design are all geared towards a total wellness immersion. With this, I am delighted to report that it is still magical — a place where the time goes both fast and slow. I believe the secret ingredient lies in the knowledgeable and caring team members. This was my fourth visit but it would be the first time I am concentrating on improving my emotional wellbeing, taking part in the Embracing Change program.

  • Samantha's review of REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort

    Samantha's review of REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort

    What is REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort and who is it for?

    A 5-star luxury resort in Bali REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort, this resort is for guests seeking holistic transformation in a beautiful and serene setting, bespoke programs are designed for each individual and can be based on your in-depth pre-arrival questionnaire and even genetics with optional DNA testing available.


  • Samantha's Review of Siddhartha, Bali

    I learnt to Scuba Dive almost a decade ago and have been enjoying diving in tropical destinations ever since, I always make sure to check out the best dive spots when I'm on a healthy break and am lucky enough to be staying at Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort & Spa in Bali with some of the best diving spots on my doorstep.

  • Samantha’s Snapshot Review of Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

    Tell us about the resort – what makes Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort special?

    Located on a hillside on the southern coast of Phuket, Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort is a small unique property, independently run by a family that gives it a personal, homey touch, allowing you to fully relax.

  • Should you Book a Fitness Retreat?

    Woman practicing yoga on holiday on the grass with the sea in the background


    From finding it challenging to pick the correct fitness activities for your health goals to wanting to up the ante on your workouts – there are many reasons to book a fitness retreat wherever you find yourself on the scale of regular fitness activity. With a huge array of options to choose from ranging from beginner to advanced, you’re bound to find the health and fitness holiday for you, your partner, your family or whoever you decide to take along with you on your adventures.

  • Staying healthy on a business trip: Dos and Don’ts

    Words: Bessie Hassan

    Overseas trips can be exhausting for our bodies at the best of times. And especially if you’re in and out of meetings on the wrong time zone, it can be pretty easy to let your health lack in order to play catch up. So how can you make the most out of your business trip to stay healthy?

  • Sweatcations for Spring-Summer Shape Up

    As the heat rises and the winter layers lessen, this season prompts us to ditch the couch and lace up our trainers in pursuit of rediscovering our hibernating beach bodies. This year, swap a last minute dash to the sweaty gym for a fitness boosting break as we share our best fitness holidays for a spring-summer shape up. From a back to nature fitness boot camp in Greece, to an active cleansing detox and fitness escape in Bali, come out of hibernation with a sweatcation holiday which will whip you into shape whilst boosting your summer tan.

  • Swing and Serve: The Best Golf and Tennis Holidays

    Swing and Serve: The Best Golf and Tennis Holidays


    Whether you’re looking for some leisurely fun or are keen to improve your skills,golfbreaksandtennis holidays are available for all abilities. Practice your swing or ace your serve on a luxury golf or tennis holiday, or perhaps try your hand at both. Tennis and golf are great sports for singles, couples and even families! Receive expert coaching to really give your game an edge and share tips with like-minded sporting enthusiasts from across the globe. With professional tennis courts and champion golf courses in ample destinations worldwide, whether you want to hit balls by the beach or under the mountains there is a resort for everyone.Here are our bestgolf andtennis retreats forthe perfect active holiday:

  • The 10 Best Luxury Hotel Gyms in the World

    Two tiered gym with a row of treadmills


    With a market value of just under £5 billion, it is no secret that the fitness industry in the UK has exploded over the past ten years. Gym culture has become the norm with 4.5 million of us having an active membership. The change in culture can be seen in hotels, which now prioritise their health and fitness facilities rather than their former luxuries. Nowadays in this health-conscious world, state of the art gym equipment has become a more important indicator in defining the luxuriousness of a retreat. With as many hotel gyms as plates on a squat rack, we’ve put together a roundup of the best luxury hotel gyms in the world. Take the guesswork out of your fitness holiday and pick a hotel with a gym that’s right for you.   

  • The 12 Month Wellness Holiday Guide for Australian Travellers

    Follow the sun, sea and a sense of wellness in 2017 with a year’s worth of inspiration in health-enhancing wellness experiences around the world. We share our month-by-month wanderlust guide of the best wellness holidays for 2017 so you can make this the year to nourish your mind, body and soul. 

  • The Benefits of Juice Fasting on Holiday

    The Benefits of Juice Fasting on Holiday

    It’s time to take a healthy break; to take a break from everything – solid foods included! Juice fasting is the way to go if you’re looking to see a new and better you. It’s fast, effective, and you’ll feel great too. But what exactly are the benefits of juice fasting, and secondly, why should we do it when on holiday?

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