• Healthy Holidays For Families Infographic

    Revive your family holiday with a healthy change of pace and get the kids active whilst soaking up the sun in luxury wellness destinations worldwide. Take a look at our useful infographic for inspiration on where to go and what to do, from cultural adventures in Vietnam, to sports breaks in St Lucia and family spa retreats in Italy. Get in touch with one of our travel specialists to tailor-make your perfect family holiday.

  • Healthy Honeymoons™ Infographic

    Begin your happily ever after on one of our luxury Healthy Honeymoons™, from beach wellness to cultural & wellness honeymoons; and luxury spa to activity honeymoons. Take a look at our useful infographic for interesting facts and figures; inspiration for where to go, and exciting Healthy Honeymoon™ ideas. Get in touch with one of our travel specialists to tailor-make your dream romantic escape.

  • How Family Holidays Could Improve the Health and Well-Being of Children

    health and wellbeing of children on family holiday

    With worrying statistics that almost a third of children aged between 2 and 15 are overweight or obese1, and recent warnings that children are bingeing on social media like they would junk food2, it would appear there is a health pandemic amongst our youngest generation. To break the vicious cycle of unhealthy habits, we urge that families need to provide healthy experiences to promote positive well-being for their children. From encouraging exercise and good nutrition, to taking active and healthy family holidays, parents can take small steps towards creating the foundations for healthy behaviours that will last their children a lifetime.

  • How to Choose the Right Fitness Holiday For You

    How to Choose the Right Fitness Holiday For You

    So, you finally decided to go on a fitness holiday but are now left with the dilemma of choosing the right one for you. From group optimal fitness to personal training sessions, with so many different types of fitness holidays to choose from, here we share what to expect and where to go. Whether you are interested in an intense triathlon challenge or a fitness adventure, choose the right fitness holiday for you and get motivated with the help of fitness experts in destinations around the world.

  • How to Prepare for a Hiking Holiday

    Are you after a change of scenery? Appreciate Mother Nature as you take in the surroundings on a hiking holiday whilst enhancing your fitness and well-being at the same time. Walking is a great yet simple way to enjoy the fresh air and gain an intimate perspective on the world. If you’d rather see the world from a completely different perspective than go on a fly and flop ho-hum holiday, embrace the great outdoors and engrave its beauty into your memory. The key to optimizing your hiking holiday is all in the preparation, so tick off the necessary steps to maximise your hiking experience.

  • How to Prepare for a Scuba Diving Holiday

    How to Prepare for a Scuba Diving Holiday


    So you’ve decided to go on a scuba diving holiday, but you still feel like you’re not prepared for it at all? With our ‘how-to’ guide, we can help you explore more of our blue planet’s teeming underwater wonders and ensure you make the most of your tailor-made diving adventure. Every trip offers something different in terms of your skills and how far you can push your limits. But as it’s true for most things, preparation is key. In order to embark on this exhilarating experience, you must take note and learn the necessary steps to optimise this holiday of a lifetime. Witness what dwells underneath our vast oceans and uncover a universe all of its own, with our top tips on how to prepare for a scuba diving holiday.

  • Improve Your Fitness Holiday Performance with Compression

    by: SKINS

    We all know compression sportswear is tight, but so is pretty much everything else we exercise in, so what’s all the fuss about? Can a little extra squeeze really fight fatigue, reduce the risk of injury, speed up recovery and boost performance?

    The short answer to all of those is yes, and to prove it, here are a few fast facts from sportswear brand SKINS to help you get to grips with their high-performance gear.

  • Inactive and hot holidays can lower your IQ

    According to new research by Professor Siegfiend Lehrl of the University of Erlangen in Germany, a specialist in mental performance, taking a two week fly and flop holiday, particularly a hot one, can lower your IQ by as much as 20 points because inactivity reduces oxygen to the brain. Add dehydration caused by heat and alcohol into the equation and brain cell volume may decrease by up to 15%, according to the article in the Daily Telegraph.

  • Laura's Review of Wildfitness Crete

    What is Wildfitness and who's it for?

    I knew Wildfitness had a different approach to exercise before I arrived, but I was amazed to discover just how deeply it ran throughout the retreats’ ethos. Everything gravitates around natural movement and getting back to how things used to be for evolutionary man. Sure, the fitness schedule incorporates all the aerobic and anaerobic training of any typical regime, but without any of the gym work or repetitive, formulaic structure. This was great for me as I’m not someone who can turn up to the gym each day without eventually getting bored and throwing in the towel all together.

  • LGBTQ Wellness Travel: Which Countries are the Most Gay-Friendly?

    Countries around the globe are opening to the LGBTQ community. With Australia being the latest example to legalise same-sex marriage, many other countries used the past years to work on a more open-minded environment to make LGBTQ travellers feel welcomed and secure.

  • Our New Healthy Holidays For Families


    From the health conscious to the sporty and active, globetrotting parents can now share their favourite wellness holidays with their little ones, as we introduce our new healthy With more children out of shape, parents are looking to encourage healthy habits and revamp their stagnant family holidays lounging by the pool with a healthy change of pace and get the kids active whilst soaking up the sun. Discover a diverse selection of healthy family holidays worldwide, from cultural adventures in Vietnam, to sports breaks in St Lucia and family spa retreats in Italy.

  • Paul’s Review of Marbella Club, Spain

    Review of Marbella Club

    What is Marbella Club and who’s it for?

    Before I arrived, I knew Marbella Club was going to be special, it’s one of those places where reputation precedes; a genuine “hall of fame” with a focus on tailor-made wellness programmes and excellent facilities. As soon as I stepped foot in the grounds, I got a sense of the infamous heritage, it was founded in 1954 by Prince Alfonso and grew into an exclusive beach club luxury hotel, and as I walked surrounded by palm trees, fresh air and sea blue waters, I could see why he created it. The architecture is beautiful, typically Spanish with beach and lavish gardens surrounding. Now, more than 60 years later the iconic Marbella Club has been visited by celebrities from across the world looking to escape the throngs of society whilst also indulging in luxurious exclusivity.

  • Phuket's Biggest Trail and Mountain Bike Competition

    Do you need a fitness goal to keep you focused, or love taking part in organised sporting events? Well then we have some news that might pique your interest.

  • Sun Awareness Week: Staying Safe in the Sun

    It's Sun Awareness Week now until May 6th, which means it's time to remind oneself the importance of protecting your skin from dangerous things such as skin cancer. With the ozone layer eating holes into our protective atmosphere, the risk of overexposure to UV rays and health issues are on the rise. 

  • Thailand Discover Recover Review

    Thailand Discover Recover Review


    My last visit to Thailand was twelve years ago as a eighteen year old backpacker, My memories of this trip was of $5 a night guesthouses, full moon parties, long journeys on the back of old pick up trucks, lots of hangovers and greasy curries. So as you can imagine this luxury ten-day Thai health and fitness Discover Recover holiday was certainly a very different experience from my last visit, in fact it was was absolute bliss!

  • The Best Destinations for Multi Generation Family Holidays

    The Best Destinations for Multi Generation Family Holidays

    Make up for lost time with your busy schedules by creating lasting memories with all generations of your family with one of our multi generation family holidays. With a range of activities that cater to all the needs of your family, this is the perfect opportunity for children to spend quality time with their grandparents on a multi generation family holiday for all ages. Spending time with your family is the most important thing, especially uniting the elder generation with the younger, so take the time to ensure you can spend quality family time together in a healthy and active way. With more than 12.5 million people having been on a three generation ‘3G’ holiday, be sure to jump on the bandwagon and see what you’re missing out on.

  • The Best Family Holidays in Asia


    Unwind and relax on a tropical family holiday that will allow everyone to make the most of the idyllic beaches, whether that be kayaking together in Thailand or shell-collecting in Bali, perfect for your youngsters to enjoy. You will all leave feeling fully rejuvenated, as bringing your children on holiday can still mean a relaxing exotic Asian getaway is within your grasp.

  • The Best Family Sports Resorts for Holidays with Teenagers

    The Best Family Sports Resorts for Holidays with Teenagers


    For many families, one of the challenging parts of going on a holiday is finding one that suits everyone’s tastes. Travelling with teenagers can be particularly tricky as their interests don’t always align with those of their parents or younger siblings. Life is easier if the destination, activities and entertainment coincide with their interests, whilst also offering something for mum and dad. For sporty families, let us make your family holiday planning a lot easier as we share our best family sports resorts for holidays with teenagers. Whether you’re into the thrill of mountain biking, the excitement of water sports or just looking for fun and engaging activities everyone can enjoy, our teenage friendly family holidays are guaranteed to give everyone a reason to be excited!

  • The Best LGBT Healthy Honeymoons to Book

    With increasing measures in support of gay rights and anti-discrimination worldwide, there has never been a better time for members of the LGBT community to travel. Indeed, same-sex marriage is now legal in 24 countries, with more to follow, meaning that gay couples everywhere are tying the knot.

  • The Best Luxury Activity Honeymoons in the Caribbean

    The Best Luxury Activity Honeymoons in the Caribbean

    Continue to create lifetime memories after your big day and begin married life on an exhilarating activity honeymoon on the stunning coastlines of the Caribbean. Ideal for sporty and adventurous newlyweds, enjoy hiking dramatic mountain ranges, trekking through rainforests and scuba diving in aquamarine waters. From Jamaica to St Lucia, recover after your action packed adventures with a variety of wellness enhancing activities, luxurious spa treatments and romantic evening dining experiences, for a relaxing end to fun-filled days.

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