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  • Top 5 Weight Loss Holidays

    During the winter season, we are encouraged to cover up our bodies and don't pay much attention to the effects caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Come summer, we want to get on the beach, work on our natural tan and display our amazing bikini body....

  • Top 5 Yoga Holidays; Namaste

    The benefits of yoga are endless; improve your flexibility, strength, balance, posture and breathing. Whether you are trying to relax, recuperate from an injury or tone up, yoga is very good for your mental health, overall fitness and also helps to...

  • Essential Tips for Staying Healthy on a Cruise

    Our Naturopathic Nutrition Wellness Expert Hollie Bailey gives her essential tips for staying healthy on a cruise

  • Shanti Maurice Health and Fitness Week

    Inline with the current trend for healthy holidays in exotic surroundings, Shanti Maurice has join forces with world class fitness and nutrition experts SP&Co to launch its first Health & Fitness week starting on 3rd June 2013. Over the course of seven...

  • Healthy Holidays over the New Year

    Start your New Year the right way by jetting off to an exotic destination on one of our healthy holidays. From a yoga, spa and surfing holiday in Morocco, to an activity and fitness holiday in the Caribbean; you’ll be able to keep active and boost your...

  • 10 Best New Year Holiday Retreats for 2014

    A diet of mince pies and Christmas pudding is all fine, but have you thought about the aftermath? Set your sights on a health and fitness holiday to take you away from the chaos of New Year and escape on one of our New Year healthy holiday retreats.

  • Top 5 Mindfulness Mother’s Day Holistic Escapes

    Multi-tasking mums around the world will know that juggling the demands of motherhood is not always conducive to connecting with your inner-calm. This Mother’s Day, give mum the break she deserves as we shine the spotlight on our best holistic escapes...

  • Gluten Free Foodie Holidays for Coeliac Awareness Week

    More than just a fad diet, eating gluten free is in fact vital to individuals suffering from a condition called coeliac disease. A lifelong autoimmune disease in which the small intestine reacts with hypersensitivity to gluten, this reaction leads to...

  • 8 of the Best Spa Retreats for Mother’s Day

    This Mother’s Day treat your mum to the luxury spa retreat she craves. We recommend the best Mother’s Day wellness breaks for health-conscious Mums. From a spa carved into the dramatic Troodos mountains to soothing treatments that overlook sandy...

  • Holiday Like a Celebrity

    Would you like to holiday like a celebrity? They are often seen relaxing in magnificent holiday destinations when they want to escape the pressures of their paparazzi fuelled life. We, too, require a quick getaway from our daily working life so that we...

  • The World's Best Active Holidays for Single Travellers

    Don’t let the fear of travelling solo stop you from having one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. On an active singles holiday you’ll never be short of things to do and there are endless opportunities to meet like-minded solo...

  • Natural Ways to Protect Against Coronavirus

    Our Naturopathic Nutritionist & Wellness Expert Hollie Bailey shares her top tips to help support your natural defences against Coronavirus, colds and flu.

  • How to Prepare for a Meditation Retreat

    Yoga, spa holidays and meditation retreats are just some examples of the popular wellness activities that tourists are looking to take part in, or are even the sole purposes for their travel. Meditation helps you to de-stress from contemporary life,...

  • The Best Fitness Holidays to Book in 2017

    The New Year is time for a new you, so get ready to bring out the best version of yourself with our top fitness holidays to book in 2017. You’ll be able to catalyse a bodily transformation just the way you want, as you jump into an active break located...

  • 10 Health and Wellness Industry Trends

    We’re all aware of the term ‘wellness’ - a 21st Century buzzword that has evolved into a multi-billion industry. We share the 10 key developments that have emerged over the years, from eco-friendly tourism to digital detox retreats, and what the future...

  • Samantha's Review of Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

    What is Thanyapura and who’s it for? Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort is a world-class facility with an extensive offering, ideal for anyone interested in optimising their sports performance, mental health or physical well-being. Perfect for a fitness...

  • 10 of the Best Wellbeing Escapes

    Whether your aim is to shed a few pounds, boost your fitness, de-stress, cleanse your body, seek mind renewal, indulge in luxury spa therapies, improve your sleep or get an adrenalin hit, we share 10 of our best well-being escapes which will guarantee...

  • Adam’s Review of Euphoria Retreat, Greece.

    Euphoria Retreat in the heart of Greece is an inspirational wellness destination with a focus on healing. Situated next to a small, quaint village with stunning views of the Peloponnese mountain valley that bear their significance.

  • Where to Spa like a Celeb; The Healthy Way

    Celebrity getaways are often remote and exclusive, they are known for going on magnificent holidays to the world's most exciting destinations to escape the pressures of their busy and public persona lifestyles. Celebs have their image to maintain and a...

  • 10 of the Best Invigorating Fitness Holidays for 2021

    It’s time to start setting healthy goals for 2021, and exercise need not be a chore with activities like hiking, biking, surfing and triathlons on offer, whether it’s alone, with a partner, or with the whole family, you can lay the foundations for a...


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