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  • 5 Natural Ways to Enhance Fertility

    Everybody knows it’s important to stay healthy whilst pregnant, but have you ever considered how your health affects your chances of conceiving? Saying goodbye to a bad diet or simply taking time to relax and unwind could really help your family...

  • Destination Spa Holidays: Why should I go on one?

    Destination spas are becoming increasingly popular, offering all-inclusive health and wellness programmes for people on spa holidays to help develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle with long-lasting benefits.

  • Why to Quit Smoking on Holiday

    With March 9th being National No Smoking Day, there couldn’t be a better time to ditch the cigarettes. However, if the thought of going cold turkey whilst dealing with work stress and daily temptation has you reaching for your lighter, why not combine...

  • 10 Healthy Holidays That Will Make You a Better Person

    Take a break from your hectic lifestyle and embark a life-changing retreat that will help you to become a better version of you. Whether you want to improve your health or become more in touch with yourself, our wide range of wellness holidays will...

  • Wellness Travel Trends to Watch in 2019

    The global wellness industry is now worth $4.2 trillion with wellness tourism experiencing a 6.5% annual growth; more than double the growth rate for overall tourism. Forecasting the next big trends in wellness travel for 2019, we live up to our...

  • 10 Healing Holidays to Target Health Problems

    Whether you’re struggling with physical issues, such as sports injuries or poor posture, battling internal digestive, heart, or lung concerns, or even tackling emotional problems, such as insomnia or high levels of stress; address the issue head on...

  • Top 10 Detox Retreats for 2016

    Revitalise your body with a healthy spring cleanse after an over-indulgent festive season, as we round up our top 10 detox retreats for 2016. From the foothills of India’s Himalayas to the rolling hills of Italy, swap the toxin-inducing stress levels,...

  • What is a Mental Health Retreat?

    It is so often that we hear of people taking “mental health” days or breaks - but what does this actually mean? For some, this can mean a relaxing day on the couch or a simple day off! At Health and Fitness Travel, our wellness holidays are structured...

  • The Best Retreats for a Healthy Mind

    For many of us, today’s fast-paced, high-intensity lifestyle induces self-neglect and lethargy. We all desire an opportunity to heal; regaining both mental strength and rebooting physical health can be life-changing. A rise of meditation retreats offer...

  • 10 of the Best Detox Retreats for 2015

    Revitalise your body with a healthy spring cleanse after an over-indulgent festive season, as we round up 10 of the best detox retreats for 2015. From the foothills of India’s Himalayas to the rolling Tuscan hills of Italy, swap the toxin-inducing...

  • What Makes the Perfect Yoga Holiday?

    Yoga has taken the world by storm with its mental and physical health benefits, allowing people of all ages and abilities to become more in tune with their bodies and enhance their well-being. Improve your posture, flexibility and strength, whilst also...

  • Where to go in Europe for a Detox Retreat

    Unhealthy nutrition and high stress levels can build up toxins in the body, causing a number of healthy issues, from lethargy to digestive problems. Cleanse your system of these harmful toxins on one of our effective detox holidays in a stunning...

  • 5 of the Best New Year Breaks for Single travellers

    The thought of beginning the New Year flying solo can be daunting, but why not revel in the opportunity of having no ties and do something that you really want to do on one of our healthy singles holiday. From a surfing break in Morocco to an...

  • 5 Alternative Stop Smoking Treatments That Work

    Quitting smoking is not easy, and watching others succeed can make you wonder why you are struggling. We don’t live in a one size fits all world; what is good for one may not be good for all. If going cold turkey feels like walking on a tightrope and...

  • Top 10 Healthy Summer Holidays in Europe

    Why waste time lying around on a fly-and-flop holiday when you could invest in your well-being by embarking on a healthy summer holiday at one of our luxurious destinations around Europe.

  • Stoptober: Stop Smoking Retreats to Help You Quit

    With smoking rates continuing to fall each year, and over 250,000 smokers having taken part in last year’s Stoptober, we have seen a rising trend in specialist stop smoking retreats designed to help you quit long-term. Smoking is still the biggest...

  • 5 of the Best Corporate Spa Retreats

    Coping with the stress and pressure that the modern working environment puts us under can be disruptive to both our mental and physical health. As a successful professional, we want to be energetic, positive and productive, but with ever increasing...

  • The Biggest Wellness Travel Trends to Keep an Eye on for 2024

    With another year upon us and new advancements and discoveries happening constantly in the world of wellbeing, we have curated an extensive list of all the latest wellness trends we believe will emerge to popularity throughout the year of 2024, and the...

  • Top 5 Pre-Wedding Health Retreats

    If wedding admin is leaving you feeling frazzled, pre-wedding nerves are sneaking in and you are struggling to manage the stress-inducing decision making of organising your wedding, it sounds like you are in need of a well-being solution. Rejuvenate on...

  • Introducing: The Ultimate Luxury Around the World Wellness Trip

    Changing lives with a trip so one-of-a-kind that it has never been attempted before, we are thrilled to introduce our ultimate luxury around the world wellness trip. With the expert guidance of professional wellness teams, become the master of your...


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