With the opportunity to plan your healthy holiday exactly how you want, it is not surprising that solo travel is on the rise. Whether it is to focus on achieving your personal wellness goals or simply to enjoy activities that your usual holiday companions aren’t interested in, travelling solo on a singles holiday means you have no one to think of but yourself. Take some precious ‘me time’ to relax with spa treatments or join in with group fitness classes, as fellow solo travellers help you to push yourself that much harder before you share your sweat stories. You don’t even need to travel far, with healthy singles holidays in Europe offering no shortage of stunning beaches, mountain views and scenic rolling landscapes for a short-haul solo holiday.

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According to new research by Professor Siegfiend Lehrl of the University of Erlangen in Germany, a specialist in mental performance, taking a two week fly and flop holiday, particularly a hot one, can lower your IQ by as much as 20 points because inactivity reduces oxygen to the brain. Add dehydration caused by heat and alcohol into the equation and brain cell volume may decrease by up to 15%, according to the article in the Daily Telegraph.

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Without a doubt Sugar Ridge is the best place to stay in Antigua. It is a private, beautiful retreat that in my opinion is a well-kept secret. It stood out to me amid other luxury resorts on the island because of its stunning hillside location and renowned state of the art fitness centre.

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It is never too late to take up an exhilarating new hobby, so why not start with tennis? It's a beautiful game that the whole family can enjoy in all seasons and has numerous health benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease. It also has rehabilitative qualities which give you the opportunity to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. And who knows, once you have mastered the techniques and developed your own strategy, you can pass this knowledge onto your family. You may set in motion and be responsible for training the future Andy Murray or Laura Robson!

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Whether you want to lose weight or detox, relax or be pampered, then there's no better place to be than a spa. In recent years, spas have grown in popularity as more of us are putting health and well-being high on the list of our everyday priorities. In addition to exercise, we are looking for new ways to improve our general health and the spa experience offers a whole range of treatments and facilities which will help us to reach our goals and relax our bodies and minds. But just why are spa holidays so popular and what can we expect from a spa experience today?

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Recover from the whirlwind of wedding planning and unplug from technology as you swap virtual tweets for the sound of real birdsong on a digital detox healthy honeymoon which will leave you both with a restored sense of wellness. Allowing you precious time to connect with each other as newlyweds; be present in the moment and enjoy your surroundings as you disconnect from the digital world. Clear your minds with meditation, soothe your system with holistic therapies and indulge your senses with stunning scenery. Embrace joint interests or activities that may have been swiped aside during constant flicking between apps and share experiences together. Be in the moment, rather than seeing it through an electronic screen, and return home from your digital detox honeymoon recharged and renewed.

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During the winter season, we are encouraged to cover up our bodies and don't pay much attention to the effects caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Come summer, we want to get on the beach, work on our natural tan and display our amazing bikini body. However, gaining those extra pounds during the cruel winter will be counterproductive to enjoying the summer months. Escape to your very own bikini beach body break and ensure that your body looks its best all year around, for a long time to come.

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So you’ve been hearing a lot of hype about raw food diets and you've decided you may want to give it a try on a nutrition friendly holiday that will introduce you to this healthy eating practice. A-listers have done it and proved to show positive results; Scarlett Johansson ate raw while filming to boost her energy, Kate Middleton turned to raw foods to make her skin more radiant, and tennis star Venus Williams embraced a raw vegan diet after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

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White sands, crystal blue waters, a myriad of activities and the freedom to decide just how you spend your time equates to the ultimate solo holiday by the beach. No longer the sole reserve of singletons, singles holiday offer the opportunity to focus on your individual wellness goals and the chance to try activities not enjoyed by your usual holiday companions. Reconnect with yourself against the backdrop of spectacular ocean views as you swim with colourful marine life off the coast of Bali, feel the sand between your toes in Greece or try ocean stand-up paddle boarding in Thailand. Meet other like-minded solo travellers, make new connections and use the supportive atmosphere to push yourself in group fitness classes. Take some ‘me time’ to unwind with invigorating ocean inspired spa treatments that will leave you refreshed and ready for the return to real life.

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Also known as moving meditation, Tai Chi is the art of slow, gentle and controlled movements teamed with calming breathing techniques. A diverse wellness activity for body, mind and soul, the many health benefits of Tai Chi have been found to include; relieving pain, reducing stress, enhancing sleep, improving energy levels, strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and reducing the risk of injury. 

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Add some vitamin D and sea salt to your yoga practise on an exotic yoga and beach holiday that will leave you sun-kissed, rejuvenated and with a feeling of total wellness. Rather than a fly-and-flop beach holiday, give yourself the gift of sunrise yoga performed on white sandy beaches, supplemented by exhilarating water sports and indulgent spa treatments. Welcoming yogis of all levels and under the guidance of expert tuition you can choose to start learning yoga on holiday, or focus on strengthening and developing your existing practise. Whichever path you choose, you will return home re-balanced, rested and restored.

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