Hitting the reset button with a short healthy break in Queensland at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat…

With a constant busy schedule and long hours I found myself in need of a short healthy break. So I booked in for a much needed 2 night wellness weekend escape at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, where I could unwind and focus on my well-being. 

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People are very excited about the latest yoga workouts that are popping up around the world, Anti-gravity Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga are definitely worth trying. Anti-gravity Yoga uses a combination of aerial arts and yoga practices, where hammock like suspensions hold the body in the air in different yoga positions. Whereas, Paddleboard Yoga uses a stand up paddle board and Yoga techniques, while trying to balance on the water. Both are great for strengthening and toning the core, while ultimately being enjoyable.

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What is Aro Ha Wellness Retreat?

Located in New Zealand’s Southern Alps about 40 minutes’ drive from the centre of Queenstown, is first-of-its-kind Aro Ha Wellness Retreat, Opened in January 2014 offering all-inclusive healthy holidays to change the way you think about wellbeing, programs range from 4 to 7 nights, however the signature program Invigorate & Enrich (Winter Wellness during the winter months) runs for 5 days / 4 nights. All programs are run on set dates and speciality retreats are run throughout the year.

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Sydney nutritionist, health blogger and wellness coach Jessica Sepel recently visited Kamalaya and thought it was the "Most Heavenly Health Retreat' read on for her complete review:

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I learnt to Scuba Dive almost a decade ago and have been enjoying diving in tropical destinations ever since, I always make sure to check out the best dive spots when I'm on a healthy break and am lucky enough to be staying at Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort & Spa in Bali with some of the best diving spots on my doorstep.

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Make now the time to change your life for the better and reach your optimal health. Take a break and go on holiday to reach your own personal goals, whether to get fit, lose weight, stop smoking, learn to surf, beat insomnia or learn to dance. We round up our top 10 self-improving wellness holidays which will impact you long after you return home.

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We are constantly being fed information from new studies about what is good and bad for our health. The facts can often contradict each other and be misleading, so instead we have compiled a list of simple, useful and lesser-known facts about our health. Here are our top 10:

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The Caribbean Islands are the perfect place to truly unwind and begin a journey of self-discovery. Home to some of the world's best wellness resorts, there are hundreds of healing treatments on offer that will nurture your mind, body and soul. A place of true, natural beauty, the Caribbean boasts a diverse tropical landscape featuring mountain ranges, valleys, volcanoes and beaches. While these will provide the perfect backdrop for self-nourishment and revitalisation on a spa and wellness holiday, they simultaneously make the islands great for exploring the outdoors and getting fit through physical pursuit. There are many activities to choose from such as trekking, snorkelling and various water sports. What's more, these destinations are well suited for families, groups or solo holidays. So why not spoil yourself by taking a holiday to one of our top five luxury healthy spa holidays that are guaranteed to let you make the most of what these diverse islands really have to offer.

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Thanks to an extra UK bank holiday for the Diamond Jubilee weekend, smart travellers can book less time off work for more days on holiday. With one month to go, it's not too late for travellers wanting to make the most of the long weekend and take advantage of the double bank holiday bonanza.

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Cyprus is an increasingly popular destination to visit for an all-round health and fitness experience and one that also caters for families. The award-winning Aphrodite Hills has established itself as a leader in active and wellness holidays with a stunning spa, golf course, and tennis academy, with the name originally named after the goddess, Aphrodite. Located just a short 15 minute transfer from Paphos airport and set just off the coast, it provides stunning spectacles on the coastline. 

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Yoga and Pilates tend to get grouped together - and rightly so given they are so complimentary to one another. However, the two disciplines offer fairly different experiences from one another, so if you’re wondering ‘yoga vs pilates - which one is right for me?’ keep reading to discover the key differences and benefits!

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