• 2016 Top Global Wellness Spa & Fitness Travel Trends

    Forecasting the next big trends in wellness travel for 2016, from fitness DNA to healthy foodie holidays, here, we predict the emerging trends that will shape the wellness world of 2016.

  • 2016 Top Global Wellness, Spa & Fitness Travel Trends

    Forecasting the next big trends in wellness travel for 2016, from fitness DNA to healthy foodie holidays, here, we predict the emerging trends that will shape the wellness world of 2016.

  • 3 Stretches for a Deep Sleep

    3 Stretches for a Deep Sleep

    Lucy Miller

    by Lucy Miller

    A Fitness and Nutrition Expert

    How annoying is it, when you’ve had a busy day, have another one ahead but just can’t switch off? It’s so frustrating! So if you have a tough time falling asleep or you toss and turn in the middle of the night then its time to take action and that doesn’t mean popping a pill. Instead, I advise you to create a bedtime routine that includes stretching your limbs. Nearly all of us are guilty of not stretching – me included, so instead I’ve started to take ten minutes to do this quick routine before bed. Not only does it make me more relaxed, but it also helps to keep my muscles flexible, so I’m less likely to experience discomfort or workout-related injuries. I also find that it makes me put my iPad down, which can stimulate your brain and keep you awake at night. I know, it’s so hard to switch off these days!

  • 5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    If you want to get in shape and make some health changes, these five fitness retreats in the Mediterranean are the best destinations to kick-start your journey. Whatever they may be, put your well-being in the hands of professional health experts and not only learn new techniques to push your body to the max, but also learn how to fuel your body the right way. Whether traversing Greece, Turkey or Croatia, you may enjoy our exclusive Fitness Fusion retreats which are aimed to offer you an all-encompassing fitness program tailored to your needs. With full access to the complimentary group classes and spa facilities, further your fitness journey even more and reap the rewards long after your stay.

  • 5 Amazing Holidays for Single Women over 60

    5 Amazing Holidays for Single Women over 60

    A singles holiday for women aged over 60 could be exactly what you are after. Not only is it good for you, it’s also an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals looking to achieve the same thing! Growing old gracefully is important and it doesn’t hurt to aid your body with a healthy ageing holiday. Embrace the motto ‘age is just a number’ and gain the incentive to promote your health, regardless of old habits.

  • 5 Best Activity Family Holidays for Winter Sun

    5 Best Activity Family Holidays for Winter Sun

    Have you ever dreamed of spending your Christmas wind surfing in Mauritius, or celebrating the New Year on a sunset cruise in the Caribbean? With an array of sports, activities and group fitness classes, our luxury family holidays are the perfect way for you and your family to escape the routine of day-to-day life and keep active in the warming rays of winter sun on an activity holiday.

  • 5 Best All-Inclusive Health Retreats for Honeymoons

    Commence your happily-ever-after by escaping on a luxury healthy honeymoon with your loved one. From South Africa and Vietnam, to St. Lucia and Mexico, our selection of world-class destinations and honeymoon retreats provide plenty of choice to suit the needs of every newlywed couple.  Whether you’re looking for unlimited spa treatments, including massages, wraps and scrubs, an array of fun activities to keep yourselves occupied, or nutritious and delicious meals, we have it covered.

  • 5 Best Well-being Holidays for Couples

    Modern life can be time consuming and stressful; work commitments, commuting and deadlines can often leave strains on relationships. Take the chance to reconnect with your partner by indulging yourself in luxurious surroundings and holistic activities. Pamper yourselves with spa therapies from full body wraps to massages and wine and dine at exquisite restaurants that serve exotic cuisine at its best. All of our well-being holidays offer spa facilities which offer full relaxation designed to revitalise and replenish mind, body and soul.

  • 5 Common Mistakes We All Make

    Words: Timmy Lindop

    After years of training for events and helping hundreds of clients to reach their goals I still see many mistakes made by many that sometimes prevents them from reaching their true potential (yep, myself included). It always brings me back to the famous ‘Marshmallow story from way back in the 1960s when a popular psychologist at the time did a test and lined up a bunch of school children with TWO choices – One Marshmallow now OR Two in 15 minutes time?

  • 5 Fitness Bootcamps for Singles

    fitness bootcamps for singles

    Push yourself to the max on the ultimate fitness holiday experience with the support of fellow solo travellers on our 5 best fitness bootcamps for singles. From beach boxing in Ibiza to TRX training in Thailand, discover the motivation to reach your fitness goals on a singles bootcamp holiday where you can build the foundations to make healthy changes in your life. Down time is crucial to replenish your muscles, so take full advantage of the fabulous luxury spas with their many tantalising treatments. You will be left motivated for the next day’s group bootcamp workouts on a singles holiday where you can easily get to know other solo travellers on the same health and fitness journey.

  • 5 Gym-Free Ways To Stay In Shape While Travelling

    by: Monisha Iswaran

    The last thing anyone wants to do be doing on their vacation is spending time in the hotel gym - you have sights to see and adventures to have! But then again, you don’t want to return from your holiday only to feel as though you’ve moved further away from your health and fitness goals. Here are 5 ways you can combat the seemingly inevitable holiday weight gain, and stay in shape without spending a single moment in the gym:

  • 5 Luxury Holidays for Single Women over 30

    5 Luxury Holidays for Single Women over 30

    Travelling solo as a woman is no longer associated with uncomfortable situations and lonely trips, but hailed as a haven of indulgence as you take time to focus on yourself, meet new people and gain new experiences. With our healthy a singles holidays for the over 30s, take a break from the commitments and responsibilities of everyday life and embrace doing exactly what you want to do with your holiday. Re-centre yourself with group yoga in Ibiza, hike through the mountains of Utah or pamper yourself with holistic spa treatments in Thailand; the solo holiday world is your oyster.

  • 5 of the Best Corporate Wellness Retreats for Employees

    5 of the Best Corporate Wellness Retreats for Employees

    The strains of the modern workplace environment can be detrimental to physical and mental health; inactivity, stress and fatigue are now major concerns costing both the professional and company.

  • 5 of the Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Destinations

    5 of the Best Eco-Friendly Holiday Destinations


    Travel the world in health and wellness whilst making a positive impact on the environment, with our 5 best eco-friendly holiday destinations for green conscious travellers. With a choice of luxury wellness retreats, proud of their eco-design and green-friendly awards, travel abroad happy in the knowledge that our hand-select wellness retreats actively support sustainable tourism.

  • 5 of the Best Fitness Holiday Workouts

    Working out is a key step in the quest to get fit and healthy, but which style is best suited for you? Whether you want to tone up, slim down or get fit mentally and physically, we take you through five of the best fitness workouts, so you can find the best method to achieve your goals. We also round up five of our handpicked luxury fitness holidays where you can enjoy all five of these workouts on one amazing healthy holiday!

  • 5 of the Best Fitness Holidays for Men

    5 of the Best Fitness Holidays for Men

    With life becoming increasingly complex with work, social and family demands, men are finding less time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that stress is not the only illness on the rise; heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are ranked as the top three health issues plaguing men, and all three can be prevented through diet andexercise. And there's no better place to do this than on an active and healthy holiday specifically designed for men.

  • 5 of the Best Fitness Honeymoon Holidays

    Best Fitness Honeymoon Holidays


    Not convinced by the idea of flying and flopping on a beach and being inactive on your honeymoon? We realise that beach honeymoons with a minimal amount of fitness activity don’t float every couple’s boat, so why not kick-start married life the healthy way!

  • 5 of the Best Gay Friendly Fitness Retreats

    Boost your fitness levels with your loved one on our gay friendly fitness retreats in welcoming destinations around the globe. With personalised training sessions, group classes and activities working to boost your cardio and strength; experience fitness holidays that will give your health the kick it needs. Whether doing beach workouts in Portugal or cycling in Thailand, escape on a romantic and active gay friendly holiday in beautiful destinations, from Bali to New Zealand.

  • 5 of the Best Group Fitness Retreats

    Give yourself the fitness overhaul you need this year on a group fitness retreat, where you can work towards your goals alongside like-minded individuals. Whether you want to kick-start weight loss with daily bootcamp workouts or you’re looking to tone and strengthen your body with Pilates and kettlebell classes, achieve your fitness goals with the support of good company. 

  • 5 of the Best Holidays for Single Women Over 40

    5 of the Best Holidays for Single Women Over 40


    Embrace the freedom to spend your singles holiday exactly the way you want to with our top solo friendly escapes for single women over 40. Meet other women who share your interests as you spin together in a treetop studio in St Lucia or explore temples in Thailand. Escape from the demands and responsibilities of everyday life on a singles holiday designed to restore and relax.

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