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  • 5 Peaceful Mountain Meditation Retreats

    Reach new heights on a peaceful meditation retreat set in the most picturesque mountain destinations across the globe. Discover the best meditation retreats to suit your wellness needs, whether that be concealed in the therapeutic southern Alps in New...

  • 10 Healthy Holidays That Will Make You a Better Person

    Take a break from your hectic lifestyle and embark a life-changing retreat that will help you to become a better version of you. Whether you want to improve your health or become more in touch with yourself, our wide range of wellness holidays will...

  • 10 Fun, Active Trips to get Fit and Healthy in 2018

    The beginning of the New Year marks the season for us to make resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. However, despite our efforts, most of our determination fades away within a couple weeks. By choosing rushed and unrealistic approaches like...

  • 10 Healthy Holidays to Change Your Life

    Make now the time to change your life for the better and reach your optimal health. Take a break and go on holiday to reach your own personal goals, whether to get fit, lose weight, stop smoking, learn to surf, beat insomnia or learn to dance. We round...

  • The Secret to Doubling your Annual Leave in 2017 for 18 Days of Wellness Holidays

    There’s no better time than the New Year to start planning your wellness holidays, be smart and enjoy 18 days off work by booking just 9 days of leave, thanks to our bank holidays in 2017. Grab your diary as we have created a wellness travel...

  • The Best Wellness Spa Weekends Away with the Girls

    Grab your soul sisters and shake up your weekend with a girls trip to a luxurious spa escape to reset, recharge and reconnect with your best friends. We’ve gathered the best short-haul healthy holiday destinations to tempt even your busiest gal-pals...

  • The Best Solo Adventure Holidays for Travelers in Their 30s and 40s

    through the bucket list and pick out the destinations that have gone unchecked for too long, whether you want to practice yoga in the jungles of Bali, set foot along the path less travelled exploring the Himalayas of Bhutan, or adventure through...

  • 10 Great Solos Holidays for Singles

    Do you feel as though you need to get away to focus on your own well-being? Going on a singles holiday gives you an opportunity to do just that. Focus on your own needs, indulge in your own passions and give your body the break it deserves on any of...

  • What are the Different Types of Spa?

    The idea of a luxury spa holiday is always a particularly attractive one but which type of spa is for you? At Health and Fitness Travel we have many different types of spa holiday, ranging from Ayurvedic spa breaks to medical spa retreats.

  • 10 of the Most Effective and Intensive Detox Retreats

    If you are looking for a way to transform your body with a healthy boost, our most effective and intensive detox retreats are exactly what you need to kick-start positive and long-lasting results. In destinations from Thailand and India to Italy and...

  • 8 of the best Female-only Wellness Retreats Worldwide

    wellness retreats worldwide for solo travel. From relaxing on the glistening shores of the Algarve with an immersive yoga experience, to increasing your fitness on an intensive bootcamp overlooking the striking Thai mountains, these exclusive health and...

  • 8 of the Best Women's Wellness Retreats to Celebrate International Women’s Day

    With one in three people now prioritising wellness on holiday and a five-fold increase in Google searches for ‘solo female travel’ in the last five years, it's safe to say that there's a demand for all-encompassing wellness retreats that cater to...

  • Paul's Review of Kamalaya

    Having spent seven days in Thailand including a two night stopover in Bangkok, I was ready to begin my healthy holiday at Kamalaya in Koh Samui. Voted as Destination Spa of the Year in Asia and Favourite Spa in Thailand, I was looking forward to...

  • Our Health Retreat Resources For Your Home Practice During Self-Isolation

    With more than half the world in isolation, quarantine and lockdown are terms that most of us are becoming very familiar with. Being confined to a house is something a lot of us have never experienced before, and it doesn’t take long before cabin-fever...

  • 5 of the Best Singles Holidays for Female Solo Travellers

    Gain new experiences, build new friendships and enhance your well-being on a range of luxury wellness holidays for single female travellers. With our top tips for solo female travel, there’s no reason to hold back from making time to focus on yourself...

  • 5 of the Best Holistic Health Retreats

    Explore the true meaning of holistic health on one of our indulgent holistic health holidays where you will learn to nourish your mind, body and soul, the key interdependent components of your overall well-being. In beautiful surroundings you are...

  • Escape to the Mountains on a Wellness Retreat

    Whether you want to get away for a short relaxing spa break or are looking to mix and match healthy activities on one of our Fusion Fitness Holidays; why not embrace the beauty of the natural world and escape to the mountains on a wellness retreat.

  • Top 10 Winter Well-being Breaks in Europe

    If you are looking to get away this winter without the stress that comes with long haul flights and jet lag then a winter well-being break in Europe could well be the perfect alternative. With a varied range of destinations all offering first-class...

  • What’s Hot for 2014 – New Luxury Healthy Holidays

    Wondering where you should go on your next healthy holiday? We introduce the hottest holiday destinations for 2014 to whet your travel appetite. From new Caribbean health and fitness holidays to Asian well-being retreats and everything in between, our...

  • 8 of the Best Wellness Spa Hotels

    Offering much more than your average spa break, wellness spa hotels allow you to target your specific health goals through tailored programmes which combine personalised spa treatments with healthy nutrition, fitness and wellness activities. Whether...


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