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  • 10 of the Best New Year Well-being Retreats for Healthy Holidays

    Get back on the wellness wagon and kick start your New Year’s resolution with our selection of well-being holidays, health spas, detox retreats and fitness breaks. Whether you’re looking to learn a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, quit smoking or beat...

  • Top 10 Wellness Retreats in the World

    If you're feeling worn out from the stresses of your daily routine and need an escape, then a trip to a wellness retreat could be just what the doctor ordered. More than just a simple spa break, wellness retreats are designed to address any number of...

  • The Best Wellness Holiday Deals for Spring and Summer 2023

    With the weather in the UK still yet to give way to truly warm days, many people's thoughts are turning to booking a healthy holiday to boost their wellness. Despite the cost of living crisis, holidays and travel are driving overall non-essential...

  • The Best Mind and Emotional Healing Holidays

    As we focus on the latest fitness crazes and packing our diets with superfoods, it can be easy to forget that emotional health is just as important for living a healthy and happy life. Being emotionally healthy is about more than being free of anxiety...

  • The Best Detox Retreats to Book in 2023

    Get ready to bring out the best version of yourself with our top fitness holidays to book in 2023. You’ll be able to catalyse a bodily transformation just the way you want, as you jump into an active break located in a beautiful destination. From group...

  • The Best Group Retreats for Social Wellness

    Kick-start or continue your wellness journey on a group retreat in the comfort of other like-minded and wellness driven people. Experience a wide array of holistic activities such as yoga, meditation, Pilates and sunrise walks to allow you to relax and...

  • The Best Fitness Holidays and Retreats in Asia

    Health and fitness holidays are becoming more and more popular, as they not only allow you to enjoy beautiful natural surroundings, but return home fitter than when you left. Fitness holidays are built around your health and well-being and aim to...

  • Where to Travel for the Best Active Couples Holidays

    new and exciting activities. With a wide variety of couples workout retreats, ranging from a running holiday in Ibiza to a yoga and surfing holiday in Maldives, you will soon find the right active holiday for both you and your partner. Fuse your...

  • Wellness Holidays for Animal Lovers

    What better way to combine a love for animals and looking after your own well-being than with one of our inspired wellness holidays for animal lovers. Designed to keep you healthy and active whilst exploring different corners of the world in search of...

  • The Best New Wellness Holidays for 2024

    We’re very excited to announce 6 new wellness holidays for 2024, further adding to our extensive luxury health retreats. Offering well-being enthusiasts more choice than ever and catering to every kind of health and fitness aspiration, there’s now an...

  • The World’s Best Solo Surfing Holidays

    If you’re looking for a new way to boost your fitness levels and tone up on a singles retreat, hit the waves and learn to surf on holiday in destinations from Morocco to the Maldives. A fun-filled way to lose weight; burn as many as 400 calories in an...

  • 5 of the Best Gay Friendly Spa Breaks

    activities. From Thailand to Ibiza, tailor-make your gay friendly spa break with a combination of detox, weight loss or yoga for the healthy couples' holiday of your dreams.

  • 10 Top Wellness & Active Tours to Experience in Your Lifetime

    Cultural awareness has been proven to have a significant impact on mental health, and as such progressively more travellers are seeking a holiday that not only enriches the mind, body and soul, but also actively promotes the discovery of a different...

  • 10 Ways to Boost Fitness on Holiday

    Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean lounging by the pool all week and watching all of your hard training back at home go to waste. There are so many fun and effective ways to keep entertained and boost your fitness on holiday; from joining in with a...

  • 3 of the Best Meditation Retreats

    For some people, the first image that springs into mind when they hear the word meditation is that you are just sitting down saying ommmm with your legs crossed. Contrary to that opinion, meditation is certainly more than that stereotype. You can find...

  • Life Enhancement Wellness Retreats with Kamalaya

    Built around an ancient cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, Kamalaya, offers a secluded sanctuary nestled on the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui. For the last eleven years, this leading destination spa...

  • 5 of the Best Alternative Honeymoon Ideas

    we share 5 of the best alternative honeymoon ideas for couples in search of an out of the ordinary experience. From newlywed yoga to romantic eco warriors, discover the world of inspirational healthy honeymoon, to begin married life on an escape that...

  • 5 of the Best Fitness Honeymoon Holidays

    Not convinced by the idea of flying and flopping on a beach and being inactive on your honeymoon? We realise that beach honeymoons with a minimal amount of fitness activity don’t float every couple’s boat, so why not kick-start married life the healthy...

  • 6 of the Best Mountain Holidays for Single Travellers

    Whether you want to get away for a short relaxing spa break or step out of your comfort zone on an exciting trekking adventure, these mountain holidays will surely deliver. From the majestic Himalayas to New Zealand’s Southern Alps and the Red...

  • The World's Most Unusual Fitness Workouts

    There’s never been a better time to catch the fitness bug, so why not get your fitness fix on a wellness holiday? Gone are the days of the mundane gym class; instead, increasingly alternative workouts are springing up worldwide to cater for fitness...


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