Whether addressing a specific health issue or educating on healthier lifestyle choices, the spa industry is no longer pampering without a purpose. A constantly evolving industry, our collection of specialist spa holidays cater to the specific wellness needs of the individual. With wellness warriors now looking for more than pampering and relaxation, tailor-made wellness programmes combining expert medical, fitness and nutrition teams are taking spa holidays to the next level.

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Without a qualification in PR and Marketing, an apprenticeship has given me real insight into the industry and the opportunity to earn whilst I learn. Now 6 months into my 1 year PR & Marketing apprenticeship based in London, I have gained valuable experience with real responsibility on a new career path.

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Skip the long haul flights and spend your extra holiday time re-balancing your zen on a yoga retreat in Europe as you swap air-miles for asanas. With a myriad of beautiful yoga escapes available merely a few hours away by plane, there has never been better time for yogis to holiday closer to home. Instead of spending precious hours of your healthy holiday in flight, depart for your European holiday in the morning and you could already be moving into downward dog by the afternoon.

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Take a short break away with a distinctly healthy approach designed to keep you active and improve your sense of well-being.We are pleased to introduce our new healthy breaks for people who are time pressured, burnt-out and in need a quick healthy getaway to recover.

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Located in the untouched south of Mauritius, set in a tranquil bay on a curving lagoon of white sand Shanti Maurice is the ideal holiday destination to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. With a choice of many other luxury resorts in Mauritius, I considered myself lucky to have found this gem of a place.

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One year today and only 366 days to go until the London Olympics 2012! Be inspired by the Olympic Games, a legacy that compels a majestic dive into a journey to transform into a quicker and healthier contender for any challenge. Escaping on a fitness holiday has never been so important for upcoming sporting champions, where fitness packages are tailored for enjoyment as well as supportive training. If you desire activities such as football, kayaking, cycling or even acrobatics, then choose one of the many energetic breaks to get you passionate about shaping up, just in time to be part of British competition history.

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Man, I feel like a woman. Visiting a spa may not be every bloke's cup of tea, but massages and facials aren't only for women. Are you stressed and need some rest and recovery? Looking for a quick getaway to be pampered or need a good detox? Why don't you pop into a spa and be restored. OK, I know what you're thinking, men… going to spas… ahh what a complete joke! Those places are a hazard for men, one foot in and I will come out like a hairless chicken, smelling like peaches! But that's not the way to think.

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Holidays are a great time to escape from the stresses and strains of every day life, and an occasion to indulge in the things you struggle to fit into your typical working week. The word alone invokes images of fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters, colourful cocktails and afternoon wake up calls. But if you want more from your holiday than just a suntan, combining exercise with your time off work could be just the thing you need to give your health and well-being a boost.

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With the fit and active 'baby-boomer' generation now reaching 65 years plus, they are making a big impact on the health and fitness travel sector and it's set to continue. More than 10 million people alive today will live to be more than 100 years old. The older generation are seeking holiday destinations which encourage more physical and mental activity. Having that spending power to go on holiday, baby boomers consider holidays no longer an indulgence but a necessity of life for their well-being.

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With our father's stomachs slowly expanding and their backs gradually bending, Father's Day couldn't have come any quicker. The perfect gift this Father's Day is not only to express to our dads how much we care and how we actually do acknowledge their existence, but it is also the opportunity to encourage them to take more time out of their stressful routines and look after themselves for a change.

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Going on holiday doesn't mean that you have to give up your health and fitness regime in favour of partying and over indulgence (although you most certainly can if you wish).

If you want a break from your usual gym routine, then get away from it all and have fun keeping fit ensuring you come home looking healthier, lighter and more rejuvenated than ever. Staff at flight comparison site Skyscanner, reveal their favourite ways to eat well and exercise whilst on holiday.

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