If you’re looking for a fitness-oriented luxury retreats that incorporates principles of both military style discipline and high intensity exercise you need look no further – a bootcamp holiday can offer all this and more. To put it plainly, bootcamp holidays are a type of retreat that utilises group activities and high intensity exercise to make a substantial contribution to the health of its participants in relatively short space of time and aid them in developing healthy habits. Did you know that as little as 150 minutes of physical exercise per week can lower your risk of major illness, including coronary heart disease, type two diabetes, stroke, and cancer by as much as 30%? There are many options available for groups and individuals to participate in these fitness enhancing retreats at a diverse range of locations around the globe.

Let us walk you through the benefits of a bootcamp holiday abroad below:

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With winter soon approaching, you may be anxious of the impact that the disappearing sun and biting cold of the season to come can have on your health, particularly if you already find yourself prone to illness. Don’t let the winter blues get you down - trade freezing shivers for warming wellness as you absorb vitamin D on your luxury well-being escape. Put a fresh pep in your step with our immune-boosting retreats for some health advancement and winter sunshine! Let’s unveil where you should go for your perfect winter wellness retreat in 2022/2023: 

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So, you’ve been feeling like you need a getaway from the day-to-day hustle and bustle to recharge and refresh yourself, but you also want to spend quality time with the kids and create memories that they will remember for years to come? Well, a family wellness holiday this October half term could be the likely solution to your dilemma! Let’s dive in and take a look at the best places for you and your family to jet off to for a wellness holiday in October 2022.  

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Now more than ever people of all ages are embracing the benefits that solo traveling has to offer. Everything from a heightened level of personal freedom to the greater opportunity to meet and engage with new people are advantages of singles holidays that cannot be understated. Single holidays present the perfect opportunity for individuals to prioritise their personal medical needs and improve their overall health. There is a very diverse range of luxury health retreats on offer to solo-travellers, many of which are specialised to improve specific areas of your health including weight and diet, sleep, immune system response, and ageing.

Without further ado, discover our top picks for singles health retreats below:

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Let’s face it, we’ve all reached a point where we’ve felt burnt out and unable to doing anything about it. Regrettably as men we may also feel that there is little, in the way of a complete body, mind, and soul MOT retreat available to us. Men’s mental and physical wellbeing has recently been subject of more discussion than ever, quickly the narrative is changing and men are now seeking luxurious and rejuvenating men’s wellness retreats at a rate never seen before. With the travel industry adapting to accommodate people of all genders, offering a wide range of spa, homeopathic and medical treatments for men.

It stands to reason that when you feel good, you perform better in all aspects of your life. That is why it’s never a bad time for a men’s health MOT. Leave the old you on the beaches of Thailand or in the north of Italy and return a rejuvenated and renewed man. Let us show you just a few of the selection available on the Health and Fitness Travel website. 

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If getting fit is a transformative experience then getting fit with friends on a group holiday is even more so! From explorative water sports to beach boot camps and sunrise yoga classes, you are sure to experience a sensational fitness getaway - and what better way to do it than with a group of other like-minded individuals! Captivate your body and fulfill your fitness needs with the exciting activities the retreats have to offer you whilst also refreshing your mental well-being with the serene natural beauty of your surrounding environment. Create long-lasting friendships and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime with these ultimate group fitness holidays! 

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Today we’re going to be delving into one of RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat’s newest programme collections, Authentic Eastern. You might be thinking to yourself, how are these new programmes different to the ones already on offer from RAKxa? Well, with helpful insights from the resort Managing Director Dusadee Tancharoen, all of your important questions will be answered! So, keep reading for some great information surrounding these new programmes and to find out if they may be perfect for you to embark on during your special wellness journey! 

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Thailand’s natural and man-made beauty is impossible to encapsulate with just a couple of words. The country is a Southeast Asian paradise ready to welcome travellers of all backgrounds with a wide smile and open arms. The nation is as colourful as it is breathtaking with jaw-dropping temples and monasteries. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most enticing elements of Thailand and what makes it the best destination for both yoga and cultural awareness holidays. 

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It’s no secret that South American countries are severely underrated. In a study conducted by Far&Wide, 0 of the 20 most visited countries in the world are in South America. With global entry restrictions being reduced and/or lifted, there is no better time or place to embark on your wellness retreat. South American countries are known for their gorgeous sunshine, enchanting wildlife, and incredible natural landscapes. We’ve put together a brief list of our most fabulous retreats and tours in the pristine beauty that is South America!  

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Any opportunity to improve your wellness is one worth taking - but a fitness retreat  under the guidance of an expert takes your experience to the next level! So much more than your average personal trainer, the coaches on these retreats take excellence in their respective fields to new heights - many of them winning Olympic medals and being world-renowned names. There’s arguably no better way to learn a discipline or sport - you can walk in as a complete beginner and return home knowing a few tricks of the trade!  

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Going on a cycling holiday can bring out tonnes of excitement, and whether you’re cycling on an island in Thailand or along the golden beaches of Mykonos, adventure and fitness are imminent. Cycling holidays are as intense as they are rewarding, offering a healthy challenge that will push you to your limits! We’ve all been in this situation before - you go to get something out of your backpack only to realize you’ve never packed it in the first place! We’re celebrating National Bike Week this June by putting together a list of all of the essentials you need to make your cycling holiday one you’ll never forget!  

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