Feeling a little bit stuck or drained at work? It’s more common than you think - a 2021 report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that almost one million British people reported work-related stress, depression, or anxiety. Burnout can be an inevitable part of working that affects everyone from time to time, but it’s the response to these feelings that can make or break your work-life balance for months to come. Without the opportunity to reset and take care of your body, there can be severe implications on your stress levels, sleep cycle, relationships, and mood. Here are a few ways a wellness holiday, no matter how brief, can improve your performance on the job! 


Catch Up on your Sleep Cycle 

 Woman sleeping next to alarm clock. 

Caption: Woman sleeping next to an alarm clock.  


It’s so easy to prioritise different elements of our lives, whether it be our social lives, our work lives, or our love lives. Regardless, it’s important to reset your body after each day and get at least seven hours of sleep each night. If this isn’t achieved, we can feel trapped in a sluggish cycle of grogginess. If this is something that you may struggle with, you’re not alone! Going on a sleep enhancement retreat can allow you to learn techniques that can transfer over to your day-to-day life. As simple as it may sound, the entire course of your day can depend on whether you’re well-rested or not.  


Soak Up the Sun! 

 Woman sun bathing at SHA Wellness Clinic

 Caption: Woman laying on a sun deck with a refreshing drink at SHA Wellness Clinic 


Working inside an office or indoors often means heading into the office early in the morning and heading home well after the sun has set. Spending a full work week without getting much fresh air has more consequences than it may seem! The Sun provides us with many health benefits, such as stress reduction, improving our immune system, and most importantly, giving us a daily dose of Vitamin D. This powerful vitamin is responsible for keeping our bones, teeth, and muscles strong and healthy. Believe it or not, a lack of sun exposure due to long indoor hours has proven to cause a Vitamin D deficiency in many working adults! Taking a wellness holiday to a sunny destination such as Spain or Portugal can be just what you need to catch some rays and relax while doing so! 


Because You Deserve to Reward Yourself 

Woman getting floral massage at Atmantan Wellness 

Caption: Woman receiving a floral massage treatment at Atmantan Wellness Resort 


As hard workers in a corporate setting, sometimes a break or holiday seems like an impossibility. However, that’s not the case. You don’t always need a reason or an event to happen to treat yourself - embark on a wellness holiday because you work hard, and you deserve it! Taking care of ourselves and making sure we’re happy is just as important as the work we carry out each day! Going on a spa holiday periodically can improve your mood significantly and help you return to the workplace a renewed person! Breaking up the cycle of months of work is important and also gives us something to look forward to! Escaping an urban setting for even just a day or two can boost your productivity and creativity at work!  


Discover Your New Favourite Thing 

Surfing lesson at Paradis Plage 

Caption: Group surfing lesson at Paradis Plage in Morocco 


In addition to stunning mental and physical health benefits, wellness holidays can be the perfect opportunity to try something you’ve always been thinking about! Many of our sport holidays offer lessons in different activities such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, golf, and more! These retreats are attended by complete beginners to skilled professionals, so no matter your skill level, you’re welcome! Trying a new activity can be an exciting experience that you may not have time to embrace during the average full-time workweek. Who knows, you may fall in love with your new favourite hobby or sport!  


Meet Your New Best Friends 

 Group of people playing volleyball on the beach

Caption: Group of people exercising together on the beach. 


While it’s a great experience to make friends from work, going into a completely new setting and making new connections is a profound experience that not many people get to experience. Many people who embark on wellness retreats often do so alone, and many resorts and singles-only holidays often have tables for individuals to eat together and get to know each other at! While this may not seem related to work, it actually can have significant effects on your productivity and people skills! Making new connections with retreat guests, who often come from different locations around the world, will improve your cultural efficacy and cross-cultural communication skills. This can help you network with clients or professionals worldwide, and also improve your confidence and people skills!  


The benefits of taking a wellness holiday are immense both inside and outside of the office. Our bodies and minds were not designed to continuously work without any rest and relaxation. A work-life balance is incredibly important, and if you’re feeling burnout in the office or working from home, it’s important that you act on it instead of pushing it to the side! Your mind and body will thank you!  



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