It is so often that we hear of people taking “mental health” days or breaks - but what does this actually mean? For some, this can mean a relaxing day on the couch or a simple day off! At Health and Fitness Travel, our wellness holidays are structured and are multi-faceted. The purpose of a mental health retreat is to detoxify the mind and body of stress and tension, and each element of our retreats has a significant effect on your mental health.  

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Hiking & Trekking breaks are some of the best opportunities you will come across to experience rewarding fitness excursions, alongside endless breath-taking natural beauty. Many people tend to take shorter hiking breaks so that they don’t get too tired or burnt-out from lots of walking over a longer stint. However, being able to combine an active holiday with refreshing holistic activities and wellness treatments offers the perfect healthy balance. Take a look at some of our favourite hiking breaks around the world, uniquely designed to leave your mind, body and soul feeling enriched and craving more of the same for years to come! 

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Many of us tend to overlook the fact that the average person will spend around a third of their life at work or in the office. So, being able to recognise how we can take care of ourselves before we leave for work and during our day is very important when keeping us healthy and on top of our game in the workplace. Here we will look at some practical ways that you can incorporate wellness into your daily routine from some key health aspects, which will help keep your mind and body healthy for years to come! 

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The brutal winds and freezing chills of winter can make us feel sheltered and not like our usual, radiant selves. When most people think of a beach spa holiday, the Caribbean or other exotic, tropical destinations tend to come to mind when it turns out that some of the most fabulous retreats are on the beaches of Europe! Escape the cold and travel to the continent for some serious relaxation beside the sea! 

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It’s a common misconception that wellness holidays are only for the affluent and elite, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth! With our collection of incredible affordable healthy retreats in glamourous destinations such as Spain and Turkey, it’s more than possible to work on yourself without breaking the bank. After all, investing in wellness and self-care is investing in yourself!  

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All-inclusive holidays are the perfect chance to experience a stress-free, convenient retreat with no hidden costs involved. Having the day-to-day freedom to choose which activities, treatments or adventures you’d love to embark on is what makes all-inclusive breaks as relaxing and as beneficial to you as possible. Whether it’s a range of holistic spa treatments that takes your fancy, mindful yoga classes or even exciting water sports, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on these amazing getaways! Keep reading to discover some of the best all-inclusive wellness resorts on the planet alongside all their unforgettable experiences on offer: 

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The island of Bali is a clean and serene sanctuary – just one of the many reasons that makes it an excellent destination for a fitness retreat. Boasting a warm, tropical climate year-round, there’s no bad time to start your Indonesian adventure. Despite Bali’s intimate size, the island is home to exotic tropical forests, beaches and tropical coasts, and stunning lakes. Health and Fitness Travel offers many dazzling retreat options, but here are our picks for some extra-special standouts! 

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Family bonding is more important now than ever - after a pandemic that separated so many, coming together is essential. Our Family TimeTogether™ Holidays are just what the doctor ordered to strengthen the bonds between healthy and active family members all while rejuvenating the body and relaxing at the same time! 

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Being known for its gorgeous beaches, picturesque architecture and its pleasantly warm climate, is what makes Spain one of the top destinations for holiday-makers. Spain is also home to some of the best spa and wellness resorts on the planet, offering a vast range of getaways including unique fitness programmes and valuable holistic healing retreats. Combined with its excellent cuisine, tropical weather and vibrant culture, Spain is the perfect destination to challenge yourself in achieving your top aspirations and reaching a refreshing new level of vitality! Here are five reasons for why Spain is one of the best locations in Europe to experience an exciting wellness retreat: 

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Looking to indulge in a well-deserved healthy break? Treat yourself to a tailor-made health retreat which gives your body and mind the attention it deserves. Whether it’s a medically focused break you’re interested in or a weight loss, sleep enhancement or anti-aging programme, we’ve put together our top recommendations to help you discover your perfect health retreat. Keep reading to discover some of the best health retreats to book now to help you along your healthy journey towards new vitality! 

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